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Double Breasted Suits

Double breasted suits are a type of suit very popular with today’s fashion conscious man! Double breasted suits are unique in that they have a double set of buttons down the front of the jacket. They are worn for any occasion that a suit is appropriate and will definitely set you apart from the crowd of those wearing traditional 2 button suits.A double breasted suit is seen by some as a break from the norm and shows an air of confidence not displayed by those who dare to wear something that is seen as daring. The double breasted suit is fine for business or pleasure and signifies distinction and refinement by the wearer. A double breasted business suit displays confidence without uttering a single word. A conservative pinstripe double breasted suit shows that you are serious and mean business! Most double breasted suits are available in all the colors that you would find a traditional single breasted business suit. The businessman of today should feel comfortable and self-assured when he wears a double breasted suit in the boardroom. Solid color double breasted suits add just the right touch to spruce up a dull wardrobe and open you up to a whole world of possibilities!

A double breasted suit jacket can also be worn as a stand alone blazer. A blazer is simply a suit jacket that is paired with a different color of pants. We have all seen someone wearing a navy blazer with white slacks and can’t help but think of the yacht club. Blazers sometimes have metal blazer buttons but this is not a necessity. A traditional blazer has metal buttons which are usually brass or silver but it is perfectly fine to wear a blazer with normal suit buttons. Blazers are very popular for business or pleasure and can be seen as a deviation from the normal suit without compromising the formality of the business suit/. Double breasted jackets can be worn as tuxedos as well and the double breasted tuxedo exudes class and beauty. The double breasted tuxedo can be worn on any occasion that a tuxedo is appropriate. The double breasted tuxedo has the same satin lapel and trim as any traditional 2 button tuxedo but with much more class and style. Those men who choose a double breasted tuxedo will stand out from the crowd and radiate class and style amongst a crowd that like to play it safe with traditional wear.

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Double breasted suits come in all the bright colors as you will find in any traditional suit as well. For example, a royal blue double breasted suit makes a loud statement that you are not just someone that plays it safe. Double breasted suits in a variety of colors are available for any occasion and will have your event looking great. Red double breasted suits are very popular around Christmas time and will make put you center stage at your office party. The red double breasted suit is a true classic! Double breasted suits in pinstripes are always a great way to look your best and be unique at the same time. Bold pinstripe double breasted suits are often referred to as a chalk stripe and are perfect for those theme parties from the gangster days.

A gangster suit is associated with bright white pinstripes and a double breasted suit will not disappoint! Double breasted suits in a variety of pinstripes can really make for a great period wedding as well. Weddings should be a fun event and why not dress up for a period themed event for some great pictures and fun. A double breasted gangster suit will leave an impression that will last for years to come! Double breasted suits also come in what is called a fashion suit which is a little more daring and colorful. A fashion suit can turn a dull event into an event to remember for the ages. Some fashion suits are available in a double breasted style and will leave a lasting impression. So as you can see, a double breasted suit is available for just about any occasion that you can think of!

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