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Mens Khaki Blazers

If you are thinking of getting a new blazer then we would recommend you to go with khaki blazers. This is because of the fact that khaki has become one of the major trends this season. The color is in its peak right now and you can make the most of the trend happening in the moment. In this article we discuss the khaki blazers and some of the best ways to style them.

Khaki Casual The khaki blazers are not a new style since the color has been in and out of trend for a long time now. Khaki like many other classic mens style has its origin in the military. This might be one of the reasons why khaki has survived the volatile fashion market for over two centuries. Even today there are many countries which use the khaki clothing as the military uniforms. Khaki was introduced to the Western world during the World War times by the Indian soldiers. This was during the start of the 1800s and at that time the British soldiers had uniforms that consisted of a red coat with white trousers. This was the time when the warring techniques were far different than what we have now. At that time soldiers faced off each other in the war and indulged in physical fight.

Also when the British captured India the bright red wool coat did not do much good considering the hot climate. Thus the soldiers shifted to lightweight gently woven clothes. Also the soldiers smeared their white trousers with mud to blend in with the surroundings. And with the advancement of the technology the warring techniques also changed. Guns were introduced and soldiers fought from a distance. While the former bright uniforms were used to identify their own soldiers during the fight the new warring method required more camouflage from the uniforms. Thus the khaki uniforms became a staple for the soldiers fighting from the trenches.

Single Breasted Blazer Soon the khaki uniform trend spread from the British to other western countries too. With the popularity of the khaki uniforms they also became a major hit among the civilians. People started to wear khaki clothing and the trend started to proliferate. Since then the khaki clothing trend has been in and out of style. If you are convinced already and thinking about trying out the khaki blazers style then here are some ideas that we think might help you.

Versatility is the most important factor to note while selecting any clothing. In that case khaki blazers score a lot since the color is kind of a neutral and you can wear them all throughout the year. You should select the details of the khaki blazer based on the type of the look that you need. For example if you want a formal style then we would recommend you to go with the single breasted khaki blazer paired with a white dress shirt, blue print tie and grey dress pants. To complete the look you can add a navy overcoat and a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes. This type of outfit is a good choice to wear to any regular winter day at office.

But khaki blazers are mostly recommended as a summer style that you can style to any semi formal and casual events. For a sophisticated yet modern look you can pair a khaki formal blazer with a light blue dress shirt and grey dress pants. Adding a pair of brown leather desert boots is an effortless way to infuse style to the outfit. For a smart casual look that you can wear to a casual day around the city you can pair the notch lapel khaki blazer with a white polka dot long sleeve shirt and navy dress pants. To give a tinge of formality to the outfit you can complete it with a pair of dark green suede Oxford shoes.

Khaki blazers are also a good style when you want to dress up for weddings. If you are the groom and you are going with a summer wedding then you can simply pair the khaki peak lapel blazer with a white dress shirt and light blue dress pants. You can complete the outfit with a black and white polka dot pocket square or a boutonniere. For a refined look you can add a pair of tan suede tassel loafers. For a formal wedding you can opt for a tonal look by pairing the khaki single button blazer with a white dress shirt, beige plaid tie and grey dress pants. Complete the look with a pair of brown leather loafers.

You can also pair the khaki blazers with dark colored shirts. For a laid back summer look you can pair the khaki 2 button blazer with a blue dress shirt and white chinos. For a stylish completion of the outfit you can add a pair of dark brown suede brogues.

For a classy look you can pair the khaki skinny fit blazer with a black dress shirt and black dress pants. To perfectly put together the look you can add a pair of black leather tassel loafers. For a classy and sophisticated look that will make you stand out from the crowd you can opt for a 3 piece khaki blazer look by pairing the slim fit khaki blazer with navy gingham shirt, grey vest and navy dress pants. To perfectly finish off the look you can add a pair of burgundy leather Oxford shoes.

For a casual laid back look you can pair the classic fit khaki blazer with a grey v neck T-shirt and white cargo pants. For a little more practical and stylish look you can pair the modern fit khaki blazer with a white dress shirt, brown crew neck sweater and navy chinos. To give a cool look for the outfit you can add a pair of black leather low top sneakers or when you need a formal look you can add a pair of black leather oxford shoes.