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Navy Blue Suits

It is almost impossible to argue about the fact that the navy blue suits are a staple in every man's wardrobe. It is the basic of the work suits and the choice of men purchasing the suit first time. But in recent times there is an increasing amount of people who think that the navy blue suits are boring and usual since all men have one of these in their wardrobe. But we assure you that the navy blue suits can be anything you want it to given that you know how to style it properly. In this article we discuss about navy blue suits and how you can reinvent the style according to your need.

Kids Suit When we talk about mens navy blue suits most would immediately conjure up the office setting their mind since for some reason the navy blue suits are being restricted to as workwear. This contradicts the factor for which the mens navy blue suits became the sensation that it is now - versatility. This is because of the fact that the navy blue suits have been considered to usual with the standard styling of it with white dress shirt and a long tie. But when you think beyond this you will find that there are a lot more Opportunities for you to choose from. Thus it will be better if you broaden your perspective and try different styling with the navy blue suits.

The first advantage with the mens navy blue suits is that they can be worn for all seasons since their subtle nature makes them look best at any lighting. But when you choose the combining garments you can decide to change things a little bit depending on the type of look that you need. Here are some ideas in styling the navy blue suits that we think might help you reinvent the style of navy blue suits.

3 Button Suit When you are new to the navy blue suits then it might be the best choice for you to stick with styling them with white dress shirts or any lighter colored dress shirts. This is a solid start and navy blue being a darker shade will pop when paired with light colored shirts. If you are styling the navy blue suit mens for any office related events or formal ones this is the standard styling that you will have to follow. It would help of you add with it a standard colored long tie. As for the color of the tie if you want a safe option then it would be best for you choose black or red. Other than this you can also choose Burgundy or green when you want to make the color pop. When it comes to shoes both brown and black shoes work well with the navy blue suits.

The fabric of the navy blue suits is one of the most important things to note. Wool navy blue suits are the best since they are the most versatile and can be comfortably worn for any of the formal events and even the casual events. Flannel navy blue suits are the most preferred choices for office related use but when you need a little more interesting look you can choose to go with navy blue worsted wool suits. The wool suits can be durable and also reasonably priced making them the best pick.

But when the temperatures go up then we might start hunting for the lightweight styles and at these times the navy blue cotton suits are the best choices. They do not wrinkle easily and thus can be worn to the formal events and even office use. On the contrary if you are attending a semi formal or casual event like a summer wedding then you can choose navy blue linen suits or when you need a more luxurious look then navy blue silk suits will work. Velvet navy blue suits would give you a rich look that is best for dinner parties and such. Polyester navy blue suits and rayon navy blue suits are the cheaper and less comfortable replacements of the natural fabric suits.

2 Button Suit Wedding Suit Kids Suit Toddler Suit
While these are the standard styling for the navy blue suits you can also style in different ways for different events. For example when you need a deep and rich look then you can swap the white dress shirt with a black dress shirt and add a black tie to the navy blue suit outfit. When you need a little more classic look then you can choose to style the navy blue 3 piece suit with white dress shirt and a tie. If you consider this navy blue vested suit outfit to be too conventional then lose the tie and instead leave the top 2 buttons of the dress shirt open. Other than this you can also leave out the navy blue suit jacket and instead style the navy blue suit vest separately with a dress shirt and tie.

While the contrasting look is most appreciated you should also try out the tonal styling of the navy suit more. The navy suit blue shirt combination will give you a cool and contemporary outfit. You can play with the shades of the blue dress shirt since the light blue shirt with navy blue suit will give a standard look while the navy blue suit with dark blue shirt will make your outfit party ready.

As for the events for which you can style the navy blue suits the options are endless. Weddings are the one of the most common events and if you are the groom you can style the navy blue wedding suit with a white dress shirt and burgundy tie for a classy look. As for prom you can go smart by pairing the navy blue prom suit with a black turtleneck and complete the look with a pair of black leather tassel loafers. navy blue Slim fit suits and classic fit navy blue suits are the ones that are most recommended in terms of fit.