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Mens Light Blue Prom Suits

When it comes to suit colors, blue is definitely the king. Any man would agree on the fact that the blue suits are the ones that they feel most comfortable with and they also have one or more blue suits in their wardrobe. But there is no one blue since there are about hundreds of shades in blue. Finding the right one matters the most depending on your need and taste. Today we are here to recommend light blue prom suits for you since sticking to the same old navy blue has never done any good for any man. Thus it is time that you venture out of this circle and try something new like the light blue suit mens.

Find the right shade

The reason why we recommend light blue suits is that for some reason blue has been stereotyped to be the boy’s color as was pink for girls and this has been carried on for a long time. Thus the light blue dress shirt is the best choice for a man who is trying out the light colored suit look for the first time. The light blue prom suit is more casual when compared to the navy blue prom suits and are usually recommended to be worn in the summer and spring seasons. While the royal blue prom suits give out a festive and bright look the light blue suits would give you a breezy and cool look which you can wear for the casual and fun events.

The shade of the blue suit matters the most and thus while selecting the suit make sure that you choose the right shade. When you get the right shade of the light blue suits you can style them for a variety of events like the summer weddings, parties and even cocktail events. But with the wrong shade we have seen people bury the suit deep in their wardrobe after wearing it once. Take your time and maybe even try on different styles to find the one which would suit you the most.

Fit is everything

One of the main reasons why most people avoid going with the light colored suits is because of the attention that it garners. The percentage of people who wear the light colored suits comfortably is much less than the ones who would rather stick to the dark colored suits. Thus when you wear a light blue prom suit or any light colored suit for that matter there might be more curious glances thrown your way than normal.

When you get this amount of attention you will have to deliver the best for it. Thus when you choose the light blue prom suits make sure that the fit of it is perfect for you. You can get your fitting done and then choose the right light blue suits. Or you can get the approximate size online and then get your prom blue suits fitted with your tailor. Whichever be the case the suit should be perfect for your body. If you can afford go with the custom made suits but if the budget is tight then it would be better to stick with off the rack suits but out some effort into finding the fit that complement your body type.

Stick with subtle patterns

If you have crossed the threshold of the light colored suits then you might definitely be not opposed to the idea of the patterns on the suit. When it comes to light blue prom dress suits we would recommend to keep the patterns subtle. The light colored suits showcase the patterns more when compared to the dark colored suits. Even a subtle pattern would look prominent when it is on the light blue prom suits.

Pinstripe light blue prom suits would be the best pick for a person who is trying the patterned suit for the first time. Other than this you can also go with the checkered light blue suits but keep it simple. Windowpane suits light blue promwould be a perfect choice when you are attending the formal events like weddings and such. It would be best if you avoid the bold ones like the light blue plaid suits or light blue floral suits unless you are dressing for a fun and casual event where bold styles wouldn’t be frowned on too much.

You can go with separates

If you are trying the light blue prom suit style for the first time but you aren’t too sure about it then you can start with styling the light blue suit jacket. Styling the suit jacket is easier since you can ground it with dark colored combining garments and make the look balanced. The choosing of the combining garments matters the most since it can alter the look as per your choice.

For example when you want a simple and elegant look which you can wear for a summer party then we would recommend you to go with the light blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. This would be a cool look that is simple enough to pull off without needing extensive shopping.

But if you want to look dressed up and look like you put some effort for the event then you can style the mens light blue prom suit with a grey dress shirt and a floral tie. For pulling the outfit together you can add with it a dark brown leather belt and a matching set of dark brown leather dress shoes. Choosing a dark colored combining garment to be paired with light blue suits would give you a contrasting look which is considered to be dressy. For example the light blue mens prom suit paired with a black floral dress shirt would be a good choice for the fun events. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather dress shoes.