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Mens Navy Blue Prom Suits

If you ask a person which is the most boring suit color that they have known majority of the answers would be either black or navy. Black is understandable since it is a neutral color and has been in menswear for centuries as the standard color. But why navy? Our corporate companies are responsible for this hatred since for the past 30 years they have picked navy to be their workwear color. This has left most of the men especially the ones working to be repulsed by the navy blue prom suits. But navy is a great color and with little tweaks navy blue suit would still be the sexiest suit you own. We are here to help you with those tweaks and also recommend some outfit ideas when it comes to navy blue suits.

Navy Blue Suit The reason why navy blue prom suits remain to be the best workwear garment there is, is because of its versatility. Black suits have a type of sombre while the grey suits can be bleak. But navy blue suits add some personality to the outfit and makes you look better. But with more than 3 navy blue suits which you cannot by the way distinguish it can get overwhelming. In that case it would be best to spice up the style a little rather than sticking to the usual styles all the time. You can even style the navy blue prom suit mens as separates so that you can achieve different looks with the outfit.

One great thing about the prom navy blue suits is that they can be perfect for any seasons. Usually the light colors are preferred for the summer and spring while the dark colors are reserved for the winter and fall. But navy blue suits are usually considered to be a middle of the road look that would get you through any event happening at any season. If there is an occasion where you want to look dressed up and appropriate then navy blue boys prom suits should be your pick.

White dress shirt

Slimfit Suit Depending on the event you are styling it for you can employ different looks of navy blue prom suits. Usually when it comes to the classic suit navy blue prom look it would be recommend for you go style the garment with a white dress shirt and a black tie. This is a standard formal office attire which you can complete with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. But if you are bored with this look then there are subtle changes that you can make without disrupting the dress code. For example instead of the single breasted navy suits you can go with the double breasted navy blue prom suits. A double breasted navy blue fitted suit paired with a white dress shirt, a dark brown tie and a white pocket square would be a perfect choice for a regular office day or even a day with an important presentation. If you want a lighter and slightly more casual look you can choose to style the suit with a light blue dress shirt and a polka dot light blue tie. The shades of blue in the outfit would work together perfectly to give out a cool look.

Light pink dress shirt

Now most men think that there is only one choice with the dress shirt color when it comes to suits. If you are one among them and only have an array of white dress shirts in your wardrobe then it is time for you to venture out more. We have already mentioned that light blue dress shirt would be a good pair when you style it with the navy blue suits. But when you are feeling adventurous and wouldn't mind trying out a new style then you should definitely get a light pink dress shirt.

Pink is a color that most men run away from but when you get used to the style you can make it work. If you are attending a formal wedding and are choosing to go with the navy blue prom suits you cannot go with the white dress shirt and black tie look of your office. Show that you have put some effort into the styling of the outfit. Style the navy blue satin prom suit with a light pink dress shirt and a beige tie. You can add a pair of black sunglasses and black leather loafers to match the look.

Light pink dress shirt would also work if you are the groom. This is because of the fact that the color has a type of celebratory vibe to it. For a cool look you can style the navy blue velvet suit prom dress with a light pink dress shirt and a silver colored tie. Add a boutonniere to the lapel of the suit and it can match the color of the bride's dress. If you are going with navy blue tuxedo prom then you can stick with the white tuxedo shirt.

Casual styles

While the navy blue prom suits look great when paired with the formal garments they also can be paired with the casual garments when you are chilling outside of work. We were not joking when we said navy blue prom suits are the most versatile garments since you can literally wear them anywhere – given that it is rightly styled.

For example if you are thinking of a summer party then you can simply style the navy blue fitted suit with a striped Breton top. A pair of black leather loafers would be a cool way to finish off the style. But if you are thinking of a night party and wouldn't mind looking dressed up then you can style the navy blue prom blazer with a black silk dress shirt and black fitted pants. You can also go with the patterned choices like navy blue prom floral suits and such when you need a trendy look.