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Mens Purple Prom Suits

Call it violet, purple or anything – it has become an irrefutable fact that the color is dominating the fashion world for quite some time now. After a long period of denial of colors mens fashion world has finally had its taste of the colors and guess what? It wants more. Everywhere in the fashion shows which used to be so monochrome and no fun we now see burst of colors and we are loving the change. With the celebrities on board and the change coming fast it isn't too far for the people to also adapt to the colors. Our recommendation for today in the colored suits is the purple prom suits. We are here discuss with you how it is a great choice for the next addition to your wardrobe.

Slimfit Suit The reason why the colors have been suddenly trending is because of a late revelation that mens fashion has had. For a long time men had believed that there are certain colors which are masculine like navy and grey. Anything other than that would be feminine and thus it is a territory that shouldn't be explored. But with time the fashion world has changed and also the perceptions of people. The fragile masculinity which depended on the colors that the men wore has become stronger and with that the confidence to explore the colors. With that there are increased instances of people wearing the colored suit styles for the events.

Coming back to the purple prom suit mens it is the closest thing to royalty that some of us people can own. There is a backstory to the purple color and it is interesting. Back then the purple dye was not easy to extract and it involved an exhausting process to derive even a small amount. Thus obviously the purple dyes were reserved for the royals and the elites and never to the common people. This is the reason why most of the royal portraits we see show kings and queens wearing purple color garments. But with time the technology improved and now anyone can afford a purple suit or any purple garment. But the story has struck on and even today purple is considered to be an royal and elegant color.

2 Button Suit You might already have known but there are a lot of shades in purple suits mens. The gradation of the color offers different looks and depending on your need you can choose the right shade. While choosing the shade of the garment it would be best if you consider your skin tone. There are two tones in any colors – cool and warm. If you are a fair person it would make you look even more pale when you wear the cool colors. For a darker person both warm and cool shades would work. If you are a fair skinned person then you can choose the warmer shades of mens purple suits prom like magenta, mulberry, wine, plum and such. But if you want a cooler and laid back look then you can choose the cooler shades like lavender and lilac. Darker the shade more formal the purple suit is considered to be.

Tips for wearing purple

Many consider purple to be unusual and bright color but the look changes depending on the shade you choose. Thus keeping in mind the event for which you are purchasing the suit choose wisely the shade. When you go with the purple prom suit look it would be best to keep it the main style and choose combining garments that are much simpler. Adding too many bright colored garments to the purple suit might make it look clownish sometimes. But it is not impossible to add other colors to the purple suit outfit but make sure to keep in at a minimal degree.

Pinstripe Suit Purple suit ideas

For people who are trying the purple suit style for the first time there might be some reservations and confusions on selecting the right outfit. In that case it would be better to have some guidance on what works best and what do not. Thus we have brought you some purple prom suit outfit ideas which we think are impressive and worth copying.

For a formal event that requires you to dress up you can choose the purple suit look. When you go with the darkest shade then it would even pass as a formal suit style. For example tuxedo purple prom suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie would be a great style for the formal event. You can match the tie by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather formal shoes. If you aren't a big fan of tuxedo and the dress code is either black tie optional or cocktail attire then you can pass with a dark purple suit.

If it is an important occasion say your wedding then you deserve to look your best. In that case we would like to recommend something more special like purple prom velvet suits. Velvet and silk are some of the best ways to subtly stand out in a group of well dressed people. You can even choose the patterned suit styles like the purple prom Paisley suits and such to give out an elegant look. Making the look work matters the most and choose the combining garments while keeping in mind what would be appropriate for the event.

If you are thinking of wearing the purple prom suit for your office day then keep things simple. For example a dark purple suit men prom paired with a light pink dress shirt and a dark brown tie would be a cool look for the day. Add matching accessories like dark brown leather belt and dark brown leather double monks to finish off the look in style. Go through the options available to find the best purple suits that would suit your taste.