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Turtleneck Prom Suit

Mens-Three-Button-Black-Suit Prom is one of the most anticipated high school event by most students. It is officially the night you can reach your home late and not grilled by your parents. This is the special night of glamour, tuxedos, mens dress suits, bouquets and limousines. Now if you are a teenager reading this article then you may be one among the students who are excited about the fun night but is slightly stressing over finding the right outfit for the night. This outfit panic is the next thing that is next in row after you successfully ask your crush out.

We insist on you finding a right outfit for the night not only because it is one in a lifetime event ( which is also true ) but the main thing that you will have to keep in mind is that you are going to be clicked a lot in this outfit and the pictures are going to last for a very long time. In today's digital world it may even last for your grand children to see and thus it is in your hand to make it worthwhile and give something for them to woww on.

Now the one thing that you will note is that the girls do not panic much over shopping for these outfits instead you will see them enjoying the aspect. This is because of the fact that most of the women are used to think out their outfit on a daily basis which is not the case with most men. And this is why you will have to start planning out your outfit one or two weeks prior to the event and not procrastinate it till the last moment. If you aren't very confident about selecting the outfit you can get the help of a person who knows what they are doing be it your father or your friend.

mens-dress-suits Mens-Three-Button-Black-Suit

Before we dive into the attire prospects for the special night let us learn about the history of how it originated and how the tradition managed to stick all through these years. Most of us will know that the word prom tuxedo is short for "promenade" which is the word that refers to the formal introduction parading at a party. This prom tradition can be traced to the 19th century when the co ed banquets were held for the graduating class of the American universities. The younger teens observed the tradition keenly and some even attended these college events. The tradition grew a large deal among the teens and by the 1940s the high school proms as we know now have become a strong held tradition. Initially these events were held at the hotels or big halls but after the war ended the thriving economy forced these events to be held at the gymnasiums. The tradition were so famous that President Kennedy rescheduled a 1963 thousand dollar fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton so that the local school can carry on their prom since they had booked it for the same time. This took on a different level when in 1975 a particular class had the best prom location ever in history : the White House. President Ford's daughter was in that class and thus made the class lucky.

Now the tradition has flourished a great deal and even to other parts of the world. It has now become a standard event in the high schools when the teens are officially allowed to have some fun. The fun level differs a great deal depending on the students and sometimes even to the horror of the faculties and the principal. It is ironic to know that this tradition started out stating that it is to improve the manners and etiquette of the high school students so that they can be appropriate to enter the college. All that aside coming back to the main thing the mens homecoming outfit that you choose for the event matters very much. When you get some suggestions for the prom outfit most of it you will get will point you to the general direction of the tuxedos. Tuxedos are one of the standard choice and is also the safest one when it comes to prom. If you want to go with it, you can easily get a tuxedo or a rental one and get it over with. But if you are a person who aren't very comfortable to be dressed in an exact same outfit as with most of the boys in your class then it is important that you need to take some risks.

The next obvious option that you will go for next to the tuxedos is the blazers or suits. If you think blazers aren't formal enough or uncoordinated to be worn to the prom then suits is the best choice for you. Now when you decide upon wearing suits the next thing that you will have to decide is whether to go with three piece suits or two piece suits. Three piece suits are the more formal ones out of the two and thus if you are thinking of a formal kind of look then it may be best to go with a mens three piece suit. But if you are more inclined on the casual type and would go stylish rather than traditional them two piece suit is the right kind of choice for you. To make yourself stand out when wearing a normal two piece suit there are some simple tips.

There are many things that you can try out to showcase your uniqueness and individuality and from that one suggestion is for you to go with turtleneck red prom suit look. If you are a person who follows the trend in mens wear then you may know that wearing turtleneck has become the rage among the younger generation. The turtleneck has become one of the staple wear when it comes to winter garments. Pairing the turtleneck with a suit makes you look stylish and dapper. The unique turtleneck prom suit look will be certain to grab the attention of the crowd towards you and also in a good way. Therefore, turtleneck prom suits is one of the best recommendation when it comes to prom outfits.

For people who don't know turtleneck is a sweater which can be recognized with the characteristic of high rolled collar that can be turned down and can be styled to cover some or most part of your neck. As for the traditional turtleneck sweater it is always folded down and thus are made to be very slim fitting to the body. Another style that is similar to turtleneck is the mock neck. These mock neck sweaters cannot be folded over like the turtlenecks. The turtlenecks have been in use from almost the 15th century. They were used so that the wearer can keep the wearer warm around the neck portion and thus was highly preferred at those times when the heating systems weren't developed. But their major surge in popularity happened when it became one of the primary garment for the working class people and the sailors. It became popular as a casual garment and was worn inside a shirt and a tie during the colder days of the year. Ever since those times this style has been in and out of style.

Now how to pair turtleneck with your turtleneck prom suit or how best to style your turtleneck prom suit look? There are different style options which you can go through and select the one that fits your taste and personality. If you are person who likes the minimal but stylish look then you can go with the same color turtleneck prom suit style. Black suit with black turtleneck gives you a posh look that is hard to rival. You can also go with other dark colors like blue, gray, burgundy or charcoal that gives you a winter vibe. It is always best to go with thin knitted turtlenecks so that when you wear the suit jacket over it, the look does not get bulky. You can also go with the double breasted turtleneck prom suit look that will give you a next level of refinement. David Beckham approves of this turtleneck with double breasted suit style and that speaks a lot. Make sure that you don't include pocket squares or ties thus making the turtleneck prom suit the primary look.

The next type of style that you can try is the turtleneck prom suit with contrasting colors. If you already have a formal suit in your wardrobe that is in working condition but you aren't too thrilled with the classic color of the suit then you can add a dash of color to the turtleneck prom suit in terms of pairing it with a contrasting color turtleneck. You can go with either subdued colors like the earthy tones, but we recommend you to go with slightly brighter tones to pair with classic colored zoot suits like black, navy and gray. This is because of the fact that when pairing earthy tones with these colors it can give you an overall dull look which should be prevented.

Now if the turtleneck prom suit that you choose to wear with the turtleneck is bright in color or shade then you can go with earthy toned turtlenecks. For example a mustard colored turtleneck with a bright blue suit is a good turtleneck prom suit look that you can go with. Another popular suggestion for the turtleneck prom suit look is the variations in the shade. For example, you can go with a charcoal gray suit paired with a light gray turtleneck. This is the option to go with if you would like your turtleneck prom suit look to be formal but at the same time look stylish too.

You can also go with light colored turtleneck with a patterned suit look so that you can look dressed in a vintage style but at the same time stylish also. But make sure to go with subdued and light patterns since heavy patterns on the suit can make you look too much professional or old. You can also ditch the turtleneck prom suit look and go with a turtleneck under sports coat look instead.

These are the basics of selecting a turtleneck prom suits look and after going through the possible styles select the one that would complement your style the best. The color selection and the pairing of these colors is the most important aspect so as to get the outfit perfect. The styles that are available are gray turtleneck prom suit, turtleneck blue sweater, turtleneck blue sweater, gray turtleneck sweater, navy blue turtleneck sweater, dark brown turtleneck sweater, light gray turtleneck sweater, indigo turtleneck sweater, medium gray turtleneck sweater, olive turtleneck sweater and sapphire turtleneck sweater. Select the one that works best with the suit that you have selected or select the turtleneck prom suit color based on the color of the turtleneck that you are purchasing.

Now as for the fabric of the turtleneck prom suit the most popular fabric that you will find is the wool turtleneck. Wool fabric turtleneck prom suit is a good choice especially since the prom takes place at night.

Other things that you will have to keep in mind while styling the turtleneck prom suit look is the details. It is always important to remember styling your hair only after putting on your turtleneck in the turtleneck prom suit. Most men tend to make the mistake of styling their hair before putting on the sweater thus ruining it before the start of the day.

Also make sure to fold down the neck of the turtleneck sweater in the turtleneck prom suit properly and evenly to get the formal look. Unevenly folded turtleneck can ruin the overall look and thus care should be taken on this detail. As for the accessories to pair with the turtleneck prom suit it is always best to avoid wearing anything around the neck. It does not go well with the turtleneck prom suit look. On the contrary you can go with regular accessories like watches, bracelets and rings that tend to aid the stylish look that you are sporting.