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Two Buttons Purple Sport coat Businessmen who fly to different cities or countries should decide to wear best suits which are built with rich fabrics and materials. There are tons of business suits which are crafted brilliantly according to the tastes and beliefs of the wearers. Men will get that gangster look when they wear purple pimp suit which is popular among dancers, rap artists, hosts and other party goers. Guys who are planning to attend Halloween parties will get that rugged and gangster looks when they wear pimp suits. Red color pimp suit is extremely popular among party goers and individuals who attend Halloween types of parties. They have to wear designer jewelries, ear studs, cowboy caps, bell-bottom style pants, eyeglasses, rings and red shoes along with this suit and captivate audience hearts. Boys will get that vintage look when they wear which come in rich color.

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Zoot Suit Glossary

  • Tramas- Wide-legged, tight-cuffed, or "pegged" trouser.
  • Carlango- Long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders.
  • Tapa or Tanda- Felt hat with long feather.
  • Calcos -PointyFrench style shoes.
  • Pachucos- Mexican American youths in mid-20th Century who wore flashy clothes such as zoot suit.
  • Zoot Suit Riots- Series of riots that erupted in Los Angeles, California during World War II between sailors and soldiers stationed in the city and Mexican American youth gangs headed by Pachucos who wore zoot suits.
  • Zazous- French version of zoot suit worn after World War II. The French youth wore these suits to express their inpiduality.

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Zoot Suits Today

In spite of the riots of 1943, zoot suits are still popular in today's world. After the war, the rationing of clothes was over. More and more people started wearing the zoot suits. People feel more relaxed and comfortable in zoot suits than any other men's suit. The teenagers like the loose fitting trouser which is perfect for dancing and cool style with flashy look.

The popularity for mens zoot suits increased with movies such as "Mask," "Wild, Wild West," and trilogy "Matrix," The bright yellow zoot suit with a broad brimmed hat became worn by Jim Carrey in the movie "Mask" increased the sale of zoot suits with vivid colors and designs. Zoot suits got stylish trendy look from the movies such as "Wild, Wild West" and "Matrix." The long stylish coat worn by Keanu Reeves in the movie "Matrix" has brought a new style in zoot suits.

A Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit is a man's suit with wide-legged, tight-cuffed, or "pegged," trousers (called tramas); and a long coat with wide lapels, and wide, padded shoulders (called the carlango). Often zoot suiters wear a felt hat with a long feather (called a tapa or tanda) and pointy, French-style shoes (called calcos). A young Malcolm X described the zoot suit this way: "a killer-diller coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatic's cell."

Mens Zoot Suits first gained popularity in Harlem jazz culture in the early 1930s. The word "zoot" probably comes from the French word zut (meaning "damn!"). They were extremely popular with African-American youth and also with young Latinos, most particularly in the Los Angeles Chicano community. In March of 1942, the War Production Board banned zoot suit production - allegedly because it deemed the style wasteful of valuable suiting material during wartime, but the measure was taken in a climate of general anxiety and fear of latino youths. The fashion persisted, despite restrictions placed on the amount of fabric in the production of garments.

It has been suggested by some that zoot suits originated as a passive protest to measures during World War II to limit nationwide consumption of many items due to war needs, but this is unlikely, as fashionable Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit in black and Latino communities long before the imposition of such restrictions.

(1) Zoot Suit Culture

Initially an African American youth fashion, closely connected to jazz culture, the zoot suit was co-opted by a generation of Mexican American kids, who made it their own.

The oversized suit was both an outrageous style and a statement of defiance. Zoot suiters asserted themselves, at a time when fabric was being rationed for the war effort, and in the face of widespread discrimination.

Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit were reserved for special occasions as a dance party or a birthday party. The amount of material and tailoring required made them luxury items. Many kids wore a toned-down version of the "draped" pants or styled their hair in the signature "ducktail."


(2) Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit Origin

While the exact origin of the loose-fitting "zoot suit," worn by Mexican-American and African-American youths in the 1940s, is obscure, its most important roots were among Mexican-American youths, or pachucos.

In the context of World War II, this defiant gesture of group identity put the Mexican-American zoot suiters into direct conflict with another youth group-white servicemen stationed on the West Coast. Wartime rationing regulations effectively banned zoot suits because they ostensibly wasted fabric, so a combination of patriotism and racism impelled white soldiers to denounce Mexican-American wearers of the zoot suit as slackers and hoodlums.

(3) Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit as "hepcats"

The Zoot Suit, characterized by an oversized jacket with large lapels, padded shoulders and baggy pants which were cuffed at the ankles (with a wide brimmed fedora hat generally accompanying) was first popularized by young teenage "hepcats." It popped up in the early 1940s among the "jitterbug" dancers and was popularized when entertainers such as Frank Sinatra began wearing them.
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(4) History of "Zoot Suit"

The suit was first worn in Harlem, New York but the fad ended quickly when the War Production Board restricted the amount of material that could be used in men's clothing.

Mens Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit brings to life a racially-charged trial of the 1940s, in which a group of pachucos, Mexican-American gang members, are charged and sentenced with the murder of another Mexican American. Playwright Luis Valdez depict s the trial of the Sleepy Lagoon Murder and the related Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 in a combination of docudrama, myth, and musical. Zoot Suit was designed to reach a larger audience than those targeted by the improvisational skits, or actos, he had produced for El Teatro Campesino, a theater troupe he founded to support Hispanic labor leader Cesar Chavez's efforts to unionize California farm workers during the Delano Grape Strike of 1965. Although he reached back into history for a specific Mexican-American incident, Valdez's play concerns the problems of all ethnic minorities in America.

Opening in 1978, Zoot Suit sold out every time it played in Los Angeles, though it met with less enthusiasm from critics in New York when it debuted on Broadway. In the play, the mythical character El Pachuco Zoot Suit - Zuit Suit cajoles Henry Reyna to resist the social injustices of an unfair trial and fight for his community; he does so, but the play ends without resolving his future. With its Brechtian-style protest against social injustice and defamiliarization techniques, such that the action is controlled and re-directed by one of the characters, Zoot Suit set a new standard for Chicano theater and Valdez was recognized as a leader in American drama. A film version produced in 1981 starring Edward James Olmos and Daniel Valdez (the playwright's brother, who had played Henry in the stage product ion as well) brought this vivid portrayal of social injustice to movie theaters.

Zoot Suits

Zoot Suits during World War II

During the World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt established War Production Board (WPB) in 1942. The War Production Board limited the consumption of many items nationwide due to war needs. Zoot suit production was banned by WPB as it was considered waste of cloth material. The amount of material and tailoring required made it a luxury item.

Being extremely popular among the Mexican Americans and African Americans, it was unlikely and the zoot suit fashion persisted. Most of the tailoring companies stopped manufacturing  zoot suits. Despite restrictions for manufacturing of zoot suits, these suits were made illegally by the tailors. The illicit trading of zoot suits was cracked down.

Zoot Suit Riots

In 1943, unfortunate incident of riot occurred in the Los Angeles city, which came to be known as zoot suit riots. The refusal of Mexican American of stop using the zoot suits brought doubt and mistrust in people of Los Angeles in USA for they considered any person who wore zoot suit belonged to the gang member "Pachucos." Pachucos were street rebels in 1940s most of them dressed in  zoot suits  with long hairs combed into duck's tail at the back.

The media depicted the zoot suiters as hoodlums and believed that they carried out criminal activities. Many Mexican American teenagers challenged the prejudice they faced. In this tense situation, the soldiers and marines who had returned from the war were in conflict with Mexican zoot suiters. The servicemen considered the zoot suiters as bad citizens creating disturbances.

On June 3, 1943 , a group of servicemen complained of being attacked by Pachucos gang. Hundreds of marines and sailors headed towards East Los Angeles where Mexican Americans lived. They assaulted all the men who wore zoot suits, ripped their suits and burnt them in streets. To maintain peace, the Mexican Americans and the servicemen were arrested. The riots lasted for two weeks. Finally, the military authorities brought situation under control by restricting all the military personnel to enter the Los Angeles city. 

Get The Fabulous Look With Yellow Zoot Suits

The scenario in the field of mens zoot suits  has changed a great deal with time. Traditionally suits were the basic formal attires for men mostly in the Western countries. The suits available at that time comprised of a coat waistcoat and trousers of the same color. But in modern times, the concept of self color suits is no more in although many people wear them. But the trendy attires are manufactured mostly to suit all occasions whether formal or informal meet.

Hence the color schemes too have radically taken a different turn. You will go crazy with the innumerable shades of suits that you get today. Designers are working on every aspect of the traditional suits along with their colors introducing something new and different always. Among the different types of designer suits available today in various colors, the Yellow Zoot Suits have created quite a row in the fashion world.

It is a well known fact that every color portrays some specific meaning and has an identity of its own. As white stands for serenity and peace, the shade yellow offers a happy feeling. It speaks about hope and brilliance and is worn specially for happy events like parties and merry-making together. The persons wearing the yellow zoot suit too look bright and lively. The color instills a happy mood all around it.

zoot suits These are designer suits and require special tailoring and extra amount of material for which they are known as luxury suits also. The suit has certain unique features like its high-waist that offers maximum comfort, wide legs for free movements, tight-cuffed and pegged trousers, wide-lapelled long coat with wide shoulders that are exclusively padded to give off a strong look and the fabric quality is incomparable that makes these zoot suits so special. The suit offers such comfort and happiness that you will notice that the person wearing the  yellow zoot suit  is always smiling and contented. These suits provide an excellent elegance to enhance the personality of the wearer.

These luxury suits are also termed as extravagant over-sized suits that declare auto-determination and freedom. These suits are just the ones for men who like to innovate and experiment with their clothing and create a style statement. They are the ideal ones for all semi-formal occasions and special evenings. When you open your wardrobes to find nothing to wear for a get-together, these Yellow Zoot Suits are just appropriate for you. Get into these amazing suits and rock the evening with your friends. You will get various designs and sizes at mensusa online store that always stores the Yellow Zoot Suits of all categories.

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Zoot Suits – the pleasure of looking sharp!

Old is always gold! And so are Zoot suits! Today's fashion world is known for bringing back a lot of styles from the past. Quite often one can see a popular clothing dating back to the nineteenth or twentieth century grabbing headlines for its popularity and love among the public in the present era.

Once popular among the Chicano, Italian American and African American communities, Zoot Suits have evolved from being a thing of the past, or of the 1940's or of the Teddy boys. Today these over-sized mens Zoot suits are a top pick for any man wanting to create a 1940's gangster look or simply for any man who wants to fashion his looks with his clothing. Zoot suits are also common as a swing outfit for many dancers today.

Zoot suits right from the beginning were categorized as a luxury item almost instantaneously thanks to the exquisite tailoring work and efforts which went into its making. The amount of material that goes into these wide-legged, high-waisted, tight-cuffed, pegged trousers coupled with a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders is yet another reason to why owning these suits were considered an opulence. This fact remains the same even today.

And so, if you are out there to pick Zoot suits, you can easily make your choice from the variety of Men's Long Full length Fashion Zoot Suits available in all Colors at mensusa.com. Zoot suits at mensusa are made in the 1940 vintage style but with a modern fresh take. You can pick from among solid blacks, royal blue, hot red, lavender, wide stripes or black and gold pinstriped Zoot suits, each of which comes with its own characteristic make. Styles of Zoot suits at mensusa range from Classic long ones or three piece to long jackets with covered buttons. If you want to stand a step ahead, you can even purchase the father and son matching suit three piece compose suit with vest available at mensusa.com Team these Zoot suits with a wide fedora hat and you successfully manage to create a 1940 right where you are!

It is a historically known fact that  Zoot suits  were largely popularized by Mexican Americans, African Americans, Filipino Americans and Italian Americans, during the middle decades of the twentieth century.

Zoot suit for men may be best defined as a man's suit comprising of a long, pronouncedly oversized jacket with wide padded shoulders and broad lapels and baggy, tight-cuffed, waist-high trousers. The zoot suit was usually worn with an unduly long keychain that looped almost to one's ankle.

By this very description, it may appear that zoot suits are uncouth and there can be nothing like an exquisite zoot suit.

Nonetheless, zoot suits were hugely popular during the 1940s. Although zoot suits are today much less popular as compared to mid 20th century - the modern and more sophisticated versions of zoot suits are still worn by men for costume parties, marriages, family outings and other special events.

The quantum of cloth and elaborate tailoring required for making zoot suits turned them into luxury items affordable only by the select few.

This extravagant waste of material and costly tailoring labor were factors that led to the infamous Zoot Suit Riots. Wearing the oversized zoot suit was deemed unpatriotic during war time and was considered a symbol of rebellious attitude.

As zoot suits are designed differently than conventional  Mens suits , it is necessary for you to think about all of their components like color, material, pattern, measurements, and related accessories - if you are keen to own exquisite zoot suits.

The color of an exquisite zoot suit largely depends on the occasion in which you plan to wear them. Nonetheless, most men fond of wearing exquisite zoot suits prefer bright vibrant colors such as red, blue, gold, green, orange, yellow, pink, etc. However, it is essential to scrupulously avoid radiant colors if the event is listed as white tie or black tie.

Exquisite zoot suits are predominantly worn by groomsmen during wedding ceremonies. For occasions like weddings - black, grey, and white are the most favored colors. If you wish to wear zoot suits more often, it is prudent to choose a color that will be comfortable and appropriate to each occasion.

When opting to buy an exquisite zoot suit, the right pattern is of paramount importance. Zoot suits come with different patterns such as regular stripes, pinstripes, checkers, or plaid. However, men who are planning to wear zoot suit for a wedding may prefer pinstripes over any other design. Men who are keen to opt for a pattern that flatters their body shape can choose stripes. If a tall man wants to appear shorter, horizontal stripes can be ideal. For short stature men who want to look taller or trimmer, vertical pinstripes can indeed be flattering.

There is a wide variety of fabrics used to make zoot suits. Zoot suits are invariably made of polyester or special polyester blends. Zoot suits with prominent stripes are quite often blended with satin or such similar shiny fabric to provide contrast. Zoot suits are occasionally made of silk or even wool to obtain the exquisite look. To make zoot suits appear truly exquisite, they must be made to measurements

Zoot suit is a very popular kind of clothing worn by the African Americans, Mexican Americans and Italian Americans around 1935. The word Zoot suit is sometimes spelled as Zuit suit. This suit was created by Harold C. Fox who was a Chicago clothier who claimed the credit for designing and naming Zoot suit.

MensUSA.com  offers you, amazing Zoot suits for sale. Before that, you need to know what a Zoot suit is. If you look at the characteristics of a Zoot suit, it has a high waist and wide legs with tight cuffed pegged trousers which are also called as trama, which is accompanied with a carlango, this is nothing but a long coat with wide lapels and padded shoulders. Zoot suits are often worn with a long pointy feather and French style shoes. Zoot suit mostly features a key chain hanging from the belt to the knee, which goes back to the side pocket.

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Zoot suits are first famous among the African American population, and then it has gained its popularity in Italy and other countries as well. They differ slightly from other suits in their stitching style and they are available in different styles like high –waisted, wide legged, tight cuffed, and padded shoulders. This type of attire is usually longer, almost touching the knees, and they are available in bright colors and attractive patterns. Accessories for this kind of suit must be selected carefully as it is deciding factor for its elegance and uniqueness. These suits are available for children as this colorful outfit has attracted even the small kids.

This suit has stood its test of time from time immemorial and has never lost its glory. They are rare and they are found less in numbers. It can be found in cheap prices in many boutiques but only few of them sell original zoot suits and Mensusa is one among them. One can shop at Mensusa with great confidence and get the right appropriate suit for right price and online shopping facilities are also available to make it very easy to purchase goods.

Zoot suits are first popular among the African American population, and then it has gained its popularity in Italy and other countries as well. These zoot suits differ slightly from other suits and they are available in almost all colors. These suits are high -waisted, wide legged, tight cuffed, with padded shoulders. This coat is usually longer, almost touching the knees, and they are available in fashionable colors and trendy patterns. Accessories and the color of the suit play a major role in deciding its elegance and uniqueness. These suits are also available for small boys as this colorful outfit has attracted even the small kids.

This style of suit is found in old times and it is considered as an old fashion but even today it has never lost its glory. These suits are rare and they are found less in numbers. These suits can be found in cheap prices in many boutiques but only few of them sell original zoot suits and Mensusa is one among them. One must be very careful while purchasing cheap suits because many dealers may deceive you in selling low quality suits for a higher price. One can shop at Mensusa with great confidence and get the right appropriate suit for right price.

Popular in late 1930s and early 1940s, the zoot suits were in rage among young African American and Mexican American. The meaning of the word Zoot may be originated from the French word "zut" which means damn.

Zoot Suit Culture

Zoot suits were flashy with extreme cuts designed to be stylish and sleek with loose fitting trousers making it perfect for dancing. Zoot suits were worn for special occasions such as a dance party. The zoot suit was first popularized by young teenage "hepcats" and the "jitterbug" dancers. It became extremely popular when entertainers such as Frank Sinatra began wearing them. The white zoot suit  with white shoes became a trademark for king of swing, Cab Calloway.

The zoot suit consists of baggy trousers cuffed at the ankles, wide lapel and padded shoulders, wide brimmed hat, long dangling chains and oversized jacket. The baggy trousers is high-waisted, i.e, the trousers are worn from waist higher than the normal trousers are worn.


Like zoot suit, zazous was popular in France after World War II. Young people expressed their individuality by wearing these loose fitting clothes. Mostly they wore it during the dance parties. Under the German occupation, the young French expressed their resistance and showing their individuality.

Origin of Zoot Suit

There is no clear explanation when and where the mens zoot suit originated. It resembles the pegged trousers and long coat worn of 1900s. The zoot suits first gained popularity in Harlem jazz culture in 1930s.
According to yet another explanation the origin of zoot suits could be in 1941 when it was first designed by Chicago tailor and band leader Harold C. Zoot Suit Fox. These suits were designed as dancing suit. They were worn by African-American and young Latinos in Los Angeles Chicano community. The Mexican American youths who wore zoot suits called themselves Pachuos. The people of Los Angeles considered any one who wore zoot suit as gang member

People say that more than our words, our non-verbal possessions speak a lot. Non verbals include many things in which a person is looked for and analyzed for his character. A person is original and is being himself only when he is at ease and happy.
Dance parties and birthday celebrations are some junctures where a man's non verbals speak more than he does.

Non verbals are many in which attire forms a major contributor. Our clothing makes a lot of difference in our attitude and looks. It can make or break the man's prestige and sense of belonging to that place. As told already, dance parties and birthday celebrations speak a lot on a easy-go of a man. He attire that can best suit such kind of junctures can only be mens Zoot suits.

Zoot suit

Zoot suits, which became more famous after the 'Zoot suit riots' speak for the ironical amalgam of commitment and the fun involved. Men's suits are different everywhere. Zoot suits can best suit many places.

The zoot suit has tramas which are trousers that are loose with tight cuffs (similar to baggie), long coat etc. zoot suit is incomplete without the hat with or without the feather.

Zoot suits speak of the cool attitude and class of the one who wears it. Be it wedding or parties or just for fun, Zoot suits best match the occasion and brings s 'life' into it. The livelier clothing is always enhanced by the attitude that it portrays. Zoot suits are the best examples of men's suits that speak for the above statement.