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Royal Suits

Two-Button-Royal-Fit-Suit Blue is undeniably a favoritecolor of choice among men since we are used to the color. But this is not entirely true since there are variations of blue color that we still consciously avoid to wear. One among them is the Royal Blue suits and despite the name they are still not popular as much as their cousins which the Navy suits. Being a business favorite navy suits enjoy being the cornerstone of any formal wardrobe collection. But one you have that it is time to start branching and how better to start than with Royal suits. In this article we discuss the Royal men's suits and some of the best ways that you can style them.

Some may latch on the fact that Royal men's suits have a brighter shade and thus might slightly stick out on a conservative office setting. But when you style the Royal suit in a proper way you can easily pull off the look in any type of setting. Also the slightly standing out from the rest might be an advantage given that everyone is so comfortable with the Navy suits and you can rock the Dark navy suits like a star. That being said Royal men's suits can truly be a versatile addition to your wardrobe given that you learn to style it perfectly. If you are already convinced and thinking about getting a Royal suit then here are some things that you will have to note and some recommendations that will help you style it better.

Mens-2-Button-Royal-Blue-Suit The fabric from which the Royal suits are made plays an important factor whole purchasing since they influence many things like the fit, cost, comfort and the overall look of the suit. Thus make sure that you select it carefully so that you are satisfied with your pick. If you are looking for a formal garment then you can go with wool Royal men's suits. Wool is a famous suiting fabric since it is available in different weights and different weaves than any other natural fabrics. Also they are easily available which only boosts their popularity. Flannel Royal men's suits and tweed royal men's suits will have a muted look about them which makes them the best for business use.

But Navy wool suits are summer and spring style and look great when there is abundant of natural lighting. So when you go with the summer use then try out the lightweight fabrics. If you are thinking of styling the Royal men's suits for regular summer office day use then go with cotton royal men's suits. Cotton suits are breathable and thus might be a good choice for the hot days. Linen royal men's suits are the ones that are most recommended for semi formal and casual use since the material tends to wrinkle easily when compared to other fabrics.

If it is for special occasions like weddings and parties then it is a good choice to go with luxury ones like silk Royal men's suits and velvet royal men's suits. These will have a sheen about them that will help them look better. For a budget buy go with synthetic ones like polyester royal men's suits and rayon royal men's suits. These cheap priced royal men's suits might be less comfortable than natural fabric ones and thus are recommended when you are in no other choice.

Single-Breasted-Indigo-Color-Suit Navy blue suits have a great festive look to them that captures the essence of the warmer seasons like summer and spring. This might be one of the reasons why Royal suits are the ones that are most preferred for weddings and parties. Black tuxedos and black suits have been the norm for groom attire since a long time. But nowadays the pattern of wedding in itself has changed with most being held outdoors as opposed to the traditional church weddings. With all the natural light pouring in in the garden wedding or beach wedding the black suit might look a little dull and sombre for the festive mood. Thus we suggest you to go with a seasonal choice like Royal men's suits which reflects the spirit of the season and the event.

As for styling the Royal men's suits here are some ideas that we think might help you in the process. The first thing that you should not allow any hitches is the fit of the suit. On your special day or your friend's special day ( incase you are the dutiful groomsmen) the focus of the crowd is going to be on the groom and the bride and thus it is important that they look impeccable in their wedding attire. Custom made royal men's suits are definitely our first recommendation but the cost and time involved might be a impractical. In that case go with the perfect fit of off the rack suits. Slim fit royal men's suits and classic fit royal men's suits are the ones that are mostly recommended for wedding royal men's suits. Navy wool suits have a slight casual feel to them while the Italian cut royal suits might also be a great choice.

Mens-2-Button-Royal-Blue-Suit 3 piece royal suit paired with a white dress shirt and a red tie can be the statement look you are searching for. navy blue and black suit has a more relaxed feel to them as compared to the former. As for the type of the suit go with double breasted royal suit if you want a serious formal look. Single breasted royal suits are a more versatile option since you can style them as both formal and casual garment.

If you are attending your friends wedding then a notch lapel royal suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie is a subtle look that you can safely wear without the worry of upstaging the groom. For a look that is not too formal but at the same time attention grabbing at a proper level we would recommend you to pair the peak lapel royal suit with a white dress shirt and forgo the tie option by leaving the top two buttons of the suit open.