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Sand Suits

2-Button-Khaki-Color-Suit There are a lot of new shades in suits other than the usual navy and charcoal gray that are gaining popularity in the recent times. One among them is the sand men's suits which is now having a major fan following among the younger generation. If you are a person who likes to try out the new trends then sand men's suits must be your next pick. In this article we discuss the sand men's suits and some ways to style them best.

If you are a person who suits up on a daily basis for work then you must have become comfortable with the navy suits and charcoal gray suits. But when these beige suits are a necessity for formal events that is not the case for casual events. With all the new fashions pouring in it is time to give a try to the sand men's suits. It gives you an elegant look that is best for semi formal and casual events. Sand men's suits are on the lighter end of the brown spectrum and thus it is mostly recommended for casual use. For a formal winter event you can instead go with dark brown suit.

Two-Button-Sand-Color-Suit There are a lot of styles that are available in the sand men's suits which you can choose from. You can choose the type depending on the event you are attending or the season at which the event is held. The details like the fabric of the casual suits and the type of the sand men's suits differ based on these factors. As mentioned before sand men's suits are mostly recommended for casual events. Most of the casual events are held in the summer like parties and such and thus it is better to go with lightweight fabrics like cotton sand men's suits and linen sand men's suits. Linen sand men's suits have a laid back look that can be styled for summer parties and such. Cotton sand suits have a little more formal look that can be styled to formal summer events like weddings and such. On the contrary if you live in a place with a chilly climate then it is best to go with wool sand men's suits.

When you need a stylish look that makes you stand out from the rest you can go with silk sand men's suits or velvet sand suits. These materials have a particular sheen that makes you look rich and sophisticated. Polyester sand men's suits and cotton suits are the synthetic options which can be a cheaper alternative to the natural fabric sand suits.

As for styling the sand suits make sure you consider the nature of the event you are attending. The advantage with the sand suits is that you can easily dress up, dress down or transform the sand suit into any variation. Here are some of the tips that might help you in the styling process.

If you are attending any formal event like something that involves business then you can style the sage suit based on the formal setting. If you are attending this event in a different place which requires travelling in the summer then you might understand the need for seasonal clothing. In regards to the fabric it is best to go with cotton sand men's suits. It will give you a professional look that also allows you to have a stylish look. Pair a single breasted sand suit with a crisp white dress shirt and a set of dress shoes. You can pair it with a striped tie or polka dot tie to gives a power look to the suit. If you are heading the business event you can also try the double breasted sand men's suits look for an authoritative look. When you are going with the formal look it is best to stick with the classics without trying to experiment too much.

Two-Buttons-Slim-Fit-Suit Another important event that men tend to dress up for is the weddings. There will be a lot of engagements and weddings when it comes to summer and spring events. Color of the suit and the accessories that you pair with it are the most important things when styling an outfit for the wedding. Garden weddings and beach weddings are some of the events that you can easily style the sand suits for. 3 piece sand suit paired with light blue dress shirt and pink tie is a great look for the bright nature of the event. The vested sand suit look will give you a dressy look for the wedding. As for the color of the vest you can go with the same colored one or different colored vest. As for the accessories involved you can add a pocket square and a boutonniere the latter restricted for the groom. You can pair the sand men's suits outfit with sockless loafers to get a stylish look.

Sand men's suits are a great choice for casual events like parties and date nights. When you are styling the classic fit suits for a date or party you can pair it with cool palettes like tan and navy blues. The contrasting look that it offers can be truly captivating. Other than the dress shirts you can also swap then with t-shirts or turtlenecks. You can match the laid back look by pairing it with sneakers loafers. If you want to show that you take the event seriously you can add a skinny tie and patterned pocket square.

The fit of the sand suit matters a lot since the people have turned more attentive to the details. Skinny fit sand suits are the ones that are recommended for casual events. They fit you like the second skin and are best for tall and lean men. Slim fit sand men's suits are slightly roomier than the sand men's suits and are the ones most preferred by young men. If you are looking for a suit that you can wear to a casual day at office you can go with classic fit sand men's suits. People who are not satisfied with any of the above fits can go with big and tall sand men's suits.