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Shiny Texture Suits

Shiny-Grey-2-Button-Suit The words shiny and suits together in a sentence is capable of creating panic among most men. It has long been advised by the sartorially elite to avoid any type of shiny formal garment. But the fashion world has changed a lot in the recent years and the shiny suits does not absurd as it did before. There are a lot of fashion events in which the models flaunt their shiny suits. So if you don't have one in your wardrobe already it is time to add a shiny texture suit to your collection. Here is everything you need to know about the shiny suits and some tips on how safely rock them.

As the name indicates the shiny suits have a sheen about them that gives it a sharp edge. These shiny suits have had a douchy rep to them in the early years but later regained their macho look in the 70s and 80s. Ash suits have resurfaced recently and is now on every red carpet and runway. You can join the fun easily but the main thing is to know the basic factors that is involved in the styling.

Metallic-Blue-2-Button-Suit The first thing to keep in mind is that you will need an special occasion to wear the shiny suits. It is definitely not going to work for your office day. This is the line that makes the shiny suits edge towards being tacky. Thus you should carefully select the event for wearing the shiny suits. It looks like a kind of tuxedo and thus it us best for slightly formal events like award events and special nights.

The next thing that you will have to carefully select the shine of the suit. Some cheap suits will give out a look that is too shiny and this is another indication of a tacky suit. So when purchasing for the suit check the shine by looking at the sleeves. If you see your partial reflection on the sleeve then make sure you drop that suit and move to another. The shiny texture suit that you buy should have a slight sheen to them that makes them look fashionable and stylish without being too shiny. This is the part where the material of the shiny texture suit comes into play. Burgundy suits are the ones that are most recommended for a formal look. These suits will give you a nice sophisticated look that you can style to any special event. Note that the wool suits tend to get shiny with wear and tear. Thus you should maintain the suits without it becoming too shiny.

For a lightweight formal alternative go with cotton shiny suits. Linen shiny texture suits are for summer casual use. Linen has a rough texture that makes the it look laid back. But remember that they wrinkle easily and this can be counterproductive to the shiny suits. Silk shiny suits are also a good choice for a special look. The synthetic material made ones like polyester shiny texture suits and rayon shiny texture suits are a good choice for a budget buy but you should control the level of sheen. This is because of the fact that the synthetic materials already have a little shine if their own. People who are hesitant to go with shiny suits can start out with the synthetic shiny texture suits.

Two-Button-Charcoal-Color-Suit Sharkskin shiny texture suits is another one of the major recommendations when you decide to try on the style. These suits aren't really made of sharkskin but are made from wool. The texture of the suit is shiny creating the resemblance of the shark's skin and hence the name. The sharkskin shiny suits have a major fan following for quite some time and is mostly recommended for special occasions. For example for those who know Mick Jagger it is literally impossible to not imagine him in a sharkskin looking gray shiny texture suit. He was well known for his love of rock star suits. He often sported pinsripe suits which was not prevalent at that time as it is now. But being the fashion icon he is he effortlessly pulled off the style without sweating much.

Mens-Two-Button-Navy-Suit While on the topic we may dare to say that Robert Downey Jr might possibly be the modern day Mick Jagger. But the Iron Man actor stuck on the safer side by sporting a classic suit. Robert wore a shiny texture black tuxedo that had silver thread works on the whole garment. He paired the look with a black shirt with ochre collar and black combat boots. But being Robert Downey Jr he contrasted the all black look by adding a pair of yellow tinted glasses. This outfit ensemble is a perfect example for people who like to start out with the shiny texture suits. Remember to blend in by following the basic factors and let the shiny suit be the major focus. Robert did this perfectly since he stuck with basic palette of black and thus making it a perfect red carpet look.

As for the styling of the shiny texture suit there are some factors that should be carefully noted. For example if you are styling the suit for formal occasions then you can go with peak lapel shiny texture suit. If it is a dressy occasion then you can try out the shawl lapel shiny texture suit. Notch lapel begie suit is the one that is recommended for casual use like a night out.

Another thing that matters a lot is the fit of the Royal suit. These suits will be sure to grab some attention and thus you need to style it perfectly. It is best to go with slimmer styles like slim fit shiny texture suits and skinny fit shiny suits for a talk and slim person. For a roomier fit go with classic fit shiny suits.