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Flat Rate Shipping! all Orders only $10
**Christmas merchandise purchased from November 15th to December 25th can be returned up to January 20th


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Jean Denim Suits

Mens Jean Denim Suit

Suits have occupied a major place in the formal side of menswear. But with the recent styles pouring in the lines have blurred and now the suits are one of the most versatile pieces of menswear you can get in the market. While the wool suits and cotton suits dominated the market now you can get casual suits like seersucker suits and linen suits that you can wear for casual purposes. In this article we discuss one of the lesser known style of the suits which is the Jean denim suits and why you should own one.

Jean Business Suit The Jean denim suit look or the denim on denim look have not been a style favorite in the past and thus it is right for most men to be wary of the style. There are a lot of styles in the Jean denim suit that you can look back which mostly were tried out by the celebrities of that time. All the Jean denim suit business blew to be a great deal when the singer Bing Crosby was dressed head to toe in denim when he visited one of the high end hotels. The hotel denied access to him since they thought that he was underdressed. This issue got further coverage when Levi stepped in and made the singer a custom made Jean denim double breasted suit so that he can wear next time a appropriate outfit while still in denim. The custom made Jean denim suit jacket even had a leather label on the inside which had the words "notice to all hotel men" which was clearly a jab at the particular hotel. This first of its kind Jean denim suit still is displayed in northeasternNevada museum in Elko since it was the place were the singer was presented with the suit. The story had a spark that Levi reproduced 200 limited suits of the same design.

Black denim Suit
While this was a interesting and Inspiring story of the Jean denim suits the 2001 Justin Timberlake Jean denim suit look was not as lucky. He wore a custom made single breasted Jean denim suit that was matching with the denim dress that his then girlfriend Britney Spears wore. The suit was ill fitted and he wore it with a denim hat which might be a mistake. Even today after over the span of 20 years it seems like a bad choice that we advise you to avoid at all costs.

Now back to the Jean denim suits of recent times the key lies in properly selecting the look and in styling it impeccably. If you are not sure of the style then you can check out the spring summer collection of Ralph Lauren in 2015. Ralph Lauren is one of the most celebrated brands and the owner is himself a favorite style icon who flaunts the Jean denim look in a stylish way. So the Jean denim suit collection from him is not a big surprise if you are aware of his love for denim.

In this 2015 luxury purple label collection a jean denim three piece suit was introduced. It is a collaboration of the two classic menswear items such as navy suits and dark blue denim making them look classic one it's own. The lightweight Jean denim suit looked like a navy linen suit which also looked formal. Ralph lauren garments tend to have a design that is considered to be a superb blend of both classic and modern look. He has proved this to be true once again with the 3 piece Jean denim suit in this collection.

If you are a young person who likes to try out new styles then you can definitely try out this Jean denim suit. The notch lapel Jean denim suit has a good look and was displayed with the look of light blue pinstripe dress shirt and navy printed tie. The navy vest of the Jean denim suit is double breasted. The three piece slim fit Jean denim suit was properly fitted overall that greatly aided for the impeccable look. The Jean denim suit has the Bing Crosby denim suit look that came to be famously known as the Canadian suit. The straight cut of this Jean denim suit gives it a perfect look that is greatly different from the ill fitting one of Timberlake.

While the Ralph Lauren 3 piece Jean denim suit can be a good style that looks appropriate for formal events Jean denim is usually a casual style. Unless you work in a office that has no strict dress codes and are pretty accepting it is hard for you to wear the Jean denim suits to your office. Thus it is best to start off wearing the Jean denim suits as a casual style if you are thinking of trying one.

Single breasted Jean denim suit is a good choice when you get your first denim suit. This is because of the fact that you can use the single breasted Jean denim suit as separates since it is a versatile style when compared with the double breasted Jean denim suits. In the same way you can go with Jean denim shawl lapel suits when you want a formal look and notch lapel Jean denim suit for a smart casual look.

As mentioned before the fit of the Jean denim suit is one of the most important aspect to note. For a casual yet trendy look you can go with skinny fit Jean denim suit which will suit you like the second skin. For a slightly formal look you can go with the Jean Denim slim fit suit look. This is one of the most preferred ones since it suits most of the body types. If you are a short person then you can go with slim fit Jean denim suits which will make you look taller and leaner. For a little more roomy fit we advise you to go with Jean denim classic fit suits.

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