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Men's Tweed Suit - Ultimate Fall-winter Outfit

If you do not already own tweed Men's suit, it will be the ultimate fall-winter outfit to invest your hard earned money. Tweed suit is ideal for cold days as you can wear the pieces separately as well as together. Tweed is an amazing fabric with classic taste and fine quality. If you are not sure about how to incorporate tweed outfit in your dressing, you should not feel embarrassed as you are not the only one. The guide on wearing tween suit properly will help you to look more confident and be in control. The weave of tweed is loose making it flexible and comfortable to wear. The word ‘tweed’ itself refers to the style of weaving rather than the style of suit. Therefore, whenever you come to know about different tweeds, they actually represent pattern or design in which they are woven.MensBlack-White-Button-2-Button-Designer-Sports-Jacket

Our exceptional tweed Men's suit collection will allure your senses instantly once you decide to shop with us.

What to Keep in Mind while Buying and Wearing Men’s Tweed Suit jacket

Tweed should always be worn at the particular time of the year like fall and winter seasons. It is a much dense fabric seems just right for serving the purposes of cool weather. Even if some people wear tweed throughout the year, cold climate or weather is necessary to do justice to your tweed Men's suit.MensDesigner-Gray-Tweed-Tweed-Sports-Jacket

While you are going out by wearing green tweed Men's suit, make sure you are not overstressing your dressing with too much tweed element in outfit. You have to know that looking overwhelming with excessive tweed is easy. Therefore, wearing just a bit of tweed is best to add the warmth in your appearance. The better option is to stick to just wearing one clothing item made of tweed. For instance, you can look great by pairing your tweed coat or jacket with flared trousers or perhaps, you might like to tweed sports jacket along with dress shirts.

You age determine whether you are able to wear tweed or not with powerful influence. Honestly speaking, the more you age, the lesser chance you get to wear tweed outfits as the fashion mantra is always to dress your age.tweed-suits
While you are ready to dress yourself in men’s blue tweed Men's suit, add some color contrast in your outfit as tweed attire tend to be muted. Tweed outfit looks stunning if you accessorize it with colorful scarves. Irrespective of adding woven texture or dull colored accessories with tweed attire, select some little color splashes to other clothing or accessories.

Whenever you are wearing tweed outfit, an extremely compact presence tend to be created. Therefore, you have to complement your harsh tweed material with something softer fabric like silk or linen. As tweed is textured fabric, it conveys warmth and richness through your appearance or presence.

Whether you are looking for Harris Tweed or neutral tweed, our extensive collection of tweed Men's suit jacket provides you all. Your investment will seem worthwhile whenever you decide to shop with us.

Most of the time we tend to stick with the known ones that we are used to and never cross that line. This can especially be observed when it comes to mens wear. We often tend to go with woolen suits and if the weather turns hot, cotton suits or rarer still linen suits. It is impossible to know the other styles and whether they suit you unless you try it out for yourself. Likewise one of the type of fabric that is often ignored is the tweed Men's suits. Some of the men even don't know what tweed is and if you are one among them then you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to learn about tweed as a suiting material, its history and how to style them right.

For people who have a pre exposure to tweed, it is hard not to link them to shooting and pipe smoking. But tweed had graduated that phase and you can forget about that old misconceptions. If you are a person who haven't heard about tweed till now ( which is very rare ) , tweed is a rough woollen fabric which is thick in build. This fabric is hard wearing and is also water resistant. They are mostly preferred in cold days because of their insulating properties. Because if it's thick structure and construction properties they make a ideal choice as the fabric for outer wear like overcoats and jackets.

 Like in wool tweeds are also available in variety of weights, weaves and colors. While the tweed is originally a winter suit fabric that is one of the best to keep yourself warm you can also get lightweight varieties for the warmer months too. Tweed is mostly characterised by the unique construction process. The weaves of this fabric resemble a Cheviot and these are usually woven in plain weave herringbone or sometimes a twill structure. As for the advantage of using tweed as a suiting fabric they give you the rich and sophisticated look which you get from expensive woollen suits. Also the muted colors and textures on the suits make it look professional and at the same time stylish. The tweed suits on the first glance may look stuffy but you can also choose the weight of the cloth and thus the thickness of it. Thus the tweeds are one of the best fabrics out there on both functional and aesthetic aspects. This fuzzy fabric is still popular in the United Kingdom and most of the time as fabric for outer wear or for formal suits.

Now before we go into the details of the tweed Men's suit it may be better to know about the history of the fabric and the place that it occupied in the mens fashion in the former days. This will help you know the importance of the fabric and at the same time fashion knowledge on how you can wear it as a vintage style too.

Tweed actually is known to have originated from Scotland at around the 18th century and was also known to be associated with Ireland. This started with the farmers in these countries needing a heavier more dense garments that was durable and at the same time warm and waterproof. This was required by the farmers to battle the cold and damp climates of those places. This led to the invention of the rough, thick and felted fabrics called twills. The twills were created with diagonal lines that runs through the fabric. After this tweeds were developed. As for the origin of the name there are different stories. The first story states that the tweed got its name from the tweed river in Scotland where the fabric is believed to have originated. The other story is a little complicated that the former. In this the name tweed is said to have originated when a London cloth merchant misread the word tweel which is the Scottish version of twill. When the word coincided with the river in the region it originated from it is said that the name struck and got marketed with the same name. Either one of these stories might be true or both of them combined  might be the right one.


Most of the tweed at that time were produced in the Western Isles of the Scotland. The business flourished and soon by the 1700s looms were introduced and producing tweed became one of the major source of income for the islanders. This fabric was not only known for this thick rugged feel but was also greatly preferred for their beautiful blend of the earthly colors on it. Harris Tweed is one of the most famous type of tweeds that is produced in the island and they are so special that even today they have a regional specialty that is protected by a royal warrant.

When you learn about cotton suits another famous term that you would definitely come across is the estate tweed. This originally came into existence early in the 19th century when the Highland landlords of the Scotland were short on funds and thus was looking a market amongst the English aristocrats. These English elites enamored by the scenic beauty of the Highlands rented out or bought the estates from the Highland landlords and used these estates for parties arranged around their shooting, hunting and other pastimes. Since most of these activities involved outdoor venture these men wanted to keep themselves warm and thus turned to use of robust mens tweed suits and overcoats. These garments were thick and thus extremely weatherproof thus creating the perfect outdoor garments to be worn during the hunting ventures. This idea progressed with time and the English estate owners started to create their own design of tweeds and their own blend of colors that make them stand out from the other estate outer wears. Thus specific tweed designs were designed for specific estates and soon every estate had its own designated tweed. The estate owners wore their own design of tweed Men's suits and outer wear and also gave it to their guests who came to their estate. These estate tweeds design was mostly of bright colors that were found on their land and were specifically designed to blend in the heather of their his and the timber and leaves of their woodlands thus making them a unique pick. In the early times the tweeds were mostly new combinations and variations of the classic plaid from which it progressed to have these unique patterns that match the terrain and features of their lands. The tweed designs that we have now mostly started from these estates and the designs and color combinations that were used then are even being followed now.

Even through the 19th century the tweed continued to be widely used for the outdoor activities like hill walking, mountain climbing, bicycling and activities like that. Even in the first ascent of the Everest, tweeds were known to be used. By the 1930s tweed suits became a popular golf wear. By then tweed was not restricted to the certain estate and family members and thus more and more people started adopting the tweed style into their daily wear. After that many variations of tweed designs were introduced and people preferred different varieties  By the late twentieth century the style came down from its peak but managed to come back in style.

Now in recent times tweed is mostly preferred by men of high class and professionals. If you are thinking about buying a tweed Men's suit but is still hesitant there are some advantages to the tweed Men's suit that you should know. As we said before it is one of the best winter fabrics and they are warmer and more protective when compared with standard cotton or linen. Tweeds are not as thick as wool and this makes it a versatile choice that you can wear even in the warmer months of the summer and spring without feeling hot and uncomfortable. The next major advantage of tweed Men's suits is that they are best in the quality and durability. You would understand  the frustration of discovering a ripped seam on a new suit just after one or two use. If this is a problem that you often encounter then you can consider tweed as your suiting fabric. Tweeds aren't really immune to these type of damages but they are less likely to undergo damage like the other suiting fabrics and can last for a longer time. Tweed suits are a good choice for men who are involved in physically demanding jobs since the fabrics construction is in a way that prolongs the suits life and protects it from damage.

As for the types of tweeds available in the market that differs in subtle details that affects their appearance and construction. Harris Tweed is the most popular type of tweed when it comes to handwoven ones. As per the Harris Tweed act of 1993, these tweeds can only be woven by the residents of the Outer Hebrides Islands and they are strictly made from virgin wool that are further dyed with care thus assuring the best quality.

Another popular type of tweed is the Donegal tweed. They are handwoven tweeds that are produced in the Donegal country in Ireland. Like the Harris Tweed the residents of this country are well known to produce high quality tweed for centuries. These tweeds are dyed using natural materials like blueberry, moss, gorse and fuchsia that are harvested locally.


Silk tweeds are the luxury type of tweed and can be characterized by the usage of raw silk that comes with specks of color on it. These type of tweeds are used rarely when compared to other types and are also known to be more expensive due to the presence of silk in it.

Now if you are thinking of getting a tweed suit then there are some important points that you will have to note. The first thing is common for all type of mens suits. Fit matters for the tweed suit also and it is best to go with slim fit since the fabric is naturally heavy. The fit shouldn't be too big or too small. If you are struggling to choose the size it may be best for you to get advice from a professional tailor for the first time. If you are thinking about getting tweed outer wear, try it on with the outfit that you are going to use it with and then select the size. When you are wearing the tweed jacket it is best to leave the last button unbuttoned since it is the standard practice.

The next thing that you will have to note is the color of the suit and it's pattern. Most of the time you will find tweeds in neutral colors like grey, brown and tan since these are the most popular ones in tweed. But if you dig deep you can find other colors of the material like blue, red and green ones. Choose the one that fits your taste and the one that is appropriate for the occasion that you will be wearing it. Another thing is the pattern on the tweed Men's suits. Herringbone gray tweed Men's suits and houndstooth tweed Men's suits are some among the common ones that are available in the market. If you are new to the tweed Men's suits then you can start with solid ones and then slowly progress into the patterned ones.

brown Tweed suits are versatile and you can easily use them as separates. For a formal style you can go with full tweed suit but you can also wear them as a laid back style. For this type of casual use you can use patterned tweed trousers and pair them with casual button down shirts. Tweed Men's suits also are one of the best choice for smart casuals. All of it depends on the selection of the type of the tweed garment.