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Mens Blue Tweed Suit

There are a few fabrics in menswear which can give you a different look and have an unique appeal. One among them is the tweed and there are very few men who recognize the potential that it has and utilize it in the right way. The heritage cloth is a favorite among the people who truly appreciate the classic menswear. In recent times this line of interest has proliferated and the tweed has also turned up in the predictions of the trending fabrics. In this article we discuss the blue tweed suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Tweed suits for a long time was considered to be the default choice for the professors and nerdy country students. But in recent times the tweed suits are recognized as a stylish garment and even the younger generation are preferring it. When it comes to the color blue is one of the most comfortable color for men to wear. They are considered to be an appropriate color even for the most formal events given that they are of the right shade. Thus if you are trying out the tweed suit style for the first time then it would be best for you to start with blue tweed suits.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to blue tweed suits and let us start with the characteristics of the fabric. Tweed is a thick fabric and thus can keep the wearer warm even on the chilly days. This makes the Tweed a good choice for outerwear when the weather starts to turn cold. Other than this the blue tweed suit can also be a hard wearing addition to your wardrobe and thus also practical for most events. But you can also choose to go with blue Tweed suits that come with carded wool blends which makes them possible to be worn in the summer and spring too.

When you are choosing the blue Tweed suits there are a few things that you will have to note. First you will have to consider the shade of the blue Tweed suit you are choosing to go with. If you are thinking of wearing the blue Tweed suits for the formal events then it will be best for you to go with the darker shades like the Navy blue Tweed suits and midnight blue Tweed suits. These darker shades of blue will be more versatile and you can wear them in almost all seasons. But when you need a more casual style then you can choose to go with the lighter shades like light blue Tweed suits or the pastel blue Tweed suits. These light shaded ones might not work for formal use but they will look good when you wear them for the summer and spring events.

Wedding Suit As for styling the blue Tweed suits here are some ideas which we think might help you figure out your style. If you are trying out the Tweed suit style for the first time and do not have much idea of the styling then you can choose to go with the failproof choice of styling the Tweed suit with a turtleneck. For example a dark blue Tweed suit paired with a white knit turtleneck can be a good business casual outfit that you can wear to your regular office day. If you are still feeling chilly add a camel overcoat and then complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. This old school look can also work for the semi casual events like a family gathering or a social event.

If you are looking for a leisurely and stylish look blue Tweed suit mens with turtleneck is the best choice but when you need a more formal look then you can choose to swap the turtleneck with a dress shirt. For a business appropriate look which can work even for the most formal events you can choose to style the 3 piece blue Tweed suit with a light blue oxford shirt and a navy flannel tie. You can complete this classic American look by adding with the outfit a camel topcoat and a pair of black leather dress boots.

Now Tweed has a relation with weddings especially the English weddings which we cannot fathom why – maybe a tradition. If you are the groom of the wedding and would like to try out the blue Tweed suit look then you can go with the vested blue Tweed groom suit since it gives you a formal look. But if you want a little more casual look with the Tweed wedding suit blue which you can wear as a guest then you can choose to style the blue Tweed suit men with a light blue dress shirt and leave out the tie option. Other than this you can also go with the blue Tweed suit vest with trousers look. Instead of the suit jacket you can add an overcoat. This look can be considered as business casual but they are also best suited for evening events given that they provide a sharp and sophisticated look.

If you want to try the classic professor Tweed suit look you can pair the blue Tweed mens suit with a bengal stripe shirt, navy blue vest and a navy tie. Complete the look by adding a camel hair coat and a pair of black leather derby shoes. If you are bored with the usual look you can try something new by going with the patterns. blue Tweed Striped suits and blue plaid Tweed suits are some of the styles that you can pull off without trying much. Other than these usual looks you can also try styling the Tweed blue suit as separates. For example you can choose to style the blue Tweed suit jacket with a simple dress shirt and a pair of chinos. Go with the fitting styles like the blue Tweed suit slimfit which can accentuate your body type.