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Powder Blue Tuxedo

Mens Powder Blue Suit Tuxedos have had a long history in terms of menswear. This means that the evolution of the tuxedos is an interesting topic to get to know. In recent times the dark colored ones like black tuxedos and navy tuxedos are dominating the formal menswear market. But the fashion industry have turned out to be more accepting towards the newest trends and thus the colored tuxedos are having a popularity boost in recent times. The colored tuxedos are not a new trend and is more of a style that is making a comeback. One such style that is recently trending and was also popular during a certain period of time in the past is the powder blue tuxedos and here are some ideas that might help you with the styling if you decide to try out the style.

Powder Blue Tuxedo The blue tuxedo is on the trend right now with the suits and tuxedos easily adopting the color. But this is not the first time that the shade has reached the limelight. The powder blue suits were having a moment in the 70s with men preferring it to wear it to the proms and weddings. But the blue tuxedos had it's popularity streak even before that in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. The tuxedos that appeared in the magazines were mostly of conservative nature. These tuxedos and suits were mostly targeting the sophisticated men who preferred to wear the formal wear even during the casual days. These suits and tuxedos were usually of the standard colors like black and navy.

But the unorthodox suits and tuxedos and the unconventionally colored ones were introduced to attract the younger generation who liked to be on the fun and trendy side of clothing. Thus the blue tuxedos at that time were a major style favorite among men who attended prom and weddings. Though the vintage photos of the groom wearing the blue tuxedos might look like a sloppy look with poor workmanship and cheap fabrics like polyester this majorly indicated that the blue tuxedos were mass produced which in turn means that the garments were also greatly popular at that time and the demand was abundant.

But in recent times the tailoring of the formal garments have reached new heights with the technology and the apparel industry flourishing. We will no longer have to tolerate the baggy fits of the blue tuxedos with the atrocious decorations like frills and such. Also the varieties involved has also multiplied to a great degree thus providing everyone with a choice to choose according to their taste. The fit of the dark blue tuxedos is an important detail to note since the lighter colored garments tend to attract a lot of attention when compared with the usual dark colored ones.

Slim fit powder blue tuxedos and classic cut blue tuxedos are the usual recommendations when you want a standard looking fit for the garment. When you need a distinct look then you can go with skinny fit blue tuxedos since they deliver a more fitting look when compared with the previous two fits. Italian cut blue tuxedos are also a good style when you need a laid back cool look for the garment. If you are not satisfied with any of these fits you can take it to your tailor for alterations or you can go with the custom made powder blue suits if the money involved is not a constraint.

The blue tuxedos are a formal garment by making but because of the color they are most preferred for semi formal and casual events. Also because of the light shade they are most recommended to be worn in the warmer months of summer and spring. The bright yet subtle look of the blue tuxedos match the celebratory and fun vibe of the summer and thus complements the wearer.

4 Button Tuxedo Weddings are one of the most important events where you can style the blue tuxedos easily. Wedding light blue tuxedos are one of the recommendations for the groom who is bored with the black tuxedos trend or someone who simply likes to dress different for the important event. The advantage with the blue tuxedos are that they deliver a distinct look that will be sure to turn heads. Thus going with a blue tuxedo for your wedding might be a good choice to distinguish yourself from the guests who turn up with black tuxedos.

The fabric of the powder blue tuxedos are also an important factor that influences the look of the wearer. Since blue tuxedos are mostly recommended for summer events you can go with light weight ones that are comfortable to wear. Cotton blue tuxedos and lightweight blue tuxedos are a good choice for formal events. But if you are styling the tuxedo for a casual event you can go with the linen blue tuxedos or seersucker blue tuxedos.

Slim Fit Wedding Suit As for styling the Blue Tuxedo with Black Lapel there are details that you will have to note. The usual classic style is to style the powder blue tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a bow tie. If you are not a fan of bow tie you can swap it with a long tie. You can also go with adding a vest or cummerbund when you want a formal look. The vested powder blue tuxedo look will be a great look for weddings and such events.

Other than the usual style you can also style the blue tuxedos as separates. You can style the peak lapel blue tuxedo jacket with a colored dress shirt or a T-shirt. Notch lapel powder blue tuxedo is also a great chance for a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Shawl lapel blue tuxedos are the best recommendation when you need a style that is dressy and is also great for special occasions like weddings and award events.