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Black Tux With Gold Tie

Tuxedos are the most formal garments that you can wear to the black tie events. They have been the norm for these type of events or any events that is considered to have some importance. The minimalist garment will make you look classy and stylish without making much effort. But the classic garment can be styled in different ways when you know the basics of styling the garment. In this article we discuss the black tux with gold tie combination which is a good look to try.

The classic look when we think of black tuxedo is styling it with white dress shirt and a black bow tie. For a little more formal look you can pair this look with a vest or a cummerbund. This standard combination will work for any formal events and suits almost all important atmospheres. But if you are a person who is already bored with this usual look you can slightly vary the look by changing the combining garments.

For a subtle look you can go with fashion black tuxedo with gold tie styling. The gold bow tie or the long tie will create a nice contrast with the black tuxedo and thus will attract attention to your face. Most of the times the bow ties are recommended since they give a formal look but if you are not comfortable with the style then you can swap it with a long tie or lose the tie option altogether. For a distinct look you can swap the white dress shirt with the gold dress shirt. This black tuxedo with gold tie combination will be sure to attract a lot of attention and thus it is better to style this for casual events like parties and award events where you don't mind being the center of attraction.

Whichever the style you go for make sure that the fit of the garment looks great. Gold is a color that turns heads and thus go with the perfect fit that will make the viewer worth the time spent in staring. If money that you intend to spend on the black tux with gold tie combination is not a constraint then you we advice you to go with designer linen tuxedo. This will make you look elegant and sophisticated. You can also opt to go with custom made black tux with gold tie look. This is a good look for men who like to dress in a way that the garment accentuates their body type since these garments are specifically made for the wearer.

If you are on a budget then go with of the rack fit of the black tux with gold tie. Skinny fit black tux with gold tie is a common style for men who like a fitting style. 2 button tuxedoclassic fit black tux with gold tie is a great choice when you need a slightly roomier design when compared to the skinny fit option.