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Tuxedos hold an undeniable part in every man's formal wardrobe. You could spend your life in sweatpants and t-shirts, occasionally shifting to suits but when a formal event turns up and you want to look perfectly dressed for the event then there is no better choice than the tuxedos. Weddings are one such events that make us want to up our tuxedo game. It is common for you to spot people in wool black tuxedos attending the formal church weddings. But what about the summer weddings? Surely the wool tuxedos won't help unless you like to be fried alive. But there is an alternative and we are here to talk about it more.

Linen tuxedos are our choice when it comes to summer and spring weddings since there is nothing cooler than rocking the casual style for the wedding. Linen is considered to be a great choice for the summer or spring use since it has many properties that can save the wearer from the intense heat. Also tuxedos would give you a lived in look that makes you look like you live in tuxedos all the time. Now before we immerse in the styling details of the linen tuxedos we would like to state some properties of linen which makes it the miracle summer fabric.

The association of humans with linen dates back to atleast 30,000 years. Surprising right? There is even a mention of John the Baptist wearing linen clothes in the Bible along with the angels in the heaven favoring it. Linen is derived from the fibers of the flax plant and first it was used for the making of the undergarments and bed covers. But with time linen evolved to be a suiting fabric but still is considered to be one of the most underrated ones.

Linen is a lightweight material and thus you might want to pay more attention to the fit of it. You cannot let the linen tuxedos flail about your body without giving it a perfect shape. Linen has good moisture wicking properties and this makes it a good summer fabric. But the thing that makes it better than cotton is that linen tend to evaporate the moisture that it absorbs faster than cotton and thus you would not be resulted with icky damp underarms even when you wear linen through the summer day.

Linen tuxedos might be rough to touch especially if you are used to cotton and wool garments. But linen tends to become soft with use and thus you don't have to worry too much of it being a discomfort. Linen is also a durable fabric and thus would be a good choice to have in your wardrobe for future formal events. With all the benefits listed there is one thing that comes up often in the argument against the use of linen for formal occasions.

It is a fact that linen tends to wrinkle much faster than any other fabric and it you are a person who becomes horror stricken at the sight of a crease then linen might not be your cup of tea. But mistake not since linen does not give out a shabby look even with the creases since it is in its nature but instead would offer you a laid back and cool vibe. For people who are loving linen but seeing a set back with the creasing nature then there is an alternative. Go with blends like linen cotton tuxedos or linen wool tuxedos since the mix of the foreign fabric makes the garment less prone to wrinkling.

Now if you are convinced about trying the linen mens tuxedo style but would require some assistance with the picking and styling we are here for you. When choosing a linen tuxedo suit there are few things that we would want you to know. The first thing relates to the color of the tuxedo since that is the detail that captures the attention of the viewers the most. When you are choosing linen summer tuxedos make sure that you go with lighter colors.

Red Tuxedo Summer Tuxedo Silver Tuxedo

This is because of the fact that the lighter colors when contrasted with a formal garment like tuxedo will offer an impressive and uplifting look that matches the vibe of the summer events perfectly. Lighter color denotes the weather getting warm and will give your linen tuxedo outfit a perky look. Another reason why we insist on you going with lighter colored linen tuxedos is that they could keep you cool. Dark colored garments tend to absorb heat while the lighter colored ones reflect it.

Tan linen tuxedos and white tuxedos are some of the options that are on the top of our list. If you are feeling self conscious about going with the full light color style then you can water it down to a simpler style by going with linen tuxedo jacket. For example styling a tan 2 button linen tuxedo jacket with a white linen tuxedo shirt mens, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants is a easier outfit to pull off when compared to the full tan tuxedo style. These are some of the linen tuxedo wedding outfits that would offer you a cool look. If you are the groom you can go with the full tan or white linen mens tuxedo style since you deserve all the attention but if you are a guest then you can go with the subtler styling choices.

The next thing that we want to note is the fit of the linen tuxedo mens. We have already mentioned that linen tuxedos do not have an impressive drape and thus make sure to find the fit that flatters your body type. linen Slimfit tuxedos. are the ones that we recommend the most but you can also try other styles. You can go with designer linen tuxedo dress outfits or if you want a cheaper style you can try going with tuxedos rental.