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Tom Cruise Suit

Tom Cruise Suit

Tom Cruise have always been a bit of fashion icon with people always trying to imitate the styles that he rocks. The Mission Impossible starrer have never disappointed and still continues to rock different types of suits. Being one of the highest paid actors in the entire Hollywood he is always on a busy schedule with everything from award events and shoots. While he keeps crisscrossing the globe he still manages to look impeccable in his choice of clothes. While it makes sense because he has his own designers to do the job he still gives us major fashion goals when it comes to suits.

The suits that Tom Cruise sports are elegant but at the same time sexy and have masculine edge to it. He mostly sticks with classic designs while focusing on the minute details to make the statement. This is what makes his style unique and outstanding. Now if you want to imitate his style then go with dark colored suits that look business. Dark blue and navy are good choices and the ones which Tom often is seen wearing. If for very formal events then it is better to go with three pieceTom cruise suits. Since he is a one that has extra inches to spare the vest he wears is always high necked with about four to five buttons. When dressing like him the most important aspect is the fit of the Tom cruise suit. He makes sure that the Tom cruise suit fits him properly thus giving out a clean look.

While the styles he wears now are mostly classic and subtle, in earlier times his fashion choice was bit wild and sort of cool at that age. The actor was mostly seen experimenting with patterns and colors even when appearing the smart events. This was about 1985 when the actor was still incredibly young and for the wedding of Sean Penn and Madonna he was seen wearing a boxy charcoal Tom cruise suit along with a yellow and gold medallion print shirt. He paired this look with black aviators which was his signature look ever since he made it famous in Top Gun. Wearing a pair of sunglasses Tom Cruise looked every bit of handsome and cool in that outfit.

Next year in the premiere of the film The Color of Money he wore a blue patterned two piece Tom cruise suit which had a pop of decoration which stood out a great deal. He was one of the best 24 year old actor who was devilishly handsome and also made a name of his own in acting too which made him a golden boy. The confidence radiates in his outfits. In his dinner night with Mimi Rogers he wore a white linen Tom cruise suit jacket in which he looked his age and which most likely showcases his own personal taste. Years have gone by and Tom Cruise have resorted to sticking to classic suits but this age of fashion rebellion will always remain to be one of the best times for people who have been following him for a long time.

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