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Tom Cruise suits

When it comes to suits there is no number which is too much especially if you love suiting up. This is clearly the case with Tom cruise and a tour of his wardrobe would be a exciting event that is if it ever happens. The mission impossible star is well known for his impeccable suiting style and there is a lot you can learn from the man if you are new to the suits. In this article we discuss the Tom cruise suits and some of the best styling ideas you can take from the man.

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors of all time and thus it is a given that his style is perfect in all the events that he attends. If you have been a fan of him for a long time you would have known already that the actor was a serious dresser right from the start. He does take a lot of time considering the styles and the details on the suits that he wears is the proof of this fact. If you are thinking of going with the tom cruise men's suits then we would have to start from the first since it helps a lot in understanding the man's style. The personality of the person is one of the major things that influence the style of their clothing and thus you will have to analyse the details before you go with the tom cruise men's suit styles.

Tom Cruise is a great star now and all the stardom started kicking in the 1980s when he got a golden globe nomination for his role in the film Risky business. 80s was the time when the disco themed clothing were in trend and most of the stars were jumping on that bandwagon. But Tom Cruise chose to stick with the cool and simple dressing with the conventional ensembles. Most of the time he was spotted wearing conventional suits or when it comes to casual styles there too he stuck with the essentials like the straight cut jeans, leather jackets and printed t-shirts. The simple yet stylish wardrobe of Tom Cruise gave him an air of elegance that he maintains even after almost have a century.

Some of our favorite styles of Tom Cruise from the 1980s are listed below. This list includes both the formal clothing like Tom Cruise men's suits and also the casual clothing. Go through the styles to find how he made the simple work while the bling was in style all around. The first look is a leather jacket and denim jeans look that he wore in 1985 for a Hollywood party. The simple and sharp Tom Cruise outfit consisted of a black leather bomber jacket paired with a white Henley top and straight cut denim jeans. The surprisingly contemporary look would work out even today and thus it would be a good choice for you to invest in one of these leather bomber jackets.

As for a formal style the blazer style that Tom Cruise wore for a outing in 1982 is a good example. For this style he went to pair a single breasted blazer with a white dress shirt and skinny tie and a silver pin. The simple yet elegant style is a good choice when you want to attend a semi formal or formal event. For a laid back style you can borrow the dark jeans look of Tom Cruise. In one of the 1988 styles he wore a simple long sleeve crew neck jumper and a black crew neck tshirt with dark jeans. This simple boyfriend style look is great for a casual day at home.

Mens blue casual Suit
When it comes to Tom Cruise men's suits is the 80s you would note that the man had a soft spot for the striped suits. For example the 1986 Tom Cruise pinstripe suit proves to be another one of his genius style choices. In this the striped Tom Cruise midnight blue suit is paired with a satin white shirt and a bolo toe. While this is a great look that you can style for the formal events when you need a little more casual style then you can go with the 1985 Tom Cruise summer suit style. In this the Tom Cruise blue suit that he wears is paired with a black and yellow print dress shirt which is buttoned up and tucked in. If you observe the Tom Cruise casual suit styles then you would note that the man has a great taste when it comes to selection of prints, textures and the colors that pair well with it.

Today the Tom Cruise men's suit style remains to be one of the most elegant ones same as the 1980s but with a still more refinement. For example the Tom Cruise men's suits in The mummy promotion press tour became a great talk in 2017. These Tom Cruise men's suits were designed by Nicole and wendi ferreira who are the sister duo stylists of Tom Cruise. At that time Tom Cruise was travelling around the globe attending press tours, red carpet events and talk shows requiring an new outfit almost every day. For all these events most of the time Tom Cruise was dressed really nice suits and for some it was stylish casual outfits.

As for the personality of Tom Cruise you can see that he cares a lot about the details in the clothing which makes him stand apart in his choices. In the mummy press tour in Taipei, taiwan he wore a midnight blue tom Cruise three piece suit with a white dress shirt and a midnight blue tie. He completed the outfit with a pair of dark brown oxford shoes thus giving a simple and sophisticated finish go the outfit. For the Paris premier he went with the navy Tom Cruise men's suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and navy tie. He completed the outfit with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. All the Tom Cruise 3 piece suits were impeccably tailored with the made to measure fits.

Midnight Blue Slim Fit Suit
 This is another one of the aspects that you will have to note with the Tom Cruise men's suits. All of them are perfectly tailored for the man to fit him properly highlighting the well built nature of his body type. This is one of the major aspects that will help you get a awe inspiring look. When you decide to go with the Tom Cruise men's suits make sure that you get it fitted in a way which is ideal for your body type. Custom made Tom Cruise men's suits and designer Tom Cruise men's suits would be a great choice but the price involved might be considered to be very high by some people. In that case you can go with off the rack Tom Cruise men's suits that suits your body type. For example if you are a tall and lean person unlike tom Cruise then you can go with the skinny fit tom Cruise suits and Tom Cruise slim fit suits. Modern fit Tom Cruise men's suits are the best when you need a versatile style that you can wear for both formal and casual events. Classic fit Tom Cruise men's suits and big and tall Tom Cruise men's suits are the best for men who like to go with comfortable fit of the garment.

The details like the number of buttons on the suit jacket and the button stance also caters to the perfect look of the Tom Cruise men's suits that the actor wears. The details on the suits that he wears have always been carefully selected even more in the early stages of his career. He at that time was open to new styles and experimented with the patterns and the prints but nothing that makes the people cringe. For example the Tom Cruise charcoal suit that he wore with a yellow and gold medallion shirt and black aviators for the 1985 wedding of Sean Penn and madonna was one of his best styles of that time. Also for the new York premiere of the colour of the money the actor wore a blue two piece Tom Cruise men's suit with a pop of decoration which made his style stand out among the usual styles. This was a time when the personal stylists was not an option and this makes it even more interesting. If you are a fan of patterned clothing then you can take inspiration from the 80s Tom Cruise suits since his style in recent times have tamed a great deal.

As for the smaller details you can see that the man mostly sticks with the single breasted Tom Cruise men's suits. While it is a well known fact that the Tom Cruise single breasted suits are easier to style it mostly is because of his body type. The man has a well built body and the double breasted Tom Cruise men's suits will make him look even more bulky. This is one of the reason he prefers the single breasted to the Tom Cruise double breasted suits. As for the number of buttons and the button stance you can see that most of Tom Cruise men's suit jackets come with two buttons. Tom Cruise being a person with average height of 1.7m would look too short when he goes with the suit jackets with more number of buttons. Thus the two button Tom Cruise men's suits are the best since they have a deep neck which makes the man look taller and leaner. On the contrary if you are a tall person then you can opt to go with the three button Tom Cruise men's suits with higher button stance.

The suits that the actor wears in one of the most successful franchise the mission impossible is also great for inspiration. For example the Lustrous Tom Cruise blue suit that he wore on mission impossible ghost protocol is one of the famous outfits that blew up the Internet. The blue mission impossible Tom Cruise men's suit that he wears in Dubai was designed by a legendary costume designer called Michael kaplan.

Mens blue wool Suit
When it comes to this Tom Cruise mission impossible suit the main thing that you have to focus on is the fabric of the suit. This Tom cruise mission impossible blue suit was made of mohair fabric. The thing with this Tom Cruise mohair suit is that the fabric has a natural sheen about them. This makes the suit look different every time the fabric catches the light. Also the mohair fabric is breathable which makes a good choice considering the Dubai heat. The notch lapel Tom Cruise suit jacket again consisted of two buttons on the front provided with a single vent and two flapped hip pockets. As for the construction of this Tom Cruise suit it was a slim fitted one that came with narrow waist and high armholes that facilitated free movement of the wearer. The mohair Tom Cruise blue suit was paired with a white dress shirt with a cutaway collar. Since in this scene Tom Cruise acts to be a rule breaking criminal the stylist seems to have mirrored the attitude in the Tom Cruise suit outfit by leaving out the tie option.

The next Tom Cruise suit that we chose for the analysis is the one that he wore in the iconic scene of the plane stunt. In this scene the Tom Cruise gray suit that he wears is said to have drawn inspiration from the gray mohair suit that Cary Grant wore in North by Northwest. Again the mohair fabric is selected for its durability and it's natural resistance against creasing. While the mohair is a great choice you can simply go with the Tom Cruise wool suits or the cotton Tom Cruise men's suits if you don't plan to go on a plane chase anytime soon. When you want a summer style then you can opt for the Tom Cruise linen suits like the white Tom Cruise men's suit jacket that he wore for a dinner with his first wife Mimi rogers.