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Mens Royal Blue Tuxedo Prom

You must have already noted that the black tuxedos have been dropped from the favorites list of most men and are replaced by the blue tuxedos. Navy tuxedos are the ones that are currently ruling the formal menswear but today we are here to suggest you a more exciting alternative which is the royal blue tuxedo prom. Royal blue remains to be one of our favorite colors because of the festive vibe it brings to the garment and more importantly giving us a break from the navy suits while still being appropriate for the formal events. Let us convince you on why royal blue tuxedo prom should be the next purchase you make for your formal collection.

Royal blue is brighter than the navy shade and is more blue – if that makes sense. Royal blue tuxedo mens would help you turn the attention – even if it is a glance in a group full of navy tuxedos. Royal blue tuxedos are the better alternative to the navy blue tuxedos for people who are truly bored with the style but still want to dress up for the formal events. Royal blue tuxedo outfit can also be styled for the semi formal events given you style it right. Royal blue tuxedos in our opinion offers a much vibrant look when compared with the sombre one offered by the navy or black tuxedos.

If you are attending an important event then royal blue tuxedo should be your choice. For example if you are choosing to go with the formal wedding but you simply do not want to go with the black tuxedo for the groom outfit then we would suggest you to choose royal blue velvet tuxedo Jacket and pair it with appropriate combining garments. Other than this you can also go with the royal blue tuxedo wedding outfits for the summer and spring weddings since the color matches beautifully with the outdoor event. To tackle the heat for the summer weddings it would be better if you make amendments with the fabric of the tuxedo like going with royal blue linen tuxedo instead of the wool tuxedos.

Prom is another one of the events where styling the royal blue tuxedo would be a perfect choice. If your school goes with the formal prom theme then there will be a lot of tuxedos in sight for the particular night and it is easy to get lost in the swamp of tuxedos. To make your look a little more special you can choose the royal blue tuxedo prom or any of the bright colored tuxedos. But before going with these bright colored styles it is best to check whether it is appropriate since there are schools which still conduct proms with strict black tie dress codes.

As for styling the royal blue tuxedo prom it isn’t much different from the styling of navy blue tuxedo prom but it all depends on your taste. With time the fashion world has undergone a lot of change and there is more flexibility with the styling. Thus tuxedos are now not restricted to be formal garments and you can even style them with casual garments. Thus depending on the event you are attending and the style that speaks to you choose the right styling of the royal blue tuxedo prom outfit.

As for the styling of the mens royal blue tuxedos prom we have a lot of examples to show you. Celebrity styles have always been a great place to look for inspiration since we get top designer’s fashion advice for free. But remember that celebrities can most probably get off with any style but it might not be practical to wear on a regular day. Thus choose the ones that would suit you and the event you are attending.

Rami Malek

Rami Malek does not alone act like he is born for it but also does dress like it. The man has been known to taken simple styles and make it work in an unique way for his own. But for the Met Gala event that the Bohemian Rhapsody star attended he was seen in the classic tuxedo attire. The shawl lapel royal blue tuxedo slimfit that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a matching blue bow tie was a simple yet eye catching look because of the color. To finish off the look in a way that further elevates the royal blue tuxedo prom outfit he added with it a pair of well polished black leather formal shoes and a white pocket square. This is a royal blue classic tuxedo look that would easily get you through any of the formal and semi formal events.

Ryan Gosling

The La La Land star has always impressed us with the bold fashion choices but he also proved that he can conform with the rules when it comes to formal events. For the Oscar event that he attended the star was seen wearing a shawl lapel royal blue tuxedo which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt with black buttons. He completed the outfit by adding with it black bow tie and a pair of black leather formal shoes.

Black is a color that pairs well with blue and this combination is a good recommendation for people who are not sure about going with the full royal blue tuxedo look. You can slightly alter Ryan Gosling’s look by styling the royal blue tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. This would provide you with a balanced look and would aid people who are first stepping into this style.

Chris Evans

For the 2017 Oscars there was a flurry of blue tuxedos and Chris Evans joined the party. He was spotted rocking a royal blue tuxedo with black shawl lapels which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and white pocket square. The outfit was completed in a perfect way by the addition of the black leather formal shoes.