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Floral tuxedos

Mens-1-Button-Black-Tuxedo For a formal look we all turn to tuxedos but that is not all there is to the garment. Over the years the usual black tuxedos have evolved to different styles that have attracted men of all generations. The solid tuxedos have dominated the formal clothing market but now in recent times the patterned tuxedos are getting a lot of attention. In this article we discuss the slim fit tuxedos and if you don't already have one in your wardrobe then this article will definitely convince you to get one.

The floral tuxedos might not be a obvious style for the strictly formal events like black tie events. But nowadays men have been rocking the tuxedo styles for semi formal and casual events too. For these events the usual black tuxedos or any solid tuxedos for that matter might look boring. Enter the floral tuxedo which might add a stylish twist to the usual tuxedo style. Floral tuxedo are a good style when you want to attend a formal event but would like to do in style thus standing out from the rest of the crowd. If you are a close observer of fashion then you might have noted our favorite celebrities rocking the black tuxedo vest style on the red carpets. The floral tuxedo are also constantly making appearance on the runways and have proved to be a style favorite of the fashion designers. But this does not mean that the floral tuxedo style is reserved for the fashionably elite. Most men tend to avoid the patterned garments especially floral tuxedo since it is considered to be hard to pull off. You can easily rock the floral tuxedo styles when you get to know the basics of styling the garment.

The floral tuxedo offers a stylish look given it's rich design. It is becoming a style favorite in both menswear and womenswear. Floral tuxedo have become a prominent fashion trend in the recent years. So believe us when we tell you that adding a floral tuxedo to your wardrobe will be a choice that you definitely won't regret. As for styling the floral tuxedo here are some tips that you can follow for an impeccable look.

mens tuxedo A floral tuxedo is a statement piece in itself and thus you should pair it with subtle combining garments. Most of the time the floral tuxedo will have patterns on the jacket with the pants being solid. Full floral tuxedo are rare style and would be a flashy look that most wouldn't prefer. Thus if you are a person who is trying out the floral tuxedo for the first time we recommend you to go with floral patterns on the jacket of the floral tuxedos. By going with this you can get a balanced look of the garment which you can wear to semi formal and casual events. You will have to select the details of the floral garments keeping in mind the nature of the event that you are attending.

For a formal event like a office related dinner you can go with classic colored floral tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a standard colored bow tie. White dress shirt being the most neutral piece will balance out the bold look of the floral tuxedo. For a formal look you can gi with black floral tuxedo or a midnight blue floral tuxedo. If you are the groom and is bored with the solid black tuxedo style then we would recommend you to try out the Navy blue floral tuxedos. This will give a proper look for your special day but in style that will make you stand out among the guests and the groomsmen.

These are the usual classic colors and wearing a tuxedo in these colors might be the best choice for people who is starting out the style for the first time since they are easier to style. But when you need a truly bold look go with bright colored or light colored floral tuxedos. The light colored and bright colored tuxedos paired with the bold pattern like floral will stand out too much when it is styled in the gloomy seasons of winter and fall. Thus it is best to go with these bright floral tuxedo for summer events like beach weddings and cocktail parties. Bright blue formal tuxedos and red floral tuxedo are good choices when you need a distinct style. When you want a slightly muted look go with burgundy floral tuxedo or olive green floral tuxedo.

double-breasted-tuxedos In regard to the climate at which the event is held and the formality of the event select the fabric of the floral tuxedo. For a formal wedding that is scheduled in winter go with wool floral tuxedo. If it is to be held in summer then go with lightweight floral tuxedo. Cotton floral tuxedo are recommended for formal events and linen floral tuxedo for casual events. Since floral tuxedo are a rich style they look exceptionally great in luxury fabrics. Thus when you need a stunning look go with silk floral tuxedo and velvet floral tuxedo. Tuxedos are not cheap and can be slightly expensive when compared with suits. Thus when you need to lower the price because of the budget go with polyester floral tuxedo or rayon double breasted tuxedos. These synthetic fabric floral tuxedo might not be very comfortable and durable like the natural fabric ones but will definitely be cheaper.

Other than the usual styling you can replace the white dress shirt with a casual shirt. While going with this style you can go with a tshirt or a casual patterned shirt. Make sure that you go with nice pattern blending without it clashing much with the floral tuxedos. For a proper look make sure you go with nicely fitting floral tuxedo. Slim fit floral tuxedos and classic fit floral tuxedo are the ones that are most preferred. Other than this you fan also go with modern fit floral tuxedo or big and tall floral tuxedo.