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Mens Khaki Linen Suit

Summer suits are to be relaxing and exciting so that it matches the festive vibe of the season. You get a lot of invitations in summer for weddings and parties. Hence it is important to have our own inventory of the summer suits ready for the day. You might already have your light grey suit and light blue suit ready. But if you are looking to take a break from the usual styles and go with something unique then you should be choosing the Khaki linen suits. Khaki is a color that is often associated with summer and thus there is no better option than the lightweight and cool khaki linen mens suits for summer. In this article we will discuss about the khaki linen mens suits and the ways in which you can make it work for yourself.

2 Button Suit To say that linen is lightweight can be a little misleading especially when compared to the cotton suits. Linen is made from the stem of the flax plant and thus have long fibers. But instead of being lightweight, it has a low thread count which makes it more breathable than cotton. Linen also absorbs moisture and evaporates it fast making it the ideal summer fabric. If you want a stylish smart casual look for your summer days then you should consider going with the Khaki linen mens suits.

Khaki is an unique color with an interesting history. It is said to have its origin in India. The soldiers in India wore khaki clothes so that they can work in the mud without worrying about dirtying the clothes. They usually chose cotton or linen for the clothes and this caught the attention of the British soldiers who were struggling to cope up with the Indian heat. They then chose to go with the khaki uniforms and later this became the norm with the war techniques being altered. With the long range weapons, it was now unnecessary to fight in close proximity. This meant that the soldiers had to wear clothes which made them blend in with the surroundings. Khaki served to be the right choice and this made khaki widely preferred by the armies.

Khaki still is one of the most preferred colors for the people who like minimalist styles. Khaki is also quite easy to style and thus you do not have to spend too much time in selecting the right combining garments. Here are different ways in which you can make the classic khaki linen mens suits work for different events.

Business look

Linen Suit If you find the summer to be quite sweltering and have resigned to wear linen suits for your work then go with the khaki linen formal suit outfit. For this, you can simply style the branded khaki linen mens suit with a white dress shirt, black and white striped tie and a white pocket square. You can even choose the 3 piece khaki linen mens suit to make the look more commanding. To perfectly balance the look of the outfit, add with it a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes.

Often light colored suits are considered to be more casual and unserious. You might have experienced this with the whole Obama tan suit spectacle. But fashion is broader in sense and not limited to just the shade of the suit. Of course light colored suits are more casual than their dark colored counterparts but with the right combining garments they can deliver the best look for any formal event. If you are thinking of choosing the formal look for the khaki linen unique suits then choose solid and simple combining garments to highlight the look.

One thing with the linen suits is that they tend to wrinkle easily. When selecting them for formal events, it would be better to choose the blended ones since they wrinkle much less. You can use the khaki linen suit near me option to get to know your options. You can go with the most expensive khaki linen mens suits if you are intending to wear them for the formal occasions but for the casual ones, you can choose the low cost khaki linen mens suits.

For occasions

Khaki Suit If you are dressing for events of pleasure like weddings and such, you can let loose a little. You can include more colors and patterns to your outfit. This intrinsically matches the vibe of summer and offers a cool outfit. For example, you can style the designer khaki linen suit with a light blue dress shirt and a multi colored print tie. Now add with it a white pocket square and a pair of black leather tassel loafers to easily round off the look. You can even choose stylish khaki linen suits that come with textures or patterns on it. Make sure that you match them properly so that the outfit doesn’t look shabby.

Casual summer style

When it comes to summer there are different types of events happening and the most common among them are the casual summer parties. This is the season of celebration and gatherings and hence you can make the best use of the khaki linen mens suits for these occasions. You can style the suit as a whole or separates for these events. Here are some ideas which could help you.

For a casual event, you can style the khaki linen casual suit with a navy striped polo shirt and then round it off with a pair of black leather tassel loafers. You can also replace the loafers with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. If you like a good country style, you can pair the slim fit khaki linen suit with a dark brown checkered dress shirt and a pair of dark brown dress pants. Adding a white pocket square and a pair of dark brown leather loafers or casual boots is the right way to complete this look. If you are purchasing the khaki linen suit online, make sure that you choose the right fit.