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Mens Polo Shirts

Polo shirt are one of the style staples of men and it has remained that way for a long time now. Though there have been several changes to the style, the polo shirt always have been an irrefutable style to have. With the summer fast approaching, it is time to add several polo shirt to your wardrobe. The reason why the polo shirt have remained relatable through the decades is because of its versatility. You can be styling it for the casual events but you could also style them with the suits to get a smart casual look. In this article, we will discuss all about the mens polo shirt and ways to style them perfectly.

History of the polo shirt

Though the name polo might indicate otherwise, the shirts first emerged from the game of tennis. During the early times of the tennis tournaments the players were expected to show up in tennis whites which involved flannel trousers, dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a tie (!!!). Of course the players found the garments to be uncomfortable to be worn while playing an outdoor sport that involved a lot of moving.

Rene Lacoste who was the seven time grand slam winner during that time had other ideas. He designed a short sleeved shirt for himself with breathable cotton and this shirt came with a soft collar which protected his neck from the sun. The flexible and lightweight shirt was comfortable to wear and also came with a longer tail which Rene tucked into his trousers.

It was 1926 when he first wore this polo shirt to the U.S. Open games. Lacoste had a nickname of "the crocodile" and he printed the animal logo to his shirt. When he retired from the games he started manufacturing the polo shirts for the masses. Soon the tennis shirt got the attention of the sports community, especially the polo players. They started adopting it for the games in a fast pace, so much that even the tennis players started referring the style as the polo shirts.

By the 1950s the polo shirt have become quite popular and soon Lacoste began manufacturing it in different colors. This helped them move on from the sporting community to the casual wear. The polo shirt only gained more popularity in the 1970s and 1980s when Ralph Lauren started showing interest in the style. Even today there is hardly a person without having atleast one polo shirt in their shirt collection.

Purchasing the polo shirt

While choosing the polo shirt make sure that you thoroughly browse through the various polo shirt collection for men before making the choice. There are a lot of options like the costly polo shirt for men and cheap polo shirt online. Think about your budget and make the choice but try to always choose the best quality polo shirt. If you are purchasing the mens polo shirt online, take some time to browse through different sites and compare the quality and prices. You can even find the ones which offer polo shirts on discounts.

Styling of the polo shirt

While the polo shirt have been in use for quite some time now, recently wearing polo shirt is seen as a lazy style for the people who do not want to put much thought in picking out their outfit. If you are thinking about styling the mens polo shirt designs, a little creativeness is required so that you are not accused of sartorial laziness. Here are some of the best ways in which you can style the polo classic shirts for men.

Always start with the casual styling since you wouldn't worry too much about the approval of the people with the casual outfits. Style the designer mens polo shirt with a pair of chinos or well fitting shorts. This would provide you with a cool and sharp casual outfit. While wearing the polo shirt make sure to leave the collar open. For a simple but stylish look, you can style the open collar blue polo shirt with a pair of white chinos. Adding a pair of grey loafers would be a cool way to complete the look. You can also style the unique mens polo shirts with the light wash jeans and round off the look with a pair of high top sneakers. Make sure that all the garments are well fitting.

If you are ready to take the styling a bit further, you can style the polo mens formal shirts with the suits for a smart casual look. This would be a great choice if you are thinking of styling the polo shirts for events that are of some importance. Polo shirt are easy to mix and match with the suit and you can get quite inventive with the look.

It would be best to start simple with a black or navy suit. You can add with the suit a mens polo shirt readymade style in the place of the dress shirt and tie. You might not need to even think too much about the color of the polo shirts since both tonal and contrasting styles can work as long as they are appropriate for the event. You can also style the polo shirts with a blazer and a pair of dress pants.

For a simple and achievable style, you can style the grey suit with a navy polo shirt for gatherings and round the look off with a pair of black leather formal shoes. For a contrasting and eye catching look, you can style the light blue suit with a light pink polo casual shirts at low price. A pair of white high top sneakers could be the perfect way to complete the look. For a more sophisticated look you can style the white double breasted blazer with a grey polo shirt and a matching pair of grey pants. Our choice of footwear for this awesome outfit would be a pair of beige leather low top sneakers.