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Mens Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are a staple when it comes to mens fashion. We might have many dress shirts lined in our wardrobe but the casual shirt always have a special place. These are the ones that act as our saviors during our lazy day offs. You can style these casual shirt with almost any clothing and they still would look relevant. If you have as much love as we have for the casual shirt, you might be looking for more ways to incorporate them into your outfit. In this article, we want to discuss more about the mens casual shirt and the different ways in which you can make them work for you.

Shiny Shirt Our workplaces are becoming more casual with time and the dress codes are also relaxing. Now you can be attending your office in a business casual or smart casual outfit and this is a big deal. This increases the versatility of the casual suits and opens up more opportunities. Hence it is time to revise your mens casual shirt collections for this season.

Buying the casual shirt might seem like an easy job but there are details to be noted. Comfort is the major thing that is associated with the casual button down mens shirts. This is the main reason why the people choose casual shirt over the dress shirts. In that case, make sure that you go with the best quality casual shirt made from the best fabrics. Think about the season at which you are intending to wear the shirt and then make the choice. The ideal recommendation for the casual shirt would be to choose the cotton shirts. 100% cotton shirts or the ones with 98% cotton are the ones that are most recommended. These shirts are highly breathable and provide ease of movement. You can be wearing these shirts without feeling uncomfortable.

If you are getting the shirts for casual use and do not mind wrinkles then you should be choosing the linen casual shirt. Linen is one of the most preferred fabric choices for the summer season. Other than this, there is also the choice of the blended fabrics. The cotton with polyester blend would be a good choice for people who work in air conditioned places. Remember that comfort matters the most and choose the fabric accordingly.

You can choose to go with the designer mens casual shirt when you have enough budget. But if the budget is restricting then you can go with the mens casual shirts readymade. If you aren't sure about the fit, try on the shirt before you choose the style. On the other hand if you are thinking of purchasing the mens casual shirts online then you can visit your tailor and get your measurements done. Then you can compare it to the size chart and find the right fit of the shirts. There are a lot of casual shirt best brands available and hence we would suggest you to take your time to find the right type of style.

Paisley Shirt Pink Shirt Red Shirt Blue Shirt
You could be choosing the costly casual shirt for men but you can also go with the cheap casual shirt online. There are also lot of mens casual shirts designs with different designs of the collars and the pockets. Take your time to go through them and choose the one which would get you the best look.

Styling ideas for casual shirt

The versatility of the mens casual shirt is unmatchable and hence try exploring different types of outfits with the garment. You can start with styling the branded casual shirt as layers. For example, you could be styling the red and black gingham long sleeve casual shirt with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black chinos. To make the garments play well together you can add with it a pair of black and white athletic shoes.

For a stylish casual look, you can style the white crew neck t-shirt with a navy denim shirt and a pair of black chinos. To add coolness to the outfit, you can add a pair of black canvas low top sneakers to it. For a more sophisticated look, you can style the brown crew neck t-shirt, tan plaid mens casual party wedding shirt and a pair of white jeans. To touch on the laid back end of the spectrum, you can add with the outfit a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. For an effortlessly relaxed look, you can style the blue chambray mens casual shirts for gatherings with a black leather bomber jacket and a pair of black jeans. Now a pair of white canvas low top sneakers would be a cool way to bring this look together.

If you are looking for a more casual and laid back style, you can lose the layers and go with the simpler look. For example, you can simply pair the navy mens casual shirts with a pair of black jeans. If you aren't sure about the choice of footwear, you can add a pair of white and black canvas low top sneakers. For a cool summer look, you can style the white casual classic shirts for men with a pair of beige jeans. To create a sophisticated look with this ensemble, add with it a pair of white canvas low top sneakers and dark brown sunglasses. If you want a trendier look, you can style the white casual shirts for events with a pair of light blue jeans. A pair of white canvas low top sneakers and black sunglasses would be enough to pull the look together.

Packing for a vacation? Then casual shirts are inevitable in the list. For a summer vacation type outfit, you can style the grey exotic casual shirt with a pair of black print swim shorts. You can make the look dapper by adding with it a pair of navy canvas espadrilles. For an easy but sophisticated look, you can style the white tank with a pair of beige chinos and a navy embroidered casual shirt.