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French Cuff Shirt And Tie Set

Dress shirts are essential things in mens wardrobe especially the ones who tend to suit up often. You might be aware of the fact that there are a lot of styles in the dress shirts and each have a quality that makes them unique. There aren't many details that distinguishes one style from the other but the cuffs on the shirt are considered to be the most customizable components of the garment. Most times we go with the shirt with normal cuffs but for special occasions we are usually recommended to go with French cuff shirts. In this article we discuss about French cuff shirt and tie set and why you should have one of these in your wardrobe.

Lavender shirt
French cuff shirt and tie set is the most standard choice for men who want to dress up for the special occasions. When you wear a tuxedo you are obligated to go with the white French cuff shirt with tie set since these are the ones that match the formal look of the tuxedoperfectly. You might be interested to know what makes the men's French cuff shirts and tie set special and what makes them different than the usual style of the dress shirts.

The difference between the French cuff shirt and other types of shirts depend on the way how the cuff on the shirts closes. The French cuff shirt comes with the cuffs that are twice as long as the original cuff size and you will have to fold them back and button it. Also the French cuff shirts have buttonholes on both the sides of the cuff which goes through both the layers. Thus the mens French cuff shirt style has four buttonholes on each cuff and is not fastened simply with a button and buttonhole like the standard button cuff mens dress shirts tie set.

Turquoise Shirt The French cuff shirts were originally made with cuffs that had six buttonholes on each cuffs and this extra set of buttonholes were provided in the turned back segment. This is because of the fact that if the edge of the cuff gets dirty you can just roll them under and go with the next buttonhole thus successfully hiding the worn out portion. Now coming back to the fastening technique french cuff shirts do not use buttons and are fastened using the cuff links and this is the thing that makes them different from the button cuffs. Also when fastened they are done in the way that it is face to face which is also known as kissing style but in button cuffs it is fastened in a way that has its sides overlapping.

As for the name no one really knows why it is called a French cuff and the origin tracking of the style leads to some part of Europe sometimes even to England. These cuffs weren't called as French cuff shirts unless the style reached America. The only contemplation that we can go with is that the name came into being since the style is considered fancier when compared to other styles. The French cuff shirt tie set is considered to be the most formal style and some conservative dressers would argue that the French cuff shirt & tie set should be reserved to be paired with dinner jackets and tuxedos.

While the tuxedo with French cuff shirt and tie set is a perfect pair the shirts are now widely being used with the suits also. Increasing number of men are starting to incorporate the mens French cuff shirt and tie set in the business attire and the look does work. Thus it is always best to have a French cuff shirt and tie set in your wardrobe collection even if you are a person who does not wear tuxedos often.

Now being clear on the aspect of what French cuff shirt and tie set is most men would be confused as to the appropriateness of wearing it to different events and how to style them especially if they are trying out the style for the first time. Here are some ideas on how you can style the French cuff shirt and tie set mens with different outfits and how you can rock the look without looking like an amateur.

As mentioned before the French cuff shirt and tie set are best suited to be paired with tuxedos and dinner jackets. They are now being accepted to be worn with the business suits but wearing them with blazers and casual suits can be considered to be a stretch. But with the fashion world constantly changing nothing is permanent and this includes the proper usage of French cuff mens shirts. With the styles becoming casual and more relaxed with time the French cuff shirts might be even work in the casual environments.

The French cuff shirt and tie set is the most famous style but you can also wear the dress French cuff shirts without tie. Some might not recommend this but you can choose to style them depending on your need. For example the fashion designer Tom Ford has worn theFrench cuff formal shirt without the tie on many occasions. This proves that the French cuff shirts do not look out of place with smart casual attire and it is all about the personal preference. When you want a laid back and relaxed Italian style of outfit then you can choose to wear the unfastened over the jacket sleeves.

When you wear the French cuff shirt style it is always best to show a little bit of cuff at the end of the jacket or whatever you are wearing. The French cuff shirts are always worn in the kissing style and you can choose various styles of cuff links to fasten it. White shirts are the usual recommendations but you can also go with french cuff black shirt when you want a dressy look. Also make sure that you always go with the fitted french cuff shirts to your look to be perfect.