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Men's Tuxedos

Men's Tuxedos on Sale

A black and royal blue tuxedo for men is a popular item that people tend to wear. The light blue tuxedo is actually quite versatile and can suit any kind of setting. Recognize the real potential of that style and get used to the incredible options being made available. A tailor can explain some style advantages of the powder blue shawl tuxedo for men as well. That is a popular service that people want to consider in real time. Mens blue shawl tuxedo is important and will make the experience worthwhile for those that are interested.

Get a finely tailored suit and match the measurements that a tailor will assign. The suit will be customized to fit the person who wants to wear it. That is the advantage of wearing a suit that has been customized by the tailor. People genuinely want to give the suit a chance when they get a chance. That proves the true value of the suit in time.

A light blue tuxedo for men has been well reviewed by a lot of sources. Critics say that the suit is perfect for a wedding event or other big time occasion. People look forward to these events and want to give them a try on their own. Always check out the reviews before finalizing any significant decision as well. That could be a difference maker that people find waiting for them. Write new reviews and stay up to speed when it comes to the content. Style is an important consideration that people want to think through on their own.

The price tag for the tuxedo for men is a matter of discussion. The tailor will be making their recommendations for the work that gets done right. Be ready to pay a fair market price for the right suit when available. A tailor wants to do their part and find a great new suit waiting for them. Timely payments will get the suit ready to be sold.

It happens every year. Any award show you see on the television scores of men clad in the most luxurious uniform ever invented: the mens tuxedos. Hollywood and mens tuxedos have a long history and are almost inseparable. From Robert De Niro to Harry Styles it looks good on every age groups.

This timeless style's origin traces back to 1886 when a young man defied the dress code of a strict white tie and tails ball and turned up in a tailless jacket. Griswold Lorillard, of course, was kicked out of the country club event for what was seen as a blatant display of disrespect but the style picked up by people who thought that the tailed jackets we're boring.

There may be confusion between the suits and mens tuxedo especially if you are an amateur. A suit basically consists of a jacket and matching trousers that are made from the same material. They are available in different styles both as formal and casual wears. Mens tuxedos are technically suits but are considered more formal than normal suits. They are better known as dinner suits in England. Mens tuxedos are the staple wear for black tie events. It is a classic style that is simple to wear but classy on its own accord.

Coming back to the basics, what are the pieces of mens tuxedos? When you look first, mens tuxedos may look complicated. But if you look closer it is simple and the ensemble is composed of some specific items. Some of them are essential while others can be optional according to one's taste.

When you overlook some details mens tuxedos is the same as any suit. The sizing and the fit all remains the same. So what makes the mens tuxedos special? The presence of satin. The satin is present in mens tuxedos in some major areas and this is how you can know the difference. The jacket is the most important part of a dinner suit and is the most noted. In the mens tuxedos jacket, satin lapels are a must.

In terms of lapels in mens tuxedos, you may think only shawl lapels are allowed because you see them the most. But as long as there is satin present you can choose any lapel style as in men's suit be it notched or peaked. But there is a reason why shawl lapels are more prevalent. Notched lapels on mens tuxedos would an unwise choice since notch lapels are considered too casual and contrast with the formal look of the mens tuxedos. Peaked lapels can work well on mens tuxedos but nothing can rival the awesome dressy look of shawl lapels on the mens tuxedos.

In terms of buttons on mens tuxedos, it must always have one button when it is single breasted and two buttons if the tuxedo is double breasted. The buttons on the sleeve of the jacket should be no free than 3 numbers. Anything less than that will make the jacket look too sporty. Sometimes the buttons on the tuxedo are covered in satin which completes the elegant evening look.

For the vents of the jacket, there are different choices to choose from. The classic style of tuxedo has no vent at all which helps to create a clean and formal silhouette. Single vents look casual but double vents are common on tuxedo jackets. Double vent is preferable when you want a comfortable style and easy pocket access. Single vent must be mostly avoided but are cheap and in most rentals you will find this style.

On suit jackets, the flap pockets are considered the most formal but it isn't appropriate for modern black tie events. For a smooth look, it is better to go with jetted pockets for mens tuxedos.

Next comes the dress shirt and is an important part of wearing mens tuxedos. For mens tuxedos, it is important to wear a dress shirt and anything less than that will not work for sure. When it comes to the style of the shirt there are three basic styles that work well with mens tuxedos. The pleated shirt is the classic shirt wear for mens tuxedos and has a bib of pleats that run vertically on each side of the placket.

The collar on the dress shirt is mostly a turn down collar. Winged collars are considered the traditional collar style for tuxedo but considered a little out of style these days. A Marcella shirt style is a dressier alternative but is a little stiffer than the pleated style. Nowadays textured dress shirt are more popular compared to the other two styles.

Further, the studs are worn down the front of the shirt or should have a fly front on your shirt to hide the buttons. It is not a crime to show buttons but for a formal attire, it is best to replace the buttons with slick looking studs. You can also add French cuffs to complete the formal look.

One of the most important requirements of any black tie event is in its name itself. The bow tie. It is a must and can never be skipped. There are many styles available like butterfly, semi butterfly, straight end and pointed and the choice is largely a matter of your taste and the style that matches the shape of your face. Make sure to select a bow tie that matches its texture to that of the satin on your tuxedo. Focusing on the color it is traditional to wear a black one but if the event you are attending is a little casual and open colorful now ties may be appropriate. If you really hate wearing a bow tie you can settle with a black neck tie but the bow tie is the traditional pick for dinner jackets.

Next comes the mens tuxedos pant. They should be straight forward and should be a perfect match with the tuxedo. This means that the color should match and the pant and tuxedo should be made of the same material. Some pants have stripes along the sides that are of the same material that the jacket's lapels are made from. Mostly they are of satin. The pants should be high waisted so that if you wear any waist covering whether it be a waistcoat or cummerbund it can cover the waist fully. It is important to wear suspenders since the pants should not have belt loops. The dinner suit trousers are minimal since the tuxedo jacket is the centerpiece of the whole outfit. They usually do not have cuffs and the pockets are even vertical slits at the back end of the braid. It is your option to select a pleated or flat front.

There are two traditional waist covering that are acceptable in mens tuxedos style: a formal waistcoat or a cummerbund. Though it is a traditional style they are optional and you can rock the tuxedo style without these too. The waistcoat is the classic option and differs from the best in a three piece suit. Unlike those vests, the cut of the waistcoat is low and wide that shows the front of the formal shirt that you wear underneath. It also has a small set of shawl lapels and some of them are even backless which are fastened with a buckled or buttoning strap at the back. As in the pants, the vests are also made of the same material as the jacket. They are available in both single breasted and double breasted styles.

A cummerbund is basically a pleated sash that is worn horizontally around the waist. They are made from the same material as the jacket's lapel whether be it satin or silk. The pleads present face upward and modern styles have small pockets that are hidden on the inside. Whichever option you choose make sure it hides the waistband of the pants that you are wearing. If you get a low price one chances are that you will get a colored one. But know that black is the standard color for the garment. If you get a high standard one it will include small fabric tabs or loops that are provided to attach it to the buttons on the trouser.

The main function of the best or cummerbund is to cover the bit of the dress shirt that may otherwise show below the last jacket button. If you have your jackets and pants well fitted and the event to attend does not require it you can omit this addition.

Pocket squares are also an optional addition and if chosen to wear it should always be worn with mens tuxedos. A crisp white pocket square is the best option.

The last thing that is needed to complete the mens tuxedos look is the right kind of shoes. You have two basic style options that are formal pumps and black Oxford dress shoes. Formal pumps are made from leather and have a black grosgrain ribbon at the top. They are the ideal pick for mens tuxedos and properly complements the look. They are not prevalent among common people since they are expensive and only has a single purpose and cannot be worn in normal circumstances.

If formal pumps are not your style a less expensive pick is a pair of Oxfords. There are many shoe styles that are accepted nowadays as a good complement for tuxedo styles. Styles like whole cut balmoral, plain toe balmoral and plain toe balmoral are acceptable. It is better to go with well polished black shoes that are formal. Casual shoes like winged and brogue styles should never be worn with mens tuxedos. As for socks, thin black socks are the best.

Another major thing to note is the fabric of the mens tuxedos. It is best to go with high quality woolen cloth. Dark colors like navy or midnight blue give a rich feel. Plaided jackets may look good for the formal black tie events but you might not be able to wear to other events. If you are not into solid colors textured fabrics are available which gives a nice modern look. You may see white or ivory dinner jackets but this style is better for summer events like beach weddings and such since the sun complements the lighter colors more. Dark dinner suits are evening wear and not worn in mornings.

You can mix and match your mens tuxedos with other shirts and trousers but make sure not to do it often. The most important thing is that while wearing it as a whole suit the jacket and trousers should match perfectly. If you use the jacket often there is a possibility that it wears too much and not matches with the sheen of the trousers and the outfit looks shabby. It is also important that you do not dry clean it often but airing it out and brushing it often may be a good tactic in maintenance.

At last, if you are thinking of purchasing mens tuxedos it is good to know some basic details. As said before if you are buying your first tuxedo ( for most men one is more than enough) it is advisable to get a black tuxedo since it is a classic style and rarely goes wrong. It is always better to get your own tuxedo rather than to rent one. This is because renting one will not be of good quality and chances are that the fit is not right. But if you cannot afford one because let's accept it: mens tuxedos are somewhat expensive and cannot help but rent one then there are many websites that rent it according to your body style. Also, remember to wear a real bow tie because there are a lot of phony ones in the market. Knotting a bow tie is not that hard and if don't know how to it is not late to learn. If you are attending a formal event make sure that your shirt has French cuffs especially if you wear a plain front tuxedo shirt. Mostly all tuxedo shirts have French cuffs.

All this may look complicated but is really simple if you know the basics. The mens tuxedos are classic wears and you can rock the outfit without much hassle.

History of Fashion always goes in circles.  All styles and looks, designs that seem so new are often blended versions of a something that was from a previous era. At Alberto Nardoni, we have you covered no matter the color or style, from classic begins of tailcoat era of the 1920’s or the dark-colored tux of the 20th century to the new POP color era of the 21st century.

To a man of the modern day, the suit is his armor, the symbol of style and power and has been the pinnacle of men’s fashion for over 150 years.  The suit has represented a distinguished man, with wealth and taste.  And while suits have faded slightly from the current fashion spotlight, they still isn’t like a sharp dressed man.  As we have seen they have evolved quite a bit over their long history. In this article, we would like to take you through a brief history of the Tailcoat and tuxedo history and how it has changed and evolved to today.

The Origin:

Suits were originally designed for military purpose to enhance the masculine physiques of soldier; the silhouette of a suit jacket with the shoulder pads, even today, still reflects its military origins. In the 19th century, the military look became a fashion statement, and in its purest and previous form, it had frocks and tails. 

I am sure that you are wondering why the initial suits had tails?  The suit originally served not only as a formal jacket, but as the men’s coat for weather as well.  The initial form of suits were basically long form coats, made to cover down to the knee.  As styles changed, the front was cut off, leaving only the back to cover the man’s seat, which made him look like he had grown something which was later referred to as “the tails.” As fashion evolved, so did the tails,which to take some more stylish shapes (especially with the rounding off of the corners) and some even began to look like actual tails.
Traditionally, tailcoats were worn with white ties.  

This modification of these coatshad more to do with how we got around in the 19th Century.  Most travel was done on horse and the modified tails was to make it easy to be riding a horse. The front tails were removed since soldiers used them for primary mode of transportation for soldiers in the 19th century.  They couldn’t have their uniform interfering with their riding duties and instead pushing it aside, they decided to reshape the jacket, and a new fashion was then born!  As fashion often does this trend found it’s way to tailors and fashion stores and from there to the rich influential men.

The birth of the tuxedo
If you look at the pictures of the tuxedo and the tailcoat above, the tuxedo is basically a tailcoat missing its tails.  The adaption of fashion or Darwinist theory of evolution continued into the 20th Century Tuxedo.

When researching I found that the evolution started with a royal meeting. Originally, the company, Henry Poole & Co. was credited for creating the first version of the tailless suit for the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, to wear as a traditional “white tie” alternative.  It was said from this unveiling that Prince Edward, while donning this tailless coat, caught the eye of Pierre Lorillard, a wealthy American.

It is from that meeting that Mr. Pierre Lorillard had just asked for a custom-made tailless coat as the tails as he saw how easy it was for sitting and dancing.  The origins of the modern day, men’s suit jacket, tuxedo is spawned from this meeting.Mr. Lorillard first donned the tailless coat - the birth of the name “tuxedo”, was made.

Now, the Lorillard’s were an influential, New York family who owned Tuxedo Park, a holiday resort and exclusive residential enclave. They also owned the Tuxedo Club where they held their first autumn ball in 1866. The ball saw members of the Lorillard family don the new British jacket design and the name “tuxedo” naturally stuck on the revolutionary, or should I say “evolutionary,” replacement for traditional tails.

In its original state, suits were often made with at least six buttons along the front. As I mentioned the coat was a longer coat that covered the torso down to the knee.  As the coat length changed the buttons and button stances needed to adapt and change as well. Men in the 19th Century specifically older conservative men wore a six-button or four-button waistcoat inside a suit. However, before the formal birth of the tuxedo, the trend was not to close all the buttons on the suit, often leaving the last button or two open. This trend started by necessity and then respect towards the King.

King Edward VII, was the original “Portly guy” he started this trend out of pure necessity as his rotund nature didn’t let him close the last button of his coats. Out of respect to him the country followed suit so as not to offend the king. This trend was soon reflected in British fashion.  As tails faded and the modern day coat became the norm, coats started losing buttons, going down from six buttons to three. This was naturally passed on to the tuxedo when it was finally born in 1866. It is not strange to see a one-button tux and perhaps the reason it is considered the “Classic Tuxedo” look today.

Since the birth of the tux, it has seen a few modifications based on era or personality.

Cultural effect on the tuxedo

With the age of pop culture and influence skinny fits came into fashion in the later 60’s and early 70’s, which by today’s standards are “modern fit”. Musicians became style icons as they took the stage, and no bigger influence to this world was the Beatles.  They single handled popularized a drainpipe trouser that was cut short at the ankles and a round neck replacing traditional shirt and ties. The later 70’s saw much more rebellion and hedonism in culture rub off on fashion. During this time periodwe saw tuxedos in lapel expand, and the introduction of more exuberant colors became the norm.  The “peacocking” ofloud colors, patterns and embroidery stitching all to make “unique” giving the wearier an individualistic style.

In our modern culture, slim is in, but the jackets are varies blends of all these historical and different styles of tuxedos for all types of occasions. While the classic black tuxedo is overall preferred to be wore  for men’s formal wear; the younger consumer continues to want to be more individualized in his look and style. All you need to see is all the colors like charcoal grey, navy blue, royal blue, sky blue and even white tuxedos have also staked a firm claim amongst formal men’s wear. For modern men, this new trend also sports a skinny trouser cut off at the ankles is almost back to the humble begins.  The re-evolution of the Tailcoat as the 1920s Peaky Binders styling creeps back into mainstream.

Whichever side of history you prefer to live on, we have you
We here at Alberto Nardoni, make the classic, as well as the trendy tux and tails, shawls or tuxedo, or the modern and slim-fitting all black tux and as well as everything in between. We can give you an unquestionably fashionable appearance that makes your statement for your own style.

When we launched our clothing line our mission was to give everyone the availability to high-quality men’s suits and formal apparel with quality at great prices, every day of the year.  We will never try to sell you something at a price to cut a corner, we value our brand, product and unique styles and will offer our valued customer continued style and appeal.  Price does matter but so should the quality and look of the man in the mirror.  We value you looking your best in what we do best! 

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