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Mens Red Wedding Tuxedos

There are some combinations that are destined to steal our hearts. One among them is the red and gold combination. It screams royalty and you just cannot hate on it. If you are thinking of choosing a stylish and flashy tuxedo for any of your special event then you should be thinking of going with the red and gold tuxedos.Instead of choosing the navy and black tuxedos over and over, mens red and gold tuxedos would offer a much grander look for the wearer. In this article we will focus on the mens red and gold tuxedos and how you can make the style work for yourself.

Red Tuxedo Red is a popular color indeed but not much preferred when it comes to mens fashion. This is quite normal since most men are used to the subtle and dull colors. Red is the contrary of all that and hence when it comes to formal events, we tend to avoid red garments. But recently men have started to come out of these usual zones and are trying out new and eye catching styles. Even the red suits have become widely popular among the younger generation. Thus this would be the right time to give the luxurious red and gold tuxedo a try.

Where to wear the red and gold tuxedo?

As we have mentioned before, this is a popular but rarely worn combination. This can instantly attract the eyes of the viewer and trigger a curious response. Hence it would be best if you choose these unique red and gold tuxedo style for the special occasions where you don’t mind getting the attention. For example, if you are the groom in the wedding, you can easily pull off the look. But it might be better to avoid it if you are simply the guest.

Other than weddings, you can choose to style the red and gold formal tuxedos for the royal events and elegant parties. You should select the details carefully and then make the choice. For example, if you are getting the red and gold tuxedo online then there are many factors to note like the quality, fabric used, the fit and more. Use the red and gold tuxedo near me phrase to search for different sites that have the red and gold tuxedo on sale.Whether be it wool tuxedo or cashmere tuxedo, always place your bet on the best quality red and gold tuxedo, even if you have to choose the most expensive red and gold tuxedo. If you want to get quality and low cost red and gold tuxedos, you should check out the styles in our site. We have all brands of the tuxedos and we also offer the red and gold tuxedo on discounts.

Wedding Tuxedo Another thing to note is the shade of the tuxedo. Oftentimes we must have seen royal styles of bright red and gold tuxedos but it might not be feasible for simple use. If you are thinking of using it only for the special occasions and want the look to be flashy then you can go with the bright red with gold tuxedos. But if you are thinking of using the tuxedo even after your wedding, say as separates then you should go with the dark shades of the red and gold tuxedos. Burgundy and wine red are two of the most popular shades that you should be checking out.

The dark shades of the tuxedos are more versatile and thus can be even worn for the formal and semi formal events. After you are done with the red and gold wedding tuxedo in the event, you do not want it to be sitting idly in the wardrobe. When you choose the dark shades of these tuxedos, you can easily style the wine red and gold tuxedo jacket with other combining garments and make excellent outfits.

As for styling the red and gold tuxedo, you can determine the level of flashiness. For example, if you want a minimal style and the inclusion of gold that subtly complements the red then you can choose stylish red tuxedo that come with gold buttons. This contrast provided will attract minimal attention but also would give you a cool outfit. Another choice would be to choose a formal red and gold tuxedo outfit and then add a gold boutonniere with it. It would be an additional style point, if your bride does have some gold in her wedding dress.

Slimfit Tuxedo On the other hand, if you want a bold style then you can choose patterned red and gold designer tuxedos. These tuxedos usually come with floral patterns or stylish prints. Gold prints over red tuxedo is always a commendable look. You can even style the gold ties with the red tuxedos when you are in for a modern look.

When you are done with the wedding, you should be making use of the tuxedos or it is better to rent it out for the event. Tuxedos are not only for formal events but you can style them for the casual and semi formal events too, given that you choose the right combining garments For example, you can style modern fit red and gold tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants when you want a simple but elegant look. To match the look of the outfit, you can add a pair of black leather Gucci loafers. Instead of the bow tie you normally choose to pair with the tuxedos, you can also try going with the long tie.

Styling a double breasted red and gold slim fit tuxedo with a white dress shirt and white pocket square is an easy outfit to pull off. For a casual and trendy look, you can style the casual red and gold tuxedo jacket with a black dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots would perfectly round off the look of the outfit.