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We might be comfortable with the casual clothing all the time but when it comes to special occasions like weddings and graduation we automatically choose to go with the tuxedos. Formal tuxedos are the most formal garments in menswear and gives a man a sophisticated and elegant look. Though people have been stating for a long time that the tuxedos are becoming extinct it has not happened till now. On the other hand the tuxedos have morphed to adapt to the changing needs of people. In this article we discuss more about the mens formal tuxedos and how you should style them for the special occasions.

Most of the time we make do with the suits and casual garments but there are some occasions that require you to be dressed up to the best. Black tie events are one such events that will require you to take out the tuxedos. These are very important occasions and thus it is essential to look your best. Black tie events often have dress codes and expect the attendees to follow the rules while dressing up for the event. When attending these events it is important to follow these etiquettes since it provides a refined and elegant outfit.

Velvet Blazer Blue Blazer Red Tuxedo

Most people falter when they hear the word rules since most consider it a hassle to dress for these formal events. But in reality dressing for these events are much easier than for the casual events since you have a set of clear rules that define what to do and what not to do. It is very hard to go wrong with these formal tuxedo outfits when you follow these rules but this isn't the case with the casual outfits. You will have to put some effort and research into finding the right style of the outfit that is appropriate for the event.

If you are quite new to the tuxedo style and are hesitating because of the rules then we are here to clear the air for you. We have put together some of the basic styling rules involved with a tuxedo formal outfit and we hope that it will ease some of your worries about the outfit. Also we have provided some of the styling ideas for the formal tuxedo dress and you can take ideas from it while you are styling the outfit for yourself.

Tan Tuxedo While talking about tuxedos we have already mentioned that these are the most formal type of outfit. In reality there is another style that is more formal than the standard tuxedo style that we have now. tuxedo with tails is a most formal style that you will find but the reason they are excluded is because of the fact that they are a rare style and is only used for events like state events and royal weddings. These tuxedo with tails are also commonly known as morning dress suit and the major difference between these and the standard tuxedo is that the formal tuxedo tailcoat has a tail like extension at the backside that reached upto the knee of the wearer. Most of the people might never come across events that would require them to be present in morning dress suits.

Formal tuxedos are the standard style that most people use and thus has become the most popular style of formalwear among men.

So when to wear a tuxedo?

As we have mentioned before tuxedos are often reserved for the most formal events. If you receive an invitation that mentions black tie dress code then it means that you should get your tux ready for the day.

Tuxedos have always been the elegant evening garment that men wore to replace the suits that they wore all day. Evening balls and events were a big thing in the olden times and since then the formal attire tuxedo suits have remained the appropriate styles for the fancy evening events. Even today the tuxedos are considered to be the right style for the after six events. While this is the tradition black tie dress codes are now being adopted for the morning events too.

Shiny Tuxedo For example there are summer events that happen in outdoor venues that have black tie dress codes. Usually for these formal events the groom is dressed in the black tuxedo coat since it is the appropriate attire. Some people go with the classic 3 piece style that includes the formal black tuxedo vest. One complaint that people have with the black tie attire is that it is repetitive and lacks creativity. Black tie attire being the standard style it is can never get out of these complaints but it has become flexible over the years. Thus instead of constantly sticking with the same old rules you can include your own details that will make your formal tuxedo outfit stand out from the rest.

For example if you want a formal classic tuxedo wedding outfit you will have to go with a black tuxedo and then pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo shoes mens. This is the usual style that most people go with along with the small details like the cufflinks, studs on the tuxedo shirts and such. You can introduce your own touch of style with a bright colored tie instead of a black bow tie.

A black textured tuxedo paired with a white dress shirt, red bow tie and a Dover grey formal tuxedo vest mens is a great style to try for the special occasions. If you are feeling adventurous then go with a more flashy look like a velvet tuxedo outfit. The sheen of the material makes it look better in the artificial lighting. Other than the plain styles you can also try out the patterned ones for a cooler and trendier look. formal Paisley tuxedos are one of the most preferred styles for the groom outfits and other special occasions.