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Wool suits are considered to be the most popular fabric in the suiting world. There are variations available in the wool suits and each have their unique characteristics. For example the flannel suits are most preferred when you need a simple look but when you need a texture that can make the suit look more interesting the worsted wool suits must be your choice. There are classifications even in worsted wool suits and if you are an amateur you can get easily lost in all the details. In this article we would like to clear some of this complications and discuss everything that you need to know about super 150s wool suits.

Dark Grey Suit Grey Suit Black Suit Brown Suit
If you are straight out of college and looking for a job or you are getting your first suit for prom you would be confused with the suits being referred in these super numbers. You might wonder what all this means and we are here to explain. Before the super numbers you might want to know what the worsted wool involves as a fabric. Worsted wool refers to a fabric that is woven from a yarn weight or combed yarn. When it comes to fabrics from combed yarns these metal combs align only the long wool fibers while eliminating the short ones. As for the fabrics from the carded yarns these retain both the short and long fibers. While the combed yarns are fine, smooth and long lasting coming with a glossy look the carded yarns are fuzzier and have a matte look.

Coming back to the super numbers they are used to indicate how fine the wool might be by actually referring to the number of times the woolen yarns twist around. Thus when the super number of the suits is high it actually means that the cloth is that much fine. It also refers that the fabric will be lighter and it is measured microns.

The super 80s wool suits are the lowest in the number with the number sometimes increasing upto 250. When it comes to super 150s wool suits it means that the fabric can contain some exclusive wool fibers. The high number on the super 150s mens wool suitswill mean that the suit will be softer to touch and thus can give you a luxurious look. Other than this the word super in the super 150s wool suits indicates that the fabric of the suit is made of pure wool. Sometimes you will find suits with designation of S instead of super and this will mean that the fabric is made of wool blended with cashmere, alpaca or silk.

2 Button Suit As for wearing the higher super number wool suits we have mentioned that they are fine in nature and thus it might be hard to care for the garment over time. The soft nature of these mens super wool suits will make the wearer comfortable but when it comes to regular use make sure to maintain them right. But you might not need to worry much about it since the 150s wool suits are on the middle and anything above 180s are the ones that are considered to be less durable. Super 150s wool mens suit are usually durable and less prone to wrinkling when compared to the super 200s wool suits.

This is the reason why you are often recommended to choose the super wool suits in the range of 100s to 150s when it comes to regular use. But when you are purchasing the suits for special occasions and would use them once or twice in a year then you can choose the higher number of super wool suits and for better look you can choose the super 150s cashmere suits. When you are getting the 150s wool suits there are some things that you will have to note before paying for it.

We have mentioned that the super number on the suit refers to the fineness of the fabric and not necessarily the quality of the suit. Thus when you choose the super 150s wool suits it is important that you make sure to check the quality of the suit. If you don't have the time to go through the details then you can choose to go with the branded 150s wool suits. Most of these brands provide you with super 150s handmade suits thus ensuring the quality of the suit to the best degree.

Wool Suit The construction and the features of the 150s wool suits are also important thing to note since captures the attention of the viewer. For example peak lapel super 150s wool suits are the best for formal events while the notch lapel 150s wool suits are best when you need a simple style that you can use for regular use. For special occasions like weddings you can go with the dressier style like notch lapel 150s wool suits. Other than this the single breasted super 150s wool suits are more versatile than the super 150s wool double breasted suits. 150s wool vested suit offers a classy look when compared to the usual 2 piece super 150s wool suits. When you attend a black tie event then rather than the suits you can choose to go with tuxedo super 150s wool jacket. Think through your priorities and how you are going to use the suits and choose the one that will best suit you.

The color of the 150s wool suits is another factor that easily captures the attention of the viewer. For a formal and versatile use go with the classic colored ones like black 150s wool suits and super 150s wool Navy blue suits. If you are stacking your wardrobe for office use then you can add a charcoal grey 150s wool suit since they are considered to be a staple in corporate world. Other than this Burgundy 150s wool suits and olive green super 150s merino wool suits are becoming popular in recent times.