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If you are starting to think that all your suits are looking the same and you are wearing the same Navy suit to your office even though they are different then it is officially time to revamp your wardrobe. We are all so used to the Navy blue suits and charcoal grey suits that we forget that there are other options that will also be appropriate to be worn to the office. Patterned suits are one among them and in this article we are going to discuss about black and white checkered suits and how best you can style them for different events.

Peak Lapel Suit Checks are one of the patterns that have been in the men's fashion for a long time and thus you need not panic much even if you are trying out the patterned style for the first time. Checkered suits have a timeless style that could outlast time itself. Also when you go with the standard colors like black and white checkered suit then you will get a conventional garment that you can wear to almost all events. If you want to know more about the check pattern they are also widely known as plaids but the checks are actually a style in a plaid family along with tartan, windowpane and many others. The checkered suit style is popular in mens fashion for a long time now and have a Scottish origin.

There are different styles in black and white checkered suits and you can choose the style that would suit your taste the best. Any style of the checkered suit styles still come with the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines creating a square or a rectangle. The simple geometric look of the mens black and white checkered suits give them a standard look making it possible for the wearer to style them for different types of events.

When you are starting out with the black white checkered suit style for the first time then it would be best for you to go slow especially if you are hesitant. You can go with the simplest style of the black white mens checkered suits by choosing the graph check. These resemble the simple checks on a graph sheet and are also known as box checks. These types of checks are most popular on the mens shirts but when you need a subtle style you can choose this style on the white checkered suits since the squares on the garment will be small which are usually around a quarter inch.

Checkered Suit Houndstooth Suit Black And White Checkered Suit Grey Suit
The next style of the black white checkered mens suit is one of the most popular choices among men. black and white checkered Windowpane suits have a great reputation among the sartorially elite men. The windowpane black and white checkered suits come with bigger squares which are in fact rectangles that resemble the panes in the old type windows and hence the name. The reason why this style is popular is that the pattern makes the garment look elegant and this can easily be worn to both formal and semi formal events. Also the slightly elongated rectangles can make the wearer look taller and slimmer than they originally are. Thus these black white checkered suit mens are usually recommended for short men to create a favorable visual effect.

There are different styles even in windowpane black checkered suits and the variation mostly is because of the lines that make up the rectangle. Most of the times the lines are strongly defined but when you need a subtle style you can choose the ones that come with soft lines. Other than this sometimes the windowpane suits come with doubled lines making the garment look bolder and more conservative.

Gingham pattern is one of the most popular ones even in the formal wear. They are the simplest style which makes them a classic one to try out for the first time. The gingham white black checkered suits come with simple squares that make the garment look like the regular chessboard. Again gingham pattern is mostly used on shirts but nowadays are preferring the style more on the formal garments like checkered black white suit.

Plaid Suit When you are looking for a more casual style of garment then it would be better for you to go with Shepherd's check suits. This style of the black and white checkered suits will give you a more country style look since they have the rural origin. The Shepherd's check was first used by the Scottish Shepherds. The pattern on these black and white checkered suits will be similar to the gingham pattern but when you observe closely then you can see the twill pattern on the Shepherd's check and also the diagonal lines on the check making the pattern look more complex. This style of the checks are often used in the smaller garments like ties but are also used on the black white checkered suit coat and other overcoat styles. It also helps that the style basically comes in the regular black and white pattern.

If you are ready to try out a bolder style then you can try out the gun check suits. This is another style that has the country origin from the gun Club for shooting in America. These come with different colors on them but you can choose the black white checkered suit styles when you need a simple style. If you still consider it to be bold then try using it as separates like trying out the white black checkered suit jacket first and then progress into the suits.

Tartan is the most popular style and this pattern comes with squares and rectangles of different sized since there is no need for the space to be even between the lines. You can choose the subdued checkered suit black white for the formal use but when you need a casual style you can try out other colors on the checkered plaid suit mens.