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Mens Windowpane Suits

Our mens 2 piece windowpane suit is both striking and sophisticated with a square-like windowpane pattern. If the windowpane pattern has thicker lines, it will be more showy and if the windowpane pattern has thinner lines, it will be more refined. Our windowpane suit for mens attire is popular because many wearers find it to be the perfect pattern.

The windowpane pattern can magically augment a man of smaller stature, and ironically, slenderize a man of larger stature. The windowpane pattern actually does not consist of squares, but elongated rectangles. This elongating effect makes our big and tall windowpane suit and our grey windowpane suits for mens attire very popular among bigger men. However, our slim fit windowpane suit is also very popular among slighter men because the horizontal lines can add bulk.

Our windowpane suit jacket not only has a very forgiving pattern but also allows you to easily color coordinate the rest of your outfit. The windowpane pattern takes the guesswork out of choosing the right color shirt and tie. Emphasize the lines on our black windowpane suits by choosing a tie or pants in the same color family. If you choose our wool windowpane suit in gray with light blue lines, then a light blue tie would give you a great look.

Windowpane suits are such a versatile pattern that they can be worn for a variety of occasions. Give those solid suits a break and choose our two button navy windowpane suit to keep your your attire interesting at the office. And choose our windowpane suit for wedding elegance on your special day. Our double breasted windowpane suit looks great on everyone because it's so easy to wear. Our striped windowpane suit is straight forward fashion for men. The look is easy to pull off and you can also add a bit of whimsy to the windowpane pattern by pairing it with dots or florals.