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Mens Green Double Breasted Suits

You might have already noticed the increasing appearance of the green double breasted suits in the red carpets and the runways. Yes, the fashion industry is obsessed with the color and the newfound interest is something that should have been here a long time ago. Green has been one of the most underutilized colors in menswear for a long time now but it has come to rule. If you are a person who loves the formal style of suiting but still want to try something new then you should definitely consider adding double breasted suits to your wardrobe collection.

2 Piece Suit For most men the thought of colored suits except the grey and navy is enough to get the sweat glands going. But what is the secret behind the success of the green suits? Usually when it comes to colored suits most people think of the bright ones. But know that there are darker shades in the colors and it would be the perfect look for the people seeking out the formal suits. In that way, green has some of the dark shades that give out an awe inspiring look. The envy invoking shade has captured the hearts of even the formal dressers. The dark shade of the double breasted suits tend to give out a cool and formal look that will make you look dressed up for any event.

With the green mens double breasted suits you can transform even the most boring look into a second look worthy one. There are about hundred different shades of green available and depending on the look that you aim for you can choose the right shade of the mens green double breasted suits. The dark shades are the ones that would be perfect for the formal events and it is the one safe for the first time green suit buyers.

Double Breasted Suit Since green is relatively a new addition to the suit colors it might be hard to find combinations that would work. Thus we have provided some of the color combinations of the double breasted suits that would work for you. Depending on your taste and the look that you think would suit for you choose the best color combination.

Green - white

The first look that we recommend for you is the green and white color combination. This is the combination that would work for the people who are trying the green suit for the first time. When you go with the white combining garments it would provide you with the plain canvas to make the green double breasted suits shine. Here are some of the white and double breasted green suit outfits that we think would look great on you.

To start with a simple and formal style you can pair the green double breasted slimfit suit with the white dress shirt and black tie. To make the outfit come together you can add with it a pair of brown fringe leather loafers and a white pocket square. This would be a cool style that would work for a regular day at office. Go with the dark green double breasted suits since it gives out a formal and smart look. Forest green suits and moss green suits are some of our recommendations.

Green Suit For a more casual and laid back look you can style the double breasted dark green suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and a white pocket square. You can experiment with this simple yet sophisticated style by adding with it a pair of white leather low top sneakers. If you do not want the casual look to intrude with the formal look that the double breasted green suits then go with the dress shirts but in a casual way. For a polished and absolutely camera worthy look you can style the green fitted double breasted suit with a white dress shirt and then add a little classiness with a pair of dark brown suede loafers.

Green – black

Neutral shades work well with almost all colors and green is no exception to this rule. If you are looking for a simple yet classy look you can style the green mens double breasted suits with the black combining garments. Choose to style the double breasted suit green with a white dress shirt and a black tie. This smart ensemble would be great when completed with a pair of black socks and black leather Oxford shoes.

Olive Green Suit If you want to make the look more formal you can choose to go with the 3 piece double breasted wool suits. The black combining garments can ground the look and provide you with an interesting outfit. The green double breasted suit paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and black vest is a cool look to copy. To finish it off add a pair of black leather formal shoes. This would be a nice choice for the important occasions in work like for a presentation or an important meeting since double breasted suits always give out an authoritative look when compared to the single breasted styles.

You can also go with the separates for styling the suit. double breasted suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and black dress pants is a smart look. Instead of the black dress shoes you can choose to go with the black leather loafers which might offer a fashionable twist to the ensemble.

Green – brown

Green suits with brown combining garments is a natural color combination that would work for all events. For a classy look you can style the green double breasted pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and a brown tie. You can complete the look by matching it with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes. Patterns look great on the green suits and you can make the best use of it. If you are looking for a bolder style then you can choose to go with the green double breasted check suits or the green double breasted blazer Paisley suits.