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Mens Peaky Blinders Outfit

Finally! Peaky blinders last season is here after the wait for two long years. Which started out as a small series went on to gain an unbelievable amount of international audience and now there is a film project also underway based on our beloved razor gang brothers. Apart from the gripping storyline and brilliant acting from the cast, the fashion of the cast (including the haircut that Cillian Murphy heartily hates) gained major attention among the viewers. If you are fascinated by the fashion as much as we are then here is an article about peaky blinders outfit style which could help you decode the look.

Tommy Shelby

Black Outfit Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters in the series. Though Arthur remains to be the eldest, Tommy Shelby grew into the position of the head of the family in the first season itself. The stoic face along with the strategic mind has made him an intriguing person to follow through the five seasons. If you have been following the series since the start you might have noted that the fashion also changes with the storyline. These people started out as a group of bookmakers but grew on to be the most powerful family of Birmingham. The fashion also evolved with the characters of the series.

In the very first scene when Tommy Shelby is seem riding the black horse in the streets to get the fortune told, he is seen wearing a grey three piece tweed suit which he pairs with a white striped dress shirt with a removable collar. There is no tie which implies the casualness of the outfit and then there is the iconic flat cap. But with time, you will see Tommy Shelby evolving to be the powerful person on the political side and there is a rarely a scene when he is seen without the tie. This shows the power of fashion that aids the blending in of the person in a community. If you are looking for the best style of Tommy Shelby then you should choose to go with the Peaky blinders formal suit since he is the one who is the most refined in his dressing style. Usually a three piece designer Peaky blinders outfit paired with a white dress shirt and a neck tie would be a cool look but if you are looking for Peaky blinders outfit white party wear then we would suggest you to go with the bow tie.

Navy Outfit Another major point about Peaky blinders Tommy Shelby outfit is the fit. You can never see the man slacking off with the fit of the garment. More often than not you might have noted the man wearing the vest and pants without the jacket and you could easily note the impeccable tailoring of the outfit that he wears. Tommy Shelby might not have an uncle like Luca Chagretta did but he definitely has a good eye for fashion.

If you are cosplaying Tommy Shelby then you should note the details of his outfit. The man chooses well tailored three piece suits in wool or tweed, pairs it with club collar shirts and a necktie. Add with this outfit a dark colored overcoat, a flat cap and a watch chain with a red pendent. If you want extra information for the Tommy Shelby Peaky blinders style guide then the Peaky Blinders haircut, a glass of Irish whiskey and a cigarette might be the whole look.

Arthur Shelby

The Peaky blinders outfits suits for men aren’t very different in the making but there are few details that distinguish the brother’s style. For example, Arthur chooses the same three piece suit styles as Tommy but always goes with the bow tie instead of the neck tie. As Polly mentions Arthur Shelby tries to be a good boy even when he is hot headed. Arthur’s bow tie style makes him look like Tommy’s subordinate even though he is the eldest one. If you are thinking of choosing Arthur Shelby’s look then peaky blinders white linen outfit with bow tie should be your choice.

Brown Outfit John Shelby

Though we lost John early, he made quite an impression in the seasons that he remained. He is hot headed like Arthur but only in the situations that trigger him personally. John Shelby’s style also is the same as the other Shelby brothers but he mostly sticks with the no tie look. Also while Arthur and Tommy sticks to the monochromatic color choices for suits like black and grey, you will see John Shelby breaking the dress code occasionally with a brown Peaky blinders fashion outfits suits. If you are cosplaying John Shelby then the major thing for fashion is the dark brown three piece suit with a white club collar shirt and a Matching brown flat cap. Oh, do not forget the obnoxiously confident walk of his.

Michael gray

Michael is a unofficial member of the Peaky blinders gang and he acts true to it. You will not see the man sporting the hairstyle and his fashion choice is also quite different. He goes for the formal three piece wool suit which he pairs with a white dress shirt and a dark colored tie. In fact he is the one person who is seen wearing the camel colored overcoat but it might be the effect of America. He also often forgoes the flat cap which remains to be the symbol of the Peaky boys. If you are looking for the subtle style of Peaky blinders fashion then choose Michael Gray’s outfit style.

There are honorable mentions like Polly gray and Luca Chagretta which we just cannot skip while talking about fashion. Check out the different Peaky blinders outfit styles in the sites that have the Peaky blinders outfits for sale. You could search for shops that stock the style using options like Peaky blinders outfits near me or you could opt for the easy way out with buying Peaky Blinders outfits online.