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Mens Vintage 1920s Suits

When there is a costume event or you simply love the classic styles, you might be looking for the vintage style suits. If you are even slightly aware of the history of the suits then you might know that the vintage mens suits 1920s are the most popular choice. This was the roaring 20s in which the mens fashion was considered to be at its peak. Hence if you have decided to experiment with the vintage styles of the mens suits then our recommendation would be for you to try out the 1920s mens suits. It might be hard to gather the details but we are here to help you. Here is everything that you need to know about the vintage mens suits 1920s.

Tan Suit The 1920s was wild with the high fashion and technological innovations. People were just getting out of the long war and the freedom reflected everywhere especially in fashion. The decade is even now dubbed to be the start of the golden age of menswear. Most of the styles that we have now are derived from the 1920s fashion. People wanted to enjoy life and this made them break all boundaries in fashion and choose garments that reflected their personality which is the concept that is leading fashion now. Hence the 1920s remain to be one of the defining decades for menswear.

When it comes to suits, the 1920s style is considered to have a heavy influence on the style of suits that we have today. Here we intend to explain the details involved with the style of the 1920s vintage black suit. This would help you understand better the style of the mens dress suit that was prevalent during the 1920s.

Suit jacket

The fit of the 1920s suit jacket is the main detail that you will have to note. The suit jacket should be cut in a way so that if lies close to the body of the wearer. The jacket should also be fitted in a way in which it accentuates the natural waist. This you will find to be the style of the jacket that we follow now with a bit of upgrade.

Blue Suit The suit jackets usually came with 2 buttons or 3 buttons and the buttoning stance was also placed a bit lower than the usual jacket styles. The front of the suit jackets were sometimes of the cutaway design since they were inspired by the style of the morning coats. But with the progress of the decade, the suits became more of the closed style which resembles the style of the suit that we have currently.

The fabric used for the making of these suit jackets were sheep's wool. This remains to be the same today but the wool used at that time was heavier and coarser than the wool that we use today for the making of the suits. This was because of the fact that the heating systems at that time weren't as advanced as the ones that we have now and hence people depended on the clothing to stay warm. The men are said to have worn vests even while they are in their homes. Thus if you are thinking of choosing the vintage suit styles then you should be going with the thick and heavy clothing.

Also the 1920s vintage wool suits were also lined with silk if the wearer can afford it. The sleeves of the suit jackets were also lined with cotton to make them resistant to wear and tear. The sleeves also tend to get dirty and soiled first and hence lining was provided so that they don't wear out from the repeated washing.

Another popular style of the 1920s was the tweed suits. People usually went with tweed because of the sturdy nature but in recent times are preferred greatly when looking for 1920s wedding suit style. The rich texture of the tweed suits are the best example to why you should be adding a tweed suit to your wardrobe. For the summer and spring times, cotton and linen suits were preferred by the people in the 1920s. They were considered to be lightweight fabrics that saved the people from the summer heat but they were still heavier than the ones that we have now.

Green Suit Vests

By the 1920s the vests weren't considered to be mandatory to be worn with the mens dress suits. The men usually skipped wearing the vests with the unique 1920s suits especially when it is summer or spring. Even people who continued to wear the vest style did so with the low cut vests.

This stylish 1920s vintage suit vest style is different from that of the 1910s suit vest style since the latter had the vest cut really high. With the lower cut of the 1920s suit vest, you could see more of the dress shirt and the tie that the men wore. Mostly the men went with the vests that matched properly with the suit that they wore but some also tried out the odd vest style. The high quality 1920s suit with the odd vests were considered to be more casual than the 3 piece vintage mens suit 1920s.

Suit trousers

The belt style became popular in the 1920s and before that the side adjusters and suspenders were ruling the Market. By the start of the decade, the antic 1920s suit style was heavily following the Edwardian era. But in the mid 1920s pleats came into existence and the trousers style became much more desirable.

If you are convinced about trying out the style then our recommendation for you would be to choose the branded 1920s suit style. You can find the sites that have the 1920s vintage suit on sale and check out the various options. When you are purchasing the 1920s vintage suits online, you have the advantage of choosing the trendy ones and also getting the 1920s vintage suits on discounts. You can also choose the budget by going with the most expensive 1920s suit or the low cost 1920s suit style.