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Champagne Dress Shirt

Tan-Dot-Design-Dress-Shirt When it comes to mens dress shirts, light colors are the ones that are most preferred. But most men tend to stick with the usual safe ones like light blue and light pink. There are a lot of variations and shades you can try and in this article we are going to discuss about one such colored shirt which is champagne shirts and some tips that will help you style it great.

Champagne is definitely a summer color but when it comes to champagne shirts you can wear it all through the year thus making them a versatile pick. If you are a person who is bored with wearing white dress shirts to all occasions then you can try out the light shade of champagne dress shirts. White shirts are indeed the most valuable piece of garment you can own but that does not mean you should wear it to all events. It is good to mix up a little now and then and champagne shirts are the best choice for that.

The champagne shirts will be distinctly different from white dress shirts when you hold them near to each other. But when you wear with a suit or sportcoat most people would not recognise the difference. The advantage with the champagne shirts when compared with the mens white dress shirts is that the latter when worn with dark colors like dark green or dark red can create a contrast that is too bright. But with champagne dress shirts the glaring difference is reduced a little with the muted shade providing a subtle contrast with the dark colors.

You can pair the champagne shirts with formal as well as casual garments. The details on the champagne shirts may change considering the purpose of the garment. For example if you are getting the champagne shirt for formal use you can go with button down champagne shirts. If it for pairing with tuxedos you can go with French cuff champagne shirts and add cufflinks to the mix. This would increase the formality of the mens dress shirts making them a good pair with the tuxedos. As for casual use you can go with collarless champagne shirts and banded collar champagne shirts. The champagne shirts are great choices for casual use especially in the summer and spring seasons. The casual champagne shirts look great when paired with casual garments like jeans and gives you a laid back look.

Shiny-Ivory-Color-Shirt-Tie Shiny-Ivory-Color-Shirt-Tie French-Cuff-Beige-Color-Shirt champagne-dress-shirt

The material of the champagne shirts should be selected keeping in mind the purpose of the shirt. For example if you are going to use it as formal wear then it might be best go with cotton champagne shirts. The formal champagne dress shirts are usually worn under a jacket and thus need to be lightweight for the wearer to not feel stuffy. Cotton champagne shirts are excellent choices since it is breathable and thus can keep the wearer cool through the day. On the contrary if you are getting the champagne shirts for casual use like travelling and fun events like parties then it is best to go with mens white linen shirts. Linen scores better in breathability and moisture absorbing characteristics when compared with cotton but the only drawback is that the material can get creased easily. Thus it is mostly avoided for formal wear but if you are fixated on linen shirts then go with blended ones like linen with cotton or wool. Other than these if you want a shirt that you can wear to dressy events like dinner parties and such go with silk champagne shirts and shiny satin champagne shirts. Personally we would recommend to a great degree this style since the sheen of the material when combined with the rich color of champagne can make you look classy and stylish at the same time.

Mens-Tan-Color-Shirt Another main thing you will have to consider while purchasing dress shirts is to whether go with short sleeve or long sleeve. Long sleeve champagne shirts are the best choice if you want a versatile pick. You can wear them with formal clothes and also with casual clothes. Short sleeve champagne shirts are best for pairing with casual garments like jeans and chinos.

You can also go with patterned champagne shirts if you want a try out a new style. Patterns look good on champagne shirts since the light colored background will make the patterns pop out beautifully. Striped champagne dress shirts are a good pick if you want a formal style. If for casual or semi formal wear you can try out styles like polka dot champagne shirts and plaid shirts. While wearing the patterned champagne dress shirts make sure that you keep the patterns on the other garments like suits and ties to a minimal degree. This is because of the fact that too much patterns clashing with each other might make you look clumsy.

	Mens-Tan-Color-Cotton-Shirt The fit of the champagne shirts is another main thing that you will have to keep in mind. Slimmer fits are best suited for formal garments. If you are thinking of wearing the shirts with suits and blazers then go with slim fit shirts. Casual styles can allow a little looser fit and classic fit champagne dress shirts might be a good choice. The wearer should select the fit keeping in mind their body type. For example if you are a tall person then it might be better to go with long sleeve champagne shirts since short sleeves is a problem that tall men encounter often. Also you can try out extra long champagne dress shirts for a more comfortable fit. People who are bulkier can try out the big and tall champagne shirts since comfort is the main consideration. Therefore go with the fit that you can wear all day without feeling conscious of the garment on your body.