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Mens White Linen Shirt

When the temperature starts rising it is normal for most of us to go searching in our wardrobes for the clothing that doesn't basically melt us. In these days we aren't very comfortable with thick clothes and rather tend to go with light clothes that does not make us sweat much. One of the best options that you have when it comes to these times is the linen. Linen is the natural fabric that is one of the most preferred garment when it comes to summer. The linen garments are sought after the most during the summer and spring season thus making it a popular summer fabric.

What makes the linen so special as a summer fabric? Linen is a natural fabric that is woven from the fibers of the flax plant. The thing with linen is that they are woven from the fibers of the stem in the flax plant and therefore these fibers tend to be long when compared to other fibers like cotton. Also, the fact that linen is a highly breathable fabric makes it an ideal summer fabric. The pores in the linen allow the air to pass through thus keeping your body aerated even during the high temperatures. The linen is soft and light in weight which makes them easy and comfortable to wear. Another great property of the linen is that they are highly moisture absorbent. The cotton is also moisture absorbent but the linen scores more by the added benefit of evaporating this moisture fast than cotton. This means that you don't have to struggle with your garments sticking to your back due to the sweat. Also, the linen is a great conductor of heat and therefore is cool to touch in a way that the metals are. All these aspects make the linen an ideal pick for summer and spring clothing.

Mens-White-3PC-Linen-Suit Now when it comes to linen garments the most sought after ones are the mens white linen shirts. The linen shirts are the most versatile option in the market. This makes them more preferable than the linen suits. Also, there is a fact that the linen garments are mostly considered to be casual garments than it being a formal one. This is because of the fact that the linen tend to wrinkle easily and thus can be not suitable for the formal use. Therefore, the linen suits are mostly reserved to being used for the casual and semi formal events like the weddings and summer parties. But in the case of linen shirts they are more versatile than the linen suits. It is because of the fact that you can easily style the linen shirts in any style that you want. They are both useful for formal and casual styles and also can pair with almost any outfits depending on the style that you want. This makes them more desirable than the mens dress suits. In this article we are going to discuss the basics of linen shirts and how best to style them for the summer.

Now before we go into the details of the linen shirts and how to style them it is best to know the history of the linen and how this fabric came to be one of the best summer fabrics. Linen is not a recent fabric and in fact one of the oldest known fabric to mankind. It is said that the dyed flax fibers were found in the caves of the ancient times and these fabrics are estimated to be about 36000 years old. Linen is also known to be used for mummification by the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians are known to treasure the linen fabric to a great level so much so that they were even used as currencies at some time.

mens-summer-dress-pants Other than the Egyptians people from other parts of the world also used linen to a great degree. Most of the linen that was manufactured in the world is said to be in the Victorian era. Also in some places the linen was associated with religious activities restricting its usage to the clergies. Bible also has a reference that mentions that the angels wear linen in heaven!! mens Linen vest was also very expensive at those times and thus were mostly used by the royals and the elite. This is due to the fact that the linen was hard to manufacture. The flax fibers were not elastic and thus it is hard to manufacture fabrics that comes without the break of the fibers. Also, the flax plants needs a lot of attention during the cultivation of the plant. Even today with all the technologically advanced processes the manufacture of linen is known to be a labor intensive process and because of this the linen garments can be a little expensive when compared with the other fabrics like cotton and polyester.

When the manufacture of the linen started out it was mostly for the bed and bath fabrics. They were not much used in the manufacturing of the garments. The use of linen in the garments is only a recent invention that dates back to about 30 to 40 years. After this invention the linen garments became greatly popular and also gained the status as one of the best summer fabrics out in the market. When it comes to purchasing of the linen garments there are a few things that you have to keep in mind so that you get the best use out of it.

Two-Buttons-Khaki-Wool-Suit Now coming back to the mens white linen shirts there are a lot of styles available. These linen shirts are available in different colors and style and you can get to know the basic styles and then you can select the one that best suits your need and taste. When it comes to color of the linen suits the most versatile option is to go with mens white linen suits. Linen suits on the whole is a versatile choice but when combined with the white color you now get the easiest to style garment in your wardrobe.

white linen shirt as we said before is one of the most versatile garment that you can find. You can style it according to your taste and preference whether be it formal or casual. This is one of the main aspect that makes it so desirable as a linen garment. white linen shirt is a good pick when it comes to formal garments. But most of the time 100% linen shirts is not recommended for the formal use. Now this is because of the fact that the pure white linen shirts tend to crumple much and thus not very desirable to be worn with suits for important events. Even when you are wearing a linen suit wearing a pure linen shirt with it is not recommended. In these times, it is better to go with blended white linen shirt. Blended white linen shirt means that the garment is made up of a mixture of fabrics with linen like wool, silk or cotton. Blend of wool and linen is a good choice for the formal shirts. You can also go with linen and cotton if you want to go with summer fabrics. But if you go with these blended white mens linen shirts then the breathability and the other favorable characteristics of the fabric will get weaker with the increase of other fabrics in the blend.

When it comes to the crumpling property of the white linen shirts you will have to remember that the wrinkling does not look shabby. The wrinkles of the fabric gives it a lived in, comfortable look that is hard to rival. Therefore, you can go with the white linen shirt for formal use like for a usual day at office or any other regular event avoiding it to the most formal events like important business meetings and such. Also, if you are a person who can't tolerate the wrinkles on your garment whether it is formal or casual suit then it is always better to stay away from the pure white linen shirts.

Another area in which the white linen shirts score a lot is the travel. The breathability characteristics of the fabric makes it cool enough to wear during the travel. If you are a person who likes to move around a lot then you may know the dilemma of packing to the trip. Also, the lightweight of the fabric is easy to be in and also is comfortable making them to be one of the best travel suit. Also, the fact that the white linen shirt is the most versatile garment in the market also helps a great deal.

When it comes to purchasing for the white linen shirt make sure that you get the best quality one. As we said before it is a versatile piece of garment and hence it is possible that you will use it often. Therefore, even if the budget exceeds a little make sure that you get a good quality of the white linen shirt. The mens white linen shirts will always be crisp and rough to touch when you first buy it. The linen tends to get soft and comfortable only after use and repeated washing. Therefore, do not panic too much when you find all the shirts on the display rough to touch. As for checking the quality of the linen you can check the label on the collar or simply go with trusted brands. Another thing that you can check for the quality of the white linen shirt is the snubs on the garment. Snubs are little knots of threads on the fabric. This does not affect the functionality of the garment but the best quality of white linen shirt have very little snubs or do not have them at all. Also, as we said before the new linen is crisp and therefore make sure that you use it often and wash it till it gets soft. This is because of the fact that linen when it is crisp if when folded and ironed in the same spot can undergo breaking of the fibers at the particular spot. But when the linen gets soft this is not a problem and it becomes one of the most durable fabrics.

Two-Buttons-Khaki-Wool-Suit As for styling of the white linen shirt we have already discussed about using them as a formal garment. Now when it comes to casual outfits one standard use for the garment is to pair it with shorts. You would have seen this statement look on your favorite celebrities and also by many other people. But when it comes to pairing the white linen shirts with shorts it cannot be any shorts but rather be a well fitting one. As for the length of the shorts it is best to go with the length that end just above the knees. Some of the best recommendations for this casual look are white linen shirt with beige shorts, mens white linen shirt with navy blue shorts, white linen shirt with khaki blazers and many more.

The next look that is famous for the mens white linen shirt is the smart casual look. You can wear this type of look to casual events like chilling in the beach or a casual day around the city. You can wear the white linen shirt with your favorite pair of jeans. You can go with full sleeved white linen shirt with jeans and for a cool look then you can go with slightly rolled up sleeves and then aid the look with a pair of casual shoes like white sneakers.

There are a lot of styles in mens white linen shirts like short sleeve white linen shirts, full length white linen shirts, dual vent white linen shirt, 100% linen white shirts, mens summer dress pants, two piece white linen shirt, cotton French white linen shirt and many more.