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Mens Slimfit Dress Shirts

Shirts are an integral part in any man's wardrobe since they are the basic elements that make most of the outfits. Whether be it a formal or a casual style you will need a shirt to complete the look. It is well known that there are a lot of styles in the shirts and you should choose the one that best suits your need ans personality. But one thing that remains to be an important detail is the fit of the shirt since it can impact the overall look. In this article we discuss the slim fit shirts and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Usually the slim fit shirts and classic fit shirts are the ones that are considered to be the most preferred choices among men. While the slim fit shirts can give you a fitted look the classic fit shirts provide a little more room for easy movement. Thus it is recommended for people who want to look dressed up for any event to go with the men's slim fit shirt while the people who are looking for shirts to wear to the office the whole day should go with the men's classic fit shirts.

But when compared with both the styles slim fit shirt tend to be more preferred since they have a lot of practical benefits to them than the classic fit shirts. For example when you go with classic fit shirts it is best if you wear it underneath the suit jacket or a blazer as a part of the formal outfit. It does not look good when you style them separately with chinos or jeans. But this is not the case with slim fit shirts since you can style them with almost any garments. For example when you need a formal look you can style them with a suit jacket, a pair of dress pants and a tie. But when you need a casual look you can lose the jacket and tie and then pair them with jeans to get a modern look. Thus when you go with slim fit mens shirts you go with a versatile style that can save you for a lot of events.

Now while getting the slim fit shirt there are a few details that you will have to note. The first thing is the fabric of the slim fit shirt that you are going with. Since it is a fitting design you should make sure that you go with the comfortable choice of fabric. slim fit Cotton shirts are the ones that are most recommended given that they offer they most comfort and are also gentle on the skin. Also cotton slimfit mens shirts are the best for the summer since they are light in weight and breathable. Slim fit cotton shirts are the most versatile addition to your wardrobe and you can get them to work for both formal and casual styles.

If you are looking for a style that is more on the casual style one that you can wear in summers then you should try going with mens slimfit linen shirts. The linen slim fit shirts tend to wrinkle easily and thus most men avoid going with it but they also have a lived in look which might be a great choice for summer parties and such. If you are too much concerned about the wrinkles then try going with blended styles. Other than this you also have the option of going with cotton blend slim fit shirts with synthetic materials like polyester and rayon but it is better to avoid it when you can afford to do so.

As for styling the mens slim fit shirt here are some ideas that we think might work out for you. Starting with the formal style when you are dressing for your office day then you can choose to style the white slimfit dress shirts with a single breasted blue suit and a purple tie. Complete the look by adding it a pair of black leather oxford shoes. For a little more spruced up look you can style the white mens slimfit formal shirts with a double breasted black suit and a beige tie. If you are feeling chilly add with the outfit a camel overcoat and then complete the look with a pair of black leather double monks.

Maroon Shirt Red Shirt

Now if you are dressing for a special occasion like an award event or a dinner event then you should swap the slimfit long sleeve shirts with the slimfit tuxedo shirts. The tuxedo slimfit shirts are classier and should be aided with the French cuffs. A white slimfit tuxedo shirt paired with a black tuxedo and a black bow tie could be the best look for these events. Complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather patent shoes. For weddings you can choose to style the slimfit wedding shirts mens with the tuxedo or suit of your choice.

For a smart casual type of look you can choose to try something other than the usual white slim fit shirt. Light blue slim fit shirt and pale pink slim fit shirts are the some of the other choices that can work for the formal styling of the outfit in place of white slim fit shirt. Other than this you can also try the dark colored slim fit shirt but they give you a richer and more sophisticated style when compared to the light colored ones.

For a extra smart look you can pair the slim fit black shirt with a brown gingham blazer and a pair of black dress pants. For an all black casual look you can style the mens slimfit casual shirt with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. Now if you are bored with the solid style of the slimfit shirts mens then you can try out the patterned ones like the mens slimfit stripes shirts and slimfit plaid shirts.