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Black and Gold Suits

The two toned suits are gaining a large fan following especially among the young people. The two toned suits are not as formal as your navy and charcoal gray suits and are best suited for semi formal and casual events. The two toned suit that we are going to discuss today is the black and gold suits and some styling tips that will help you rock the outfit.

Black and gold is definitely going to be a flashy style since the contrast of the shiny gold color on the black canvas is going to be striking. People who go with subtle styles may back out on black and gold suits when they hear this but believe us when we tell that there are styles for you too. The look of the black and gold suits mostly depends on the amount of gold on the outfit. People who like subtle styles can go with minimal incorporation of gold in the black and gold suits. For example black suit with gold lapels or gold pocket squares is a good way to start with the black and gold suits style especially if you are new to it.

On the contrary if you are looking for a flashy look you can go with black and gold suits with more gold designs to it. Gold suit with black lapels and gold suit with black embroidery is a good look when you need to go with styles that can turn heads in the event that you are attending. Thus when you select the type of the black and gold suit make sure you get the right composition of colors that best suits your need.

The next thing that matters a lot is the material from which the black and gold suit is made. When you get a formal black and gold suit with minimal gold in it, you can go with and black /and gold wool suit. When you get these subtle black and gold suit styles you can wear them for business events and other formal events. It looks like a usual black suit with a little fashion twist. Wool is a breathable material and can be worn comfortably through the day. Also wool drapes beautifully since it is a comparatively heavy fabric.
When you need a lightweight material when you feel the wool suits to be stuffy then you can swap them with /cotton black and gold suits. Cotton is the best summer material for /black and gold business suits. When it comes to casual black and gold suits linen is the one that is most recommended. They are extremely light and breathable but are mostly used for semi formal and casual events. This is because of the fact that linen easily wrinkles and thus avoided for formal use. But if you are fixated on using linen as a formal garment or you live in a place where the summers are extremely hot then you can go with blends of linen with wool or cotton.

The above said formal black and gold suits are mostly subtle but if you want a dressy look then you can go with luxury fabric suits. /Silk black and gold suits have a sheen about them and when it is especially with bright colors like gold then it gives you a rich look. You can wear this garment for fancy events like dinner parties and such. Shiny satin black and gold suits are also a good choice for these events. Other than this you can also go with /black and gold velvet suits when you need a posh look. When going for this luxury black and gold suits it is better to go with black suits with gold embroideries or prints so that the contrast looks great.

When it comes to these black and gold suits or any two toned suits for that matter most of them come with patterns or prints. Since this is a luxurious style it is best to go with patterns that match the style. Floral black and gold suits and black and gold paisley suits are the ones most recommended for fancy events. These unique patterns will be sure to turn heads towards your outfit and is best for people who don't mind being the center of attention.black-and-gold-suit

As for the type of the black and gold suit you can go with black and gold three piece suits when you need a formal style. Black and gold suits with vests will give you a dressed up look despite the casual nature of the garment./ 2 piece black and gold suits are the best for versatile use since you can style them for both formal and casual events. Likewise /double breasted black and gold suits are considered to be a formal style. Thus if you are going with double breasted black and gold suits make sure you select a subtle style. But with single breasted black and gold suits you can create different styles. Thus it is recommended for people who are trying out the style for the first time to go with single breasted black and gold suits.

Here are some styling tips for the black and gold suits if you are thinking of trying out the style. Paisley black and gold suit jacket paired with black dress pants, white dress shirt and black bow tie is a good look for semi formal and casual fancy events like award parties. Black and suit jacket with gold lapels with black pants and black shirt is a good choice for formal events.

As for the fit of the black and gold suit you need to go with the one that complements your body type best.black and gold Slim fit suits are a good choice for most men since you need not be of specific body type to pull off this fit. People who need a roomier fit can go with classic fit black and gold suits or big and tall black and gold suits.