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Mens Houndstooth Blazer

If you are a blazer person then you will definitely like to try out new styles rather than the usual picks like navy blazers and charcoal blazers which are almost a staple in every man's wardrobe. To set yourself apart we recommend you try something different like a houndstooth blazer. In this article we discuss the houndstooth blazer and some of the best ways to style them for your daily outfit style.

Mens Checkered Blazer For people who are new to the style houndstooth is a pattern which consists of small checks. While the small checks on the houndstooth blazer pattern is made of intersecting the horizontal and vertical lines there is also the overcheck pattern in which the large check patterns are complemented with the smaller checks placed together.

The houndstooth pattern differs from the usual check patterns by the fact that the lines gave jagged edges and thus resembles a broken check pattern to be precise. The reason for the name of the pattern is from the fact that the jagged edges of the lines look like the back teeth of the dog. The houndstooth pattern were first woven only in wool but nowadays they are available in almost all fabrics.

The houndstooth blazer style is gaining a lot of attention in the recent times and here is everything that you should know about the trend. The men's houndstooth blazers are a great choice for men who are starting out with the patterned blazers style or you consider the plaid blazers to be a bold style which will be too loud for the formal atmospheres. Houndstooth blazer style is a subtle yet stylish look that you can easily wear to almost all events. Houndstooth is a great pattern that is often underused in menswear.

The houndstooth men's blazers are considered to be a usual choice for winter and fall. Houndstooth is a classic pattern which has a countryside vibe to it and thus might be best to avoid wearing them for formal events and other work related events since they can be considered to be a little informal at these atmospheres. They are much more suited for the casual winter and fall events like golfing, hunting or even fishing.

There are a lot of styles in houndstooth men's blazers in terms of color, texture and pattern and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. They can be a versatile choice since you can easily pair them with both formal and casual outfits. Thus it can be a great choice to get two or more houndstooth blazers in different variations that will notch up the fashion rating of your wardrobe. As for selecting the houndstooth men's blazers here are some ideas that might help you make the right pick.

The single breasted houndstooth men's blazers are considered to be a better pick than the double breasted houndstooth men's blazers since they are easier to style and blend in all atmospheres whether be it formal or casual. The houndstooth double breasted blazers are considered to be a more elegant and classic pick and thus are recommended to be worn to important meetings and events where you are trying to prove a point.

As for the number of buttons on the houndstooth men's blazers it is best to go with the houndstooth 2 button blazers since they give you the best fitting with the tapered waist that you are aiming for the refined silhouette. The single vent houndstooth men's blazers at the back is a great choice for houndstooth but if you prefer to go with the double vented version you can choose to go with it. Patch pockets are common when it comes to houndstooth casual blazers but sometimes you can also see the ones with flap pockets.

When you style a houndstooth blazer it is best to keep all the other combining garments minus the tie preferably solid. This is because of the fact that too much patterns on the outfit can clash with each other making the wearer look clumsy. When you go with the 3 piece houndstooth blazer style we recommend you to go with a contrasting color dark solid vest, dark dress pants and a houndstooth tie for a clean look.

2 Button Blazer As for the color of the houndstooth blazers that you choose it is always recommended to go with dark earthy colors when you need a classic houndstooth blazer look. The houndstooth brown blazer is the most popular choice since it retains the slight vintage and countryside look of the pattern. Other than this you can also try out the dark green houndstooth men's blazers or houndstooth beige blazer styles. Remember that the houndstooth pattern is a variation of the tweed ones that originated in the Scottish Highlands and thus the earthy colors that help camouflage it for the hunting are the classic color choices for the authentic houndstooth blazer look.

The fabric from which the houndstooth men's blazers are made plays a major role in the type of look that it offers. It is best to consider the reason for which you are purchasing the garment and the season at which you are intending to wear it. For a winter look you can go with the dark colors of houndstooth wool blazers. They are available in different weights and for a distinct look you can also try out the different weaves like the twill weave and more. Other than this you can also try out the light weight ones like houndstooth cotton blazers which are for the warmer months and the Corduroy houndstooth men's blazers. Nowadays the synthetic ones that come in cheaper price are also available like the polyester houndstooth men's blazers and the rayon houndstooth blazers.

When it comes to patterned garments the fit of the garment matters a lot for the proper look. Go with the houndstooth slim fit blazers or the modern fit houndstooth blazers when you need a fitting style that you can wear to semi formal events. Classic fit Houndstooth blazers are roomier and you can wear them for casual events.