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Men's Tan Suits

Tan suits are an obvious summer choice and it is one of the regular choices that can make you look good in a light colored suit. If you are looking for a summer update of your wardrobe then you should definitely consider going with the mens tan suits. The light color of the suit provides it a laid back and relaxed look that makes it the perfect summer garment. Tan Men's suits would be a great addition when you want to take a break from the usual navy suits and charcoal grey suit cloud. If you like the tan suit style but are clueless about the styling aspect then we are here to help.

Tan Suit Apart from the tan suits being a common summer style, some of our beloved celebrities seem to be quite taken with the look. Tan suits have received major attention among all the other summer suits and thus would not be a very hard look to style. If you are interested we have compiled some of the tan suit outfits that have raised eyebrows both from appreciation to disapproval. You can choose your side after going through the style details.

Brad Pitt

First on our list is the eternal heartthrob, Brad Pitt. The man is known to look good in anything and this is no exception with the tan suits. The well fitted tan 2 button suitthat he wore with a white dress shirt is a cool style for people looking for a simple yet effective look. He paired this outfit with a taupe shawl that he wore tucked in to the shirt. You can keep or leave out the shawl depending on the weather at that time. For example if you are at the transition of the weather from winter to summer or vice versa and you feel the chill slightly then retaining the shawl would be a good choice.

Robert Redford?

This is a movie reference when Robert Redford rocked the mens tan suit style perfectly in Harried, Gruff and Handsome. It is only possible for the man to look good in a crumpled tan linen suit which he pairs with a white check dress shirt and black long tie. Even his blond hair seems to compliment the look of his tan suit. This would be a perfect look if you are looking for a tan casual suit style that you can wear during your summer holidays. Go for a bigger fit and leave out the tie.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is known to make interesting wardrobe choices for the events that he attends but for the tan suit outfit he sticks with the basics. For an event that he attends to perfectly captures the relaxed but elegant vibe of the slimfit tan suit by pairing it with a white dress shirt. This would be a good look for the summer use Especially if you are dressing for a summer wedding. If you are the guest this would be a simple and acceptable tan suit wedding style to go with. You can complete the look by adding with it a pair of brown leather loafers.

Boys Suit Prince Charles

When mentioning tan suits we cannot leave out Prince Charles since the man often appears in a tan suit like he was born to be in it. One iconic tan suit look of Prince Charles is the one where he pairs the double breasted tan suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy patterned tie. The buttons on the suit jacket are gold colored (or maybe even gold – these are the royals we are talking about) and then there is a light blue pocket square peeking out. He perfectly finishes off the look with a pair of dark brown leather loafers. If any of you are looking for a tan suits groomsmen style that would be appropriate for a summer office day then taking a leaf out of Prince charles’ fashion diaries would be a good choice.

John legend

The “All of you” singer rocked a tan suit outfit in an event held by UJA federation and this is a great look for people who love to experiment with the tonal look. John legend showed up in a well fitted tan suit mens which he paired with a white dress shirt and a dusty pink tie. The notch lapel tan suit is simple but is effective in delivering the cool and appropriate look that he aims. A pair of dark brown formal shoes is a good way to finish off this tan suit look. This tonal outfit would be a great choice for people who attend summer weddings or gatherings.

2 Button Suit Jake Gyllenhaal

Another perfect man to roll out the tan suit look. Jake Gyllenhaal gets a little casually creative with his tan suit look. In the cover page of the GQ magazine the zodiac movie star is seen wearing a tan cotton suit that he pairs with a light blue denim shirt and a navy tie. This would be a good choice if you are looking for tan suit prom outfits that you can wear without being too self conscious.

David Bowie

This might be one of the most iconic tan suit looks of all time. David Bowie still looks incredible in the picture where he wears the double breasted tan suit with what seems like a tuxedo shirt and then adds with the outfit a white belt that he wears over the suit jacket. This would be a look that would still work if he decided to walk right out of the picture and then take a stroll down the fashion runways.

President Obama

An article with tan suits would never be complete without mentioning Obama’s tan suit look. The man wore the tan suit along with a white dress shirt and patterned taupe tie to the press meet and got heavily critiqued but it is a solid look for people looking for tan business suit outfits.