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Boys Double Breasted Suits

While we go purchasing for the suits our standard choice would be to go with single breasted suits. For a long time the double breasted suits were rare in use but according to the suit manufacturers and designers the demand for the breasted suits is slowly increasing. As it is always good to keep up with the trend it would be best for you to know about the double suits and even buy one for yourself that is if you don't already have one. In this article we discuss the mens breasted suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Gray Suit For people who are new to the suits world it is possible that you are not very much aware of the breasted suits. The difference between the breasted suits and the single breasted suits lie in the construction of their jackets. The double breasted suit jacket comes with a front closure that overlaps as it wraps around the chest portion of the wearer. The buttons on the double breasted suit jacket are in the 6x2 fashion usually but you also have other variations and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. The double breasted suit jacket also comes with two rows of buttons and they are cut shorter than the single breasted suit jackets. The buttons on the double breasted suit jackets are positioned high and this can give you the illusion of broader and more defined shoulder on the wearer.

Other than this the peak lapel breasted suits seems to be the standard choice since it matches the formal look of the double breasted suit. The breasted suits always comes with the double vents on the back and this might be to allow better movement of the wearer since the double breasted suit jacket is in most times to be worn completely buttoned. As for the double breasted suit trousers there is not much difference from that of the single breasted ones but the pleated trousers are more recommended since they give a flair. All these details join to give the sleek look that the double breasted suit offers and thus in turn accentuates the body shape of the wearer better than the single breasted suits.

The double breasted can be more versatile that you ever imagine it to be and thus it will be better if you give a chance at trying it out. You would have heard people asking the large men to avoid wearing double breasted suits. While it is true that the breasted suits are easy on the eye when worn by slim men it does not mean that they cannot work for the large men. You just have to know to style them right with appropriate garments and also choose the right fit of the breasted suits that will look flattering on your body type.

Black Suit The double breasted suits are believed to have originated from the dress uniforms of the officers in navy and the thick design of these suits is said to have put in place so that the wearer can be protected from the cold. This design soon were adopted in the civilian suit design and came into the limelight in the 1920s and 1930s. The double breasted suit style was then considered to be too outre but when the Duke of Windsor started to favor the style it became widely acceptable to wear them in the workplace. By the time of the second World War the breasted suits were considered to be a formal garment and only the higher ups and the boss wore these suits in workplace.

This continued for quite some time but it was the famous designer Giorgio armani who broke it when he introduced the soft shouldered and unstructured cut of the double breasted suits in the 1970s. This style of the double breasted pinstripe suits became famous among the wall Street workers and since then there have been a lot of Varieties of the double breasted suits that has come into existence.

If you are thinking of getting the breasted suits there are some vital points that you will have to remember. The breasted suits have still retained that formal vibe about them and does not easily pass as casual style as the single breasted. Thus it will be best for you to stick with styling the double breasted suits for formal use and for this it is best to go with double breasted wool suits. They have the best drape and can make you look all business thus styling this suit to the important meetings and presentations would be a great choice.

Slim Suit Other than this the breasted suits are also great for the festive occasions like weddings and such. For these events you can choose the double breasted 3 piece suits since the double breasted vest suit makes the look more elegant and awe worthy especially for the special occasion. Most of these events happen in summer and spring thus the wool suits might feel stuffy. In that case go with the lightweight options like the double breasted cotton suits and double breasted linen suits. These suits will be breathable and ensure that you don't drown in your own sweat even when you break a leg on the dancefloor. When you are in the mood to dress up and wouldn't mind some admiring looks on you then choose to go with the luxurious styles like the double breasted silk suits and double breasted velvet suits.

As for the fit the designer breasted suits are the best but as for off the rack fits it is best for you to go with double breasted slim fit suits since it offers you a perfect look. Other than this you can also try out the classic fit breasted suits or modern fit double breasted suits when you need more space than the slim fit ones.