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Fuchsia Suits

Every year there are new colors popping out in trend and this year it's fuchsia. Everyone is impressed with the color and if you do not know what it is then it means that you will have to update on your fashion knowledge. If you are thinking that this is some new celebrity fashion then you are wrong since it has also seen a lot of fan following among the men of younger generation. In this article we discuss the fuchsia suits and how it has become a major style favorite of men.

2 Button suit For people who don't know fuchsia is a vivid purple color that has a large hint of red on it. While this is a variation of purple color it still looks a great deal like pink and there is a high chance for people to mistake it with bright pink color. Fuchsia is named after a flower that has the same reddish purple shade which makes it border on the line between pink and purple. Now the fashion world is obsessed with the shade and surprisingly the men's fashion too.

Men are well known to vehemently avoid anything that is pink and a color that looks a great deal like pink has become an exception now. Pink was stereotyped to be a womanly color but the mindset of people have greatly changed now and is constantly changing. This is one of the reason why the men are now being more open to pink and even the pastel shades. Pink was always not a womanly color since the red tinge of it was considered to be masculine and there was a time when men actually preferred pink clothing to blue. Thus with the stereotypes disappearing the pink and shades that are close to it like fuchsia are back with full force for dominating the menswear.

There are a lot of shades in pink and purple and if you are not ready for the vivid color of the fuchsia men's suits then you can start off slow with the lighter shades of pink or purple. For example you can go with a pastel pink fuchsia suit like the one timotheechalamet wore on the little women press tour or the dusty pink fuchsia suit that Andrew Scott wore to the SAG awards. Going with these subtle shades of suits makes you blend in with the atmosphere of the event without demanding too much attention. But when you are ready to be the main focus of the event that you are attending we recommend you to go with a stylish fuchsia suit. The bright color of the fuchsia suit will make you stand out among the crowd of usual suits. Proof of this comes again from timotheechalamet when he wore a notch lapel fuchsia suit to the little women premiere. The fuchsia single button suit turned heads and soon there were fashion articles centering the look. He effortlessly rocked the style when he wore the fuchsia suit with a matching tunic.

Fuchsia Cheap Suit Now if you are thinking of trying out the fuchsia suits style then here are some ideas that we think might help you in the process. Fuchsia is definitely a bright color and thus it is better to style it for semi formal and casual occasions. A peak lapel fuchsia suit paired with a white dress shirt and a complementary tie is a good look that you can style for semi formal events but when you need to style like the fashion garment it is then you will have to experiment a little with the colors.

For example a 2 button fuchsia suit paired with a navy dress shirt and navy vest is a good style to start with. You can complete the look with a pair of burgundy leather brogues. The contrast of the fuchsia with the dark shade of the navy is the one that creates a desirable look for the outfit. For a smart casual look you can pair the single breasted fuchsia suit with a white dress shirt and forgo the tie option. For a summer wedding worthy look you can add a pair of gray suede tassel loafers. The fuchsia double breasted suit will give the wearer a slightly formal look when compared with the single breasted style. A double breasted slim fit fuchsia suit paired with a black turtleneck is a simple but efficient look. To match the formality of the garment you can add a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

Slimfit Pink Suit If you are attending a summer wedding a fuchsia suit might seem like a good option for the sunny day but it is best to avoid wearing it. This is because of the fact that fuchsia men's suits will garner a lot of attention and thus wearing them to a wedding might mean that you are going to steal the day from the groom. But the story changes if you are the groom of the event. Wearing a fuchsia 3piece suit might be one of the best choices that you make for your wedding. A 3piece designer fuchsia suit paired with a white dress shirt and burgundy check tie is a good groom attire. You can go for a tonal look by matching the outfit with a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers.

If you are bored with the usual 2 piece fuchsia suit style then you can try out something new by going with patterned fuchsia suits. Striped fuchsia suitsand windowpane fuchsia suits is a good choice when you need a formal look. Since the fuchsia is a rich color you can go with patterns on it like floral fuchsia men's suits or Paisley fuchsia suits.

The fit of the fuchsia suits is one of the most important details to note since the vivid color attracts much attention and thus the look should be perfect. Fuchsia Slim fit suits and fuchsia classic fit suits >are two of the most popular off the rack suits fit that men are going for.