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Mens Turquoise Suits

Are you a person who likes to try different looks rather than sticking with your office navy and greys? We have the perfect recommendation for your summer wardrobe. Turquoise suits are the new sensation in the fashion world and mind you not the women's. Of course turquoise has always been popular with the women because of the elegant and festive look it offers but the surprising thing here is that the turquoise suits have managed to capture the hearts of the men who have never allowed color to enter their wardrobe. Today we talk about mens turquoise suits and how would be a cool addition to your wardrobe.

Zoot Suit Linen Suit Pimp Suit 2 Button Suit

For people who are hearing about the turquoise suits for the first time it is nothing to be self conscious about since we usually refer it by a simpler name – blue green. Turquoise refers to the blue green color that we often use to explain the sea. The complicated name comes from a mineral which has the same color. Turquoise as a mineral is valuable when in finer grades and is also used as a gemstone and ornamental stone due to its unique color. Now turquoise in clothing is known to symbolize balance. This is because of the primary shade blue combining so perfectly with the secondary shade which is green. Thus most people consider turquoise suits or any turquoise clothing to symbolize the balance in the world and start of new life. But turquoise is also known to symbolize calmness of the mind and subtle power. If you are a person who is into the learning of the color meanings then turquoise is a rich topic to delve in.

Coming back to fashion turquoise has been loitering in the back seat with mens fashion with occasionally making appearances in the form of mens shirts or ties. But in recent times due to the sudden love of mens fashion for colors turquoise is riding shotgun. Turquoise is indeed a bold look and thus it is important to know where to style it and where not. The nature of the event should be adequately casual for you to pull off the turquoise suits mens without offending someone. Thus turquoise suits are often recommended for the casual summer events where the sun's brilliance overshadows the bright color of your turquoise suits. Having an office meeting? Leave out the turquoise mens suits out of the equation even if it is a virtual meeting. On the other hand do you have an invitation to a rooftop party? Then turquoise blue suit might be a great choice for the day.

Slimfit  Suit The dominance of the color in the turquoise suits matters a lot since it determines the look of your outfit. If you want a subtle look that isn't too noticeable then we would recommend you to go with the ones with the blue shade dominating. But if you are ready to try out a cool new style for the summer day then you should try going with the turquoise green suits since they offer a refreshing look.

Styling the turquoise suits might offer you some challenge especially for the men who have been spending too much time with the navy and grey suits. In a way the navy and grey suits have been our savior since these colors work well with almost anything and thus we don't have to even remotely think about getting the combination right. But this is not the case with the colored suits like turquoise suits. Choosing the right combining garments matters a lot and thus we would like you to do some research about the combinations that work before you pink your own.

Now to help you get started with the turquoise suits outfits here are some of our recommendations. As we have mentioned before turquoise prom suits are best suited for summer and spring events but it is best to keep the colors minimal even for these bright seasons. Styling turquoise suits with more colors might make the outfit look too flashy and thus ruining the overall look. Thus for the starters we would recommend you to choose basic combining garments to be paired with the turquoise suits. For example if you are the groom and going with the summer wedding then turquoise 3 piece suit would be a great idea. You can style the turquoise suit jacket with a white dress shirt, turquoise suit vest, a black tie and a pair of white dress pants. It would offer you an elegant look which you can complete with a pair of black leather oxford shoes.

Velvet Suit But if you consider the three piece suit style to be too restricting for the summer then go with the 2 piece suit look. For a cool look you can style the turquoise suit jacket with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants. This would help you ground the otherwise flashy outfit. If you want a simpler and cool look you can style the turquoise suit with a white dress shirt, light grey tie and light grey dress pants. You can also borrow Eddie Redmayne's Oscar look if you are a fan of double breasted styles. The theory of everything star showed up wearing a double breasted turquoise designer suit which he paired with a light blue dress shirt, a dark blue tie and a dark blue pocket square. When asked about his outfit the actor admitted that it was some kind of green and he was also color blind. But that did not stop him from slaying the look.

On the other hand if you do not have a main role to play in the event like being the groom or the groomsmen you can tone down the formality of the outfit. For a cool summer day outfit you can style the turquoise velvet suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of white dress pants. Match the modern look of the outfit by adding with it light grey suede loafers.