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Men's Houndstooth Suits

Purchasing a suit involves a lot of contemplation atleast for the first time. Choosing the right style would matter the most and there are a lot of styles available in the market. But most men have the practice of sticking to a certain style and never moving on from it. Navy suits and charcoal suits are indeed the life of the wardrobe when it comes to working men but that does not mean that you cannot have fun with your outfit. Today we are here to discuss about houndstooth suits and how they can be a great choice for your next suit.

Wool Suit If you are quite new to the suiting world and wondering about what we are talking about then we will sure explain. Houndstooth refers to the pattern that is has been in the fashion world for quite some time. The name might sound weird for some but it has a meaning. The criss cross pattern is a kind of checkered pattern. But the pattern comes with the broken check pattern that has a specific weave. This gives the pattern jagged edges making it look like the back teeth of the dog. This is the reason why the pattern was named houndstooth.

houndstooth Men's suits are traditionally made from wool but nowadays they are available in different fabrics. Some of the other fabrics in which the houndstooth pattern is common involve corduroy, fleece and sometimes they are spotted in the synthetic fabrics too. Usually houndstooth suit outfits are considered to be leaning slightly on the side of country style but they are now greatly trending among the younger generation. Formerly houndstooth pattern was widely noted on the suits and sport coats but now you can see the pattern on almost any garment even the casual ones like scarfs and tshirts. If you are thinking of trying out the houndstooth style but are not quite ready to go with the full houndstooth pattern suits then you can start with these casual garments. Once you get used to the style you can move on to the suits and the blazers.

Gray Suit Finding the right style matters a lot and for this you should first know about the styles available in the market. This way you can try on different styles to choose the one that suits you. Before going into the houndstooth suit styles the first thing to note is the fabric of the suit. Depending on how you are intending to use it you can choose the fabric. As we all know sport coats were often used by the men while they were playing outdoor sports. Thus the fabric was also cold resistant and wind resistant. Houndstooth Men's suits have the same vibe and are best recommended for the winter season. In that case houndstooth wool suits are the ones that you should go with. You can also choose corduroy houndstooth suit mens but make sure that you always stick with the thicker fabrics.

As for the color, houndstooth Men's suits usually came in darker colors like black and brown. But now there are a lot of color options with the houndstooth suits. There are even bright colors of houndstooth Men's suits available. Depending on your need and taste you can choose the best style. For example if you are thinking of styling the houndstooth suit for your work occasionally then stick with the darker colors of black and brown. This subtle look will help with the styling of the business attire. But if you are thinking of houndstooth wedding suits or suits for parties and such then try going with the brighter colors. Most of the houndstooth suits come with two or more colors and thus it would be better if you keep the combining garments to be simple. A simple white dress shirt or a crew neck t-shirt would do the trick since you don’t want the elements to be clashing with each other.

Windowpane Suit Dark Gray Suit Patterned Suit Houndstooth Suit

If you have convinced yourself to try the houndstooth style for yourself but would appreciate some help with the styling then here are some tips for different ways in which you can style the houndstooth Men's suits. Now if you are starting out with your office and are looking for a perfect business attire then houndstooth 3 piece suit is our recommendation. If you consider the three piece look to be too much then you can tone it down to 2 piece houndstooth suits. But the three piece houndstooth Men's suits exude a kind of power that would make it a perfect style for the important meetings and presentations. Use the dapper style to the fullest possible extent by pairing it with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of dark brown leather shoes.

As mentioned above houndstooth Men's suits are recommended for winter use and here is a winter outfit that you will definitely be thanking us for. A double breasted houndstooth suit blazer paired with a ivory dress shirt, navy plaid tie and a pair of light brown dress pants would be a cool style for the winter day. You can add a navy scarf to battle the cold that might start creeping in after some time. A pair of double monk strap shoes would be a great way to complete the outfit.

Reverting back to the business formal look you can style the checkered houndstooth suit 2 piece with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie and burgundy Paisley scarf for the winter work day. While the above mentioned separates look would suit the business casual dress code this 2 piece houndstooth suit style would work for any of the formal dress code. Get a pair of burgundy leather formal shoes to complete the look. Other than this you can also try going with the houndstooth windowpane suit or houndstooth plaid suit when looking for different types. For people who are still hesitant we advise you to start with styling the separates like houndstooth suit jacket or houndstooth suit pants.