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Men's Summer Suits

With the temperatures at an all time high in some places we have never cursed our luck of wearing suits this much. The wool suits definitely would not get you through the hot day and when it feels like you are melting under the suits it is time to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Summer Men's suits are light in weight and would be comfortable to wear even when the temperature is scorching outside. Comfort should be the main aim while selecting an outfit and thus it is important that you have a separate set of summer Men's suits in your wardrobe. We are here to guide you through the details of selecting the mens summer Men's suits and the best ways to style them.

Tan Suit Fabric of the summer suit

While selecting the summer Men's suits there are a few things that you should note. These small details would join to make your outfit a success and help you get through the day without sweating bullets. The first thing to remember is obviously the fabric of the summer suit mens. This is the major driver for the garment to be comfortable or not and thus we want you to pay special attention to it. Depending on why you are buying the suits you can make your choice. For example if you are looking for summer formal suits that you can wear on a particularly hot day then we would suggest you to go with the cotton suits. They are the summer classic suits choice since they are light in weight, breathable and are also gentle on the sensitive skin thus avoiding the rashes that develop due to sweating. But most importantly cotton do not wrinkle much easily and thus are much recommended for the formal use.

On the other hand if you are looking for a casual suit that you can wear to your summer holiday outings then you can go with the summer linen suit or the seersucker summer Men's suits. These suits are the best for a laid back casual look and they would be a great choice for the summer parties and such. Linen suits tend to wrinkle easily and seersucker suits are naturally wrinkled. This is the reason why these suits are not recommended for the formal use. When it comes to summer weddings and such linen suits would be a great choice. Though the linen suits wrinkle easily they give out a lived in and comfortable look. They also have a better moisture wicking property than the cotton suits. Other than the plain suits you can also go with the textured fabrics like herringbone suits for an unique look.

Color of the summer suit

Beige Suit The ideal summer suit colors are also much different than the formal winter suits. When it comes to summer Men's suits you can leave out the dark colors like the navy suits and go with the light colors. Light blue summer Men's suits and summer beige suits are some of the most recommended styles when it comes to the bright seasons.

If you are looking for the summer business suits then the beige suits and light blue suits might not work. In that case you can choose to go with the light summer grey suitssince grey is the easiest color to style when it comes to work. You can also try other color suits but when it comes to business environment it would be best to avoid pastels since most people would not take you seriously. If your office has a quite lenient dress code then linen suits would also get you through the day. Just remove and hang your jacket as soon as you enter the office and wear it only when you step out. That way you can reduce the wrinkles on the linen suit.

Classic summer suit colors include light grey and stone but if you are feeling adventurous then you can add some colors. Light pink and light blue summer suits would be great choices but stick with the dusty and muted shades and reserve the ice cream shade pastel colors to the casual and fun events. If you are starting out with the lighter colors for the first time then we recommend stone since it also allows you to experiment with a wide range of accessories without looking that you are trying too hard.

Linen Suit Black Suit Gray Suit Silver Suit

Choosing the shirt for summer suits

Usually when styling the suits people go with the white dress shirts since it is the easiest to style. But when it comes to the light colored summer Men's suits white dress shirt might look too pale and washed out. Thus it would be best if you go with a shade or two darker than the white dress shirts or you can also choose to go with a colored shirt.

If you are going with a light blue summer pant suits instead of the white dress shirt you can choose to go with the mid denim blue shirt or a light beige dress shirt. This way it would create a contrast between the outfit and would give you a cool look. Usually when it comes to contrasting outfits human eye is always trained to focus on the lightest or the brightest part of the outfit. Thus when your shirt which is close to your face and frames it is lighter in color it would give you a standard look and bring the viewers attention to your face. When it comes to business suit outfits then you must go with the dress shirts that are lighter than the suit. But for the casual look you can go with the darker colored shirts that you can pair with the light colored suits. When you go with the mens summer dress suits make sure that the suit is well tailored. Slim fit summer suits are the ones that are most recommended since they offer a great fit. The reason why we are stressing on the right fit is because of the fact that the light colored summer suits tend to attract more attention.