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Mens Red Tuxedo Jackets

Mens red tuxedo jackets are widely spotted in the red carpets and fashion shows. You might often see a celebrity flaunting his oscar red tuxedo jacket look but have you though about trying it for yourself? Most men don’t since red is considered to be a bright color and thus people avoid it thinking that it is hard to pull off. The case is even more severe when it is a formal garment like the tuxedo jacket. But one thing that we all forget is that there are shades and choosing them wisely can give you an outfit that would make you look brilliant for any type of event. Today we want to focus on red tuxedo jacket mens and how you can style them in different ways.

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The first thing that we want to you know while choosing the red tuxedo jacket is the fact that they aren’t very hard to style and when you get to know the basics they are as simple as the navy tuxedo jackets. You just have to be ready to spend some time to find out what works for you and what would be an appropriate style for the event for which you are dressing. Once you get these basics down then styling the mens red tuxedo jacket is a cakewalk. We are here to guide you through the details for the choosing and styling of the red tuxedo jacket outfit. Buckle up since you are in for an exciting ride.

Red is indeed an eye catching color and thus we understand the hesitance that people have towards the red formal garments. Also we have been conditioned to think that anything out of black tuxedo jacket and navy tuxedo jacket is not usual. Thus red tuxedo jacket is a great step for most people but remember that the fashion world has changed and there is no right answer. Everyone has a different taste and thus you can choose what you can wear without worrying too much about other’s opinion. If you are looking to add a new style that would be like a fresh air to the boring navy wardrobe then red tuxedo jacket is our choice.

Cheap Tuxedo As we have mentioned before the shade of the red tuxedo jacket that you choose plays a major role in your overall look. Finding the right shade which matches your taste and need matters the most and don’t hesitate to spend quality time on this aspect. The event that you are attending will provide an clue about the right shade. For example if you are dressing for the formal events then the best choice for you would be to go with the dark red tuxedo jackets. When you choose the burgundy mens red tuxedo blazers and wine red tuxedo jackets the resulting look is much subdued. These dark red mens tuxedo jackets would even work for the events with creative black tie dress codes and cocktail dress codes.

But if the event you are attending is more on the casual side and you don’t mind going all out with your outfit then brighter shades of red tuxedo jackets are also acceptable. Crimson red tuxedo jackets and bright red tuxedo jackets are some of the choices but we would recommend to leave it to the celebrities since they grab too much attention for a normal day.

As for styling the red tuxedo jacket outfits there are various styles you can try for yourself. But if you are new to the style then you might need some inspiration and idea to find your style. Thus we have compiled some of the mens red tuxedo jacket looks that we think are awesome.

1 Button Tuxedo We all know the red tuxedo formal jacket look. It isn’t much different from how we style the black tuxedo jacket for the black tie events. The only difference is that you can choose the matching mens red tuxedo pants to be worn with the jacket or a contrasting colored tuxedo pants. If you are attending a formal event then we would suggest you to find the dark shade of the mens red tuxedo jacket and pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. You can finish off the style with a pair of black patent leather shoes.

Usually wool red tuxedo jackets are preferred but if you want your look to stand out try going with mens red velvet tuxedo jacket. For a more casual event where you don’t mind being the center of attention you can go with the full red tuxedo look. You can also choose to go with the mens red tuxedo suit with black lapels. This style is greatly trending at the moment and it offers a contrast that makes the garment more noticeable. Other than this there are also casual red tuxedo jacket looks that you can wear for the less formal events. Here are some celebrity styles that would make the styling easier for you.

First we would like to go with Rami Malek’s red 1 button tuxedo jacket look. He paired the garment with white tuxedo shirt and matching red tuxedo pants. Other than this he went for the simple look of forgoing the accessories and choosing a black watch and a pair of black leather formal shoes.

The next example would be that of Joe Jonas’ red carpet style. He went with a slimfit red tuxedo jacket which he paired with a black tuxedo shirt, black tie and black pocket square. He matched the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. Usually people go with white combining garments for red tuxedo jacket but know that even black combining garments would deliver a flattering look. If you are a fan of the 3 piece look then you can add a mens red tuxedo vest to the above style and get a more formal and stunning outfit. Red sequin tuxedo jackets are also available but it is best to use them for casual use.