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Tuxedos are formal garments that we tend to wear to the most important events. This has made the people prefer tuxedos that are made of materials like wool and cotton and in class of colors like black and navy. But in recent times the men are breaking out of the stereotypes to go with the bright colored tuxedos and have started styling them with the casual garments. This casual use of the tuxedos have made it more accessible for men who shy away from the formal styles. In this article we discuss the sequin tuxedos and some of the things you need to note while styling the garment.

The sequins for a long time was considered to be women's style and in truth sequins have fared better in women's fashion. Sequin had managed to reach the heights of even daily wear for the women while the men still view it with wariness. The sequins are not a new style and have been in fashion world for a long time dating back to several centuries. At that time the sequin was made of synthetic materials which melted when exposed to heat but the making of sequins has progressed a great deal in recent times.

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Most men have a problem choosing sequin tuxedos or any of the sequin garments since they find it hard to style and also to perfectly pull off. It also does not help that men are used to feel uncomfortable in the most subtle garments and anything flashy makes them uncomfortable and doubtful. Thus most will not feel comfortable while wearing the sequin garments especially the formal styles like the tuxedos. Here we give you some tips which can help you overcome this and style the tuxedos or any sequin garments without doubting yourself too much.

Though in menswear the sequins have not reached the place where you can wear them to work but you can still style the tuxedos for some formal events. Sequin tuxedos can be a versatile choice since you can style them for both formal and casual events. All you have to do is to find the nature of the event you are attending and then choose the right style of the mens tuxedos. For a formal event you can choose to go with something simple and elegant like a tuxedo pant with sequin stripes but leave out the sequin jacket. But if it is appropriate to wear you can choose to style the tuxedos on a whole to the event.

Purple Tuxedo While styling the sequin tuxedos there are some tips which can help perfect your look. The first rule is to keep everything simple and let the tuxedo be the main piece of your outfit. Make sure to let the tuxedo be the main attraction and then keep the other combining garments simple and complementing to the main look. For example if you are dressing to a formal dinner event then you can choose to go with the black tuxedos and pair it with a plain white tuxedo shirt and a simple black bow tie. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black patent leather shoes. If you go with a ruffled dress shirt or a embroidered velvet shoes then the attention might be divided and the outfit can also look overwhelming.

But if you are dressing for the casual events like fun parties and such you can indulge in overwhelming clothing since it is a rare occasion. Most times for formal events it is recommended to go with minimal styling like tuxedo pants with sequin stripes or the dark colored sequin tuxedos. But in case of these fun events you can go all out with the tuxedos even the ones fully covered in tuxedos. But this full tuxedo style in indeed flashy and thus will require a lot of confidence to pull off. Make sure you feel assured in the outfit you are wearing and carry it with style.

Gold Tuxedo But if you are still hesitant then choose to start with separates. When it is of appropriate color the tuxedo jacket can be a versatile style which you can wear for both formal and casual garments. For example a black mens sequin dress tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants would work out just fine even for the formal events. Other than this you can also choose to style the tuxedo dress sequin pants with different styles. Mens tuxedo vest would also be a good pick for styles which you need to be trendy but also subtle.

The color of the sequin tuxedos is the most important thing to note since it influences the look to a great degree. When choosing the right style for the formal events you can choose to go with the dark colored garments like the sequin black tuxedos and navy tuxedos. Other than this if you need a little bolder look you can choose to go with the burgundy tuxedos and emerald green tuxedos. But when you need a more casual look you can choose to go with the brighter and more unconventional styles like the pink sequin tuxedos and sequin red tuxedos. While the dark colored tuxedos would work out for most events but the bright colored ones would be best only for casual events.

The size of the sequins in the tuxedo influences the look of the outfit. Small size sequins on the tuxedos would be the best choice especially if you are looking for formal and subtle styles. The large sized sequins on the tuxedos would make them look more casual and best suited for fun events. Which ever the style you go with make sure that it fits you perfectly according to your body type.tuxedo rentals are the best if you are trying out the style for the first time but you can also get the sequin tuxedos online.