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We go through most days of our life wearing the usual and formal clothing. But do we have to hold on to the same even during the party seasons? Thus when the events turn up which requires you to dress up relax more and try experimenting new styles. When choosing the style you will have to consider whether the garment is appropriate for the event you are attending and also the look that it offers. Velvet tuxedos are one of the best recommendations for the special occasions. In this article we discuss the mens velvet tuxedos and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Velvet garments has been one of the trending topics in the fashion industry for quite some time now. Starting from the tuxedos to the velvet blazers the formal garments are having a moment and thus there is no better time to embrace the velvet style. It is common knowledge that tuxedo is a formal style and would be best to be dressed in it for all formal events even the black tie ones. Depending on the look that you need you can go with the style of the tuxedos that suit you the best.

Brown Tuxedo For example if you are dressing for a black tie event then you can choose to go with the classic tuxedo look. This is best for blending in but if you want to make your outfit look special then the simple black tuxedo look would not work since all the men would show up in the same style as yours. But when you choose to go with a velvet formal tuxedo style it will help you stay appropriate for the look but at the same time would give a subtly sophisticated look when compared to the other styles. For example the velvet tuxedo mens look richer and more sophisticated than the wool or cotton tuxedos.

The color of the velvet tuxedos is another thing that you will have to note carefully. This also depends on the occasion you are attending and which styles are deemed appropriate for the event. If you are getting your first tuxedo style and intend to wear it for different events then it would be best for you to go with the velvet black tuxedo style. There is no better versatile style than the black formal garments since it can work for almost all events starting from the weddings to the funerals. But you will have to remember that velvet is a flashier style and thus it is best to reserve them for the special occasions.

But if you are not a fan of black tuxedos but would still like a formal look then your next best choice is to go with velvet Navy tuxedos or midnight blue velvet tuxedos. Navy is one color which could possibly replace black in most of the events. There was a time in history when midnight blue tuxedos were preferred over black tuxedos since they had a richer look and also looked great for the morning events.

The thing with velvet fabric is that the color is accentuated by the natural sheen of the fabric. Thus when you choose the right color and shade of the tuxedos the look can be truly impressive. Usually dark shades look the best with the velvet fabric making the garment more versatile and thus it will be best for you to stick with dark colors and shades when choosing the velvet mens tuxedos. Black tuxedos and navy blue velvet tuxedos are the best choices but when you need a different style then you can choose to go with colored styles of the tuxedos. velvet Burgundy tuxedos and emerald green tuxedos are some of the recommendations when you need a stylish look that can impress people.

Velvet Tuxedo Usually men avoid going with velvet tuxedos or any velvet garment for that matter since they consider it to be an unusual style that is hard to pull off. If you are one among these people and would like to start slow with the style then you can choose to go with the velvet tuxedo jacket and then progress on to the full tuxedo style once you get comfortable with the style. The velvet tuxedo blazers are easy to style especially if they are of dark colors. When you know to style it right you can make the mens velvet tuxedo jacket work for most events since it is easy to dress up or dress down with the garment.

The fit of the velvet tuxedo should also be noted carefully since it greatly influences the look. Velvet tuxedo is a luxury garment and thus you can wear it to the most special occasions like dinner events and such. Thus make sure that you go with the fitting velvet tuxedos which will complement the look of your body type well. Velvet Slim fit tuxedos and modern fit tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended for the events but when you need a more luxurious and perfect then try going with designer velvet tuxedos.

As for styling the velvet tuxedo jacket here are some ideas which we think might help you. Usually the best way to style the velvet tuxedo is to pair it with a proper tuxedo shirt and a bow tie. But do not restrict yourself to this formal styling of the garment. For a cool and stylish look you can style the velvet tuxedo jacket with a silk dress shirt and leave out the tie option. Other than this you can also choose to style the velvet tuxedo jacket with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of chinos. In recent times the trend of styling the velvet tuxedo mens jacket with a pair of jeans is also making the rounds. Find the style which would work for you the best.