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Mens Red Waistcoat

When it comes to waistcoats, there are various ways to style them. You can style it as a part of the suit or you can style it as separates. While the waistcoats have always been in use (though scarce), recently there has been a surge of popularity of waistcoats. This is the right time to include waistcoats to your wardrobe. You can choose any color of the mens waistcoats but most men would choose the black or the grey waistcoats. Today we have something different to recommend for you which is the red waistcoats. Usually we would avoid bright colors like red but if you learn the basics, you can easily make the look work. We are here to help you with the same and we hope you find it useful.

Red Vest Before we go into the styling of the mens red wool waistcoats, we have some tips for people who are going to purchase the style after this. If you already have a red mens waistcoat, then you can skip to the styling part of this article. The first thing that we want you to note while choosing the red mens waistcoat is the shade of the garment. Most people would find it hard to incorporate bright red styles in their outfits and thus the most common choice is to go with the dark red mens waistcoats. When you choose a deep shade of the waistcoat like a burgundy red mens waistcoats then the styling becomes a lot easier. But if you are ready to try out the light red or the bright red mens waistcoats, you can go with them.

As for the type of the waistcoats, the type of the neck matters. There are U shaped and V shaped necks in the waistcoats. The U necked waistcoats are considered to be more formal and dressier than the V necked waistcoats. If you are getting the waistcoat for the first time then it would be best for you to try it on to check the fit. It should fit you close to the body but it should not restrict your movements. These might look like small details but they all combine to give you a dressed up and perfect look. Also while choosing then waistcoat, make sure to consider the type of the event you are attending and also the garments that you are going to pair the garment with. This way you could get a coordinated look without struggling too much with the styling.

Now we will move on to the styling aspect of the red mens waistcoats. Here we discuss different ways to style the waistcoat along with examples of the outfits for you to check out.

Red waistcoat with a 3 piece suit style

Plaid Vest This is the most standard way to style the waistcoats. The garment came into existence as a part of the suit and thus you could never go wrong with this styling. You could easily pair the red waistcoat with a tuxedo or a suit and create a cool and dressed up look.

For example, if there is a formal event that you will have to attend then we would suggest you to style the black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, burgundy bow tie and a red mens waistcoat tuxedo. Other than this, you can also choose to style the red velvet double breasted waistcoat with the matching red tuxedos. This is much dressier than the black tuxedo style since red tends to demand attention especially in formal events. Thus it would be great if you style this red tuxedo style for the special occasions like your wedding or prom.

As for the suits, it is much easier to pull off than the tuxedos. If you aspire to style the waistcoat with a tuxedo then you can start with the suits. For an awesome look, you can style the navy blue suit with a black dress shirt and a red paisley waistcoat. When you go with a patterned waistcoat, keep the other garments solid and vice versa. For example, if you are choosing to wear a navy plaid blazer then it would be best to style it with a white dress shirt, navy tie, solid red wool waistcoat and a pair of navy chinos. To give the outfit a complete look, you can add with it a pair of navy fringe leather loafers. Also if you could coordinate the colors of the patterned garment with the waistcoat, like for example, styling the red and green plaid blazer with red mens waistcoat then the look would look more coordinated.

Red waistcoat without the jacket

Weeding Vest This is one of the looks that has become quite popular in recent times. You just have to style the red mens waistcoat with a dress shirt and a pair of chinos. For example, you can style the red tweed waistcoat with a light blue striped dress shirt, dark brown polka dot tie and a pair of khaki chinos. If you want to effortlessly dial down the vibe of this outfit, you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede casual boots. For a more stylish and dressier look, you can style the red satin waistcoat with a white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. When you include a pair of black leather oxford shoes to the mix, the outfit is ready to capture hearts.

Red waistcoat with casual garments

The waistcoats can be a versatile style when you need it to be. You can style them with the casual combining garments like the long sleeve shirt and jeans. For example, you need an amazing smart casual look, you can style the red wedding waistcoat with a blue chambray dress shirt, navy plaid blazer and then a pair of blue jeans. For a more trendy look, you can style the slimfit red leather waistcoat with a light blue long sleeve shirt and a pair of Charcoal camouflage cargo pants. There are also other styles like red sequin waistcoats, red checkered styles and more to try out.