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Mens Light Grey slimfit Suits

When we talk about grey suits most people would immediately imagine the charcoal grey suits. This is common considering that it is one of the most popular shade in formal menswear. But recently the light grey slim fit suits are stealing the spotlight and there is a lot to uncover with this style. Light grey suits are one of the rarest light colored styles that got accepted by men without putting up too much fight. Most men would never consider going with a light brown suit or even a light blue suit but with the light grey slim fit suits acceptance comes easy. This may be because of the neutral shade which usually puts a man to ease. If you don’t have a light grey slim fit suit mens in your wardrobe then it is high time you change that.

2 Button Suit Business Suit Stripe Suit Quality Suits

While the charcoal grey suits are every bit formal and makes you look ready for any dinner event, light grey slim fit suits are slightly on the casual side. While they still give out a formal look when styled with the casual garments they can also give you a vibe that makes you to ready to attend a beach party. This is the speciality of the light grey slim fit suits and it is an important style that every man upgrading their summer wardrobe should think of. Styling the men’s grey slimfit suits is not a very hard job given that it still stands in the neutral territory there might be people who still hesitate to go with the style given that they have stuck on to the dark colored suits all the time. Thus we have put together some of the best light grey slimfit suit styles that we have encountered and hope that it will give you an idea to form your own outfit style.

Celebrities have always explored styles that we are too shy to tread on. Red suits, sequin suits, pink suits – you name it and you got it. But there are instances in which they settle with something subtler and give out outfit goals for everyday suit wearers like us. Here are some of the impressive light grey slim fit suit outfits of the celebrities that we consider are worth copying for your daily look.

Bradley Cooper

Slimfit Suit Suit Bradley Cooper is one of the hottest celebrities who dole out perfect suit outfits for the events that they attend. It was the same when the “A star is born” actor attended the gala in Los Angeles. He wore a grey slimfit 3 piece suit which he paired with a white dress shirt. You might be tempted to go with a tie and make it a conservative look but Bradley decided to be contemporary by leaving out the tie from the outfit. You can complete this formal yet smart grey shinny sharkskin suit look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather dress shoes.

The 3 piece suit look gives a dressed up and powerful look thus making it a good job for an event like gala. But if you want a more formal look then you can go with a slimfit grey tuxedo look or a darker look like Charcoal grey slimfit suit. A light grey suit slimfit dinner jacket paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black vest and black tuxedo pants is also a cool style. Consider the vibe of the event and check the dress code if possible to find an appropriate outfit.

Stripe Suit Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas probably looks great in everything he wears but that doesn’t stop him from carefully choosing his outfit styles. For the Billboard music award event the “Sucker” singer was seen wearing a light grey slimfit check suit which he paired with a light blue button up shirt and a brown and navy striped tie. A light brown pocket square and a pair of dark brown leather dress shoes was used to complete the outfit. If you are looking for a formal outfit that would get you through a summer day at office then you can borrow Nick’s BBMA outfit.

On the other hand if you are looking for a smart casual look that would scream casual and smart in all ways then you should consider Nick jonas’ 2015 AMA outfit. Here the man looked great in the modern fit grey suit which he paired with a light grey turtleneck. The simple outfit was completed with a pair of black velvet casual shoes.

Ryan Reynolds

Sharkskin Suit Jacket The Deadpool actor is not only great with his humor but also with his outfit choices. For the talk show he attended the Free Guy actor looked incredible in the light grey black slimfit suit which he paired with a light pink dress shirt and a burgundy tie. He matched the look of the tie by adding with the outfit a pair of burgundy leather formal shoes. Usually people go with the white dress shirt style but if you are interested in adding a little dash of color to your outfit then Ryan’s outfit must be your choice.

On the other hand if you are quite convinced that tonal is your way of style then you can choose to go with the slightly older style of Ryan Reynolds. For the event he attended for the promotion of his film Green lantern the actor was spotted in a checkered slimfit grey linen suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a slightly darker shade of grey tie. A pair of charcoal leather dress shoes might properly finish off the look.

Ryan Gosling

We are obliged to mention another Ryan too when talking about fashion. The La La Land actor is known for his bold style choices. But when he was spotted in a slimfit grey stripe suit that he paired with a white dress shirt the actor proved that he can look incredibly sexy even in a simple outfit as this. Along with the black loafers and the brown sunglasses Ryan Gosling was the epitome of coolness in this outfit.