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Stripped Suits

When it comes to men's fashion, no other suit can offer much vigor and beauty as stripped suits. These suits feature an exclusive stretch wool material that excellently stretches to your figure and gives you a comfortable fit. You can wear these pinstripe suits as your wedding dress suits and business suits. Whatever occasion you are going to attend, you are sure to rock the party with these pinstriped suits. Usually striped suits come with an interior lining to flaunt the design better to the onlookers.

It is always good to wear double breasted pinstripe suits to get a finest look that just can't be beaten. It will be even better if you choose to wear striped shirts underneath. But know one thing clearly; it is not good to appear too stripy. If you would like to achieve the best look, wear double breasted suit with only one print and match it with some solid colored pants. If you are wearing a vertically striped suit to a casual event, you can pair it up with a skinny black jean and have a stunning casual look.

If you would like to have a highly polished look, you can try wearing business stripe suit as it will give you the desired refined look. This way your striped suit will perfectly fit into your body shape and regular ensemble and there will not be any disastrous clash. Consider the occasion before choosing the kind of striped suit to wear. If you are attending an important business meeting or social gathering, choose to wear a vertically striped suit that gives you a stylish office look. If it is for a causal party, it is good to wear horizontal striped suit. You can also wear a striped suit pant along with a single breasted/double breasted suit.

You can also choose to wear chunky striped suit to have that retro style look with a funky edge. Remember, different stripes suit different occasions, so you should choose a right suit accordingly. If you wish to appear quite taller, with no second thought, you can go for thick vertical striped suit that can put on a few inches on your height. If it is thin vertical striped suit, you will get the visual effect of widening your body shape. If you want to expose your body shape better, you can wear striped slim fit double breasted suit to bring out those body curves better. Whatever suit you may choose, it is sure to perfectly match your body shape and bring out the best features in you.

At MensUSA, we do have many different suits including 3 piece stripe suits, wedding dress suits, business stripe suits, double breasted stripe suits etc at reasonable rates to perfectly match your different occasions. All our suits are highly fashionable and can be used to create a wealth of different variations. Whether you are partying at the weekend or attending a business meeting or chilling out with buddies, you are sure to look stunning and rock the event with these pinstripe suits.